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    Now that the holiday season is over I can concentrate on some things I have put aside. Here's a frame from the 8mm movie of the 1964-1965 World's Fair. I've been playing around with the shot (focus, color, etc.) That's yours truly on the left with the shades. That's my Mom on the right, carrying some kind of World's Fair bags along with her pocketbook. (There is writing on them that is visible in other photos. I wonder what was inside?)
  2. Well, it's been almost two months since I posted this, and I was hoping that some (or any) of the MIA (missing in action) members would have showed up. Those are: Hoodlock (Bruce) ParkBench Rose YaddaYadda Mike Kraus Ken Thalheimer Marc Williams JMCSweeny RayinPasa Elizabeth Klug Mary Ellen If anyone knows the status of those above, please post. I'm hoping either of the two Bills would have an idea, as there are a couple of questions that have been bugging me.
  3. Hi, I'm New

    Welcome. And ask away. I'm sure the members here would be glad to help you in any way they can.
  4. Under a Brass Rail, looking up

    Interesting. But the shape and the size of the windows of the building in the background don't match the Argentina Pavilion (in fact, it looks like Mexico's). If your placement is correct, the building on the left would have to be the smaller building attached to Republic of Korea Pavilion. Interestingly, you mentioned one of the few Pavilions that has three different names on three different Time-Life maps (quiz question?) Where can one find a good 64-65 World's Fair detective when one needs one? Randy? Randy? Anyone seen Randy?
  5. Under a Brass Rail, looking up

    I wonder what precipitated the photographer to point his camera at the roof. Glad he did though, it's a shot you don't see that often. With a limited number of Brass Rails at the Fair, this one seems to be located at E-5 on the Time-Life map. I believe the slanted roof on the left is the Guinea Pavilion, and the window architecture behind the trees is from the Sudan Pavilion and the trees are located on United Nations South. Also, the Swiss Sky Riders narrowed it down.
  6. Dumont Duoscopic 1954 Split Screen TV

    And this idea made it past prototype and nearly to development?
  7. Dumont Duoscopic 1954 Split Screen TV

    This looks like one of those "nutty" ill-conceived ideas. It looks like they have one ear pieces for each channel. And it looks like they're watching half a picture. I wonder what the cost of this vs another tv was projected to be. Just buying another tv seems more practical.
  8. Anybody up for a nice cold Schaefer?

    Looks like it was the one beer to have. And the crowd was having more than one.
  9. I compare this structure to the 1964 Pavilion, and I keep scratching my head. And what's the purpose of the twin poles on the right? (some kind of antenna?)
  10. Need a 2019 calendar?

    January is an interesting shot--construction on the AMF monorail. April is interesting for the fact that with no other data, one would think that the Florida aqua show was the hit of the Fair (look at the size of that crowd). But my favorite is May, as I'm always fascinated by shots from above, in this case, from the NY State Pavilion (and judging by the state of the Brass Rail balloon roof--1965).
  11. Need a 2019 calendar?

    Received the calendar today. Not bad considering I ordered it on the 19th. Yes, the calendar was sent flat and not rolled. It's on a heavier paper stock than I anticipated (which is good).
  12. Sometimes people just make me mad

    Without over-analyzing, I can only say that because there aren't any fragments, the person may have been souvenir hunting, rather then damage for damage sake.
  13. Looks like 7up got into the same action that Hertz did in 1964-1965. Have any of these strollers turned up?
  14. Need a 2019 calendar?

    Ordered. I just hope they ship it flat and not rolled.
  15. Need a 2019 calendar?

    Oh, yes. Should I order directly from CafePress? (I love the January shot)