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  1. Aerial view of Ford

    Did anyone ever figure this out??
  2. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    I'm so glad that a photographer took the time to document this pavilion.

    As usual for this date, this is a dead link. Is this item still available?
  4. Got some time to kill?

    Speaking of GE-- There was a brief nod to the Carousel of Progress in Disney's latest live-action movie "Dumbo" where they stop in an auto animatronic display featuring a kitchen of the future. In fact, part of the movie is a nod to Theme Parks and World's Fairs of the past: One of the Pavilions in Dreamland is Wonders of Science, where the auto animatronic display is located. Strangely, the owner of this Theme Park/Fair (a kind of Walt Disney character) is displayed in a negative light. This is surprising, seeing the film was made by Disney.
  5. Got some time to kill?

    I too, remember all the big attractions at the Fair, but I never remember waiting in long lines. Maybe it was the time of the year we went. I think (as a youth) I would have been disappointed if I spent most of the day waiting in line. I guess the low attendance of the Fair had its side benefits.
  6. Anyone thirsty?

    Research hasn't turned up anything.....yet.
  7. Pictures of the Day

    I don't know when it started but recently it's become fashionable for people started taking pictures of their meals with their cellphones before they eat them. A friend of mine who had business in Europe returned and asked me if I'd like to see pictures of the meals they had in Europe. I said, "No".
  8. Everyone ready for a ride on the IBM People Wall?

    Ever pull up next to a vehicle and all of a sudden, they start backing up, and you think you're going forward and jam on the brake? When I was in the people wall, for a split second, I thought the building was being lowered rather than me being raised.
  9. As a resident of Mass, I must admit: I've never heard of Bay State Gas (that finer gas). WBZ is in Boston, so maybe it is regional. Probably it was a natural gas company rather than gasoline.
  10. In the PBS documentary on the World's Fair (narrated by Judd Hirsch), there is a shot of a youngster looking roof top telescope (at about 20:19) shown here: I assume the telescope was mounted on the roof of the Better Living Center Pavilion. Has anyone actually used this telescope during the Fair? Was it free, or did you have to pay? What made this shot difficult to orientate was the roof of the Hall of Education/Demonstration Center Pavilion. It has this strange architecture near the roof (arches a la Ford). Did this change during the Fair? I always thought the roof of the Demonstration Center always looked like this: Flat and ugly. Anyone have any idea what this is?
  11. Picture of the Day

    On Ebay a few months ago, someone was auctioning off a item from the 1964-65 World's Fair. Listed as "some kind of clip" with a Unisphere on it. It was a tie clip. The guy had no idea what that was.
  12. Can you ID this pavilion?

    I have a couple of ideas, but if I get the time machine up and running, I'm definitely gonna find out.
  13. Guaranteed to make you hungry

    Ah yes, a display of Danish pork--with cows?
  14. Was this a change in architecture?

    An almost identical view from the Better Living Center: So are these "Ford style" arches an optical illusion?
  15. A different angle on Africa

    Speaking of optical illusions, I did a double take with this shot. It looks like an abandoned Escorter. But if you look closely, the driver blends in very nicely with the background, just like a shape-shifter.
  16. Was this a change in architecture?

    Well, it one heck of an optical illusion.
  17. Was this a change in architecture?

    What I have trouble reconciling is this seems a lot bigger than two feet. And this seems to show them even to the roof:
  18. Was this a change in architecture?

    I don't think so. These columns seem to extend above the roof line.
  19. Been busy!

    Bill, might want to check out "Equitable Life" under Touring the Fair online section. (Touring the Fair online > Industrial Area > Equitable Life) The last photo (of the three) shows the Kodak Pavilion instead of Equitable. (Though it's a nice photo of Kodak showing a print of the Taj Mahal and a huge luminaire)
  20. Anyone thirsty?

    Thanks, Randy. But is sure is huge for a hot dog machine.
  21. Anyone thirsty?

    Can anyone identify the strange looking machine at the left end of the bar?
  22. Yes, one glass please to go with the 99 cent half a chicken.
  23. Anyone want to go for a ride?

    It's a little larger than I need, but I suppose I could jerry-rig it. Now I just need to make sure all my currency is pre 1964.
  24. Anyone want to go for a ride?

    Yep. I just need a used micro flux-capacitor for my time machine and I'm set to go.
  25. Anyone want to go for a ride?

    Buckets are full for buckets of fun.