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  1. "Mister, why are you carrying around a tape recorder?" One wonder what memories we don't remember, or have little recollection of but become relevant later on. I could very well have got off the bus at the Fair, and watched as my Dad paid Larry for the fare, asked some questions and shook his hand, thanking him. And being a Scout walking over to the Boy Scout exhibit, and shaking hands with Bill and telling him I'm from Massachusetts and maybe I'll see him at the Jamboree. One wonders.
  2. Anyone hungry?

    Does one really get hungry after knocking over dumpsters?
  3. An early 10-button pay phone

    It amazes me when I hear a historian on C-SPAN say that the most valued records to them (when doing research) are the personal letters written by the subject. Only then, are they allowed to get "close" to them. Today, as e-mails are being erased, what records are we leaving future generations? We are one giant server collapse away from losing thoughts and experiences of this time (30+ years) forever. Even if they are somehow saved to a "hard copy", who in future generations is going to wade through all the nonsense to get to the "real" history? (Side note: People are forgetting even the sounds of past generations. I can see someone in Hollywood asking, "What did a wall telephone sound like in the 1960's when it was ringing?" (Remember, no ring tones) Only as I watched the recent movie, "First Man", did I realize they got it wrong.)
  4. What pavilion? Johnny Carson show

    Ok, thanks. I misunderstood the question. Looking at that image, it sure looks like plates of food on a table. 7-up, maybe?
  5. The videophone always made me wonder if Ma Bell would have better off partnering with someone who already made television sets or acquiring a feature of their display technology. For example, the earliest video games had no display technology, they just hooked up to the back of your tv and used the television display. Could the videophones been adapted to the television (everybody had one), and just have a camera to transmit your video signal. I think this would make for a smaller electronics package and would eliminate the need for a display (using the tv) and the phone line could run to the living room. It would be a combo tv/videophone. Combo units were big then. Remember the tv/radio/record players consoles with built in speakers that weighed 200 lbs?
  6. It appears the two women on the right are dressed in the same identical clothes. And if anyone wanted the trash can, it would be a quick grab and go from the freeway.
  7. What pavilion? Johnny Carson show

    Is the question, "What Pavilion was this filmed in?" or "What Pavilion is in the opening credits?" In the intro it says, "From New York, the World's Fair City" and not, "From the World's Fair in New York City". Wasn't RCA the only Pavilion with a functioning studio and equipment? I would have to guess RCA.
  8. Two performers in the Du Pont show, July 17, 1965

    It's similar to the expression I had while walking around the Fair as a twelve year old.
  9. Anyone hungry?

    And what is that woman (in the background) looking for/picking up?
  10. Looks like a nice night for the fireworks

    Nighttime. Fair. Fireworks. Fountains. You really don't have to say anything else.
  11. High over the Fair

    Yes Virginia, this place once existed.
  12. The Dominican Republic pavilion

    Not only was this Pavilion one of the less photographed, it was one of the least well known. The phrase "Dominican Republic" not only does not appear in any of the official Guidebooks (1964, 1965), it also does not appear on any of the official Time-Life Maps (1964, 1964-1965). The Pavilion shown in the photo is a part of the Caribbean Pavilion, which is listed in both Guidebooks and Maps. When I first came upon this Pavilion (in photos), I thought it must have come from another World's Fair. But you can clearly see in the photo above, the lighting masts for the Unisphere and the NY Towers in the background and can triangulate back to the Caribbean Pavilion. It seems that Mr. Moses (or others) had the most trouble with our South American neighbors (I'm looking at you Argentina). And to think that the Dominican Republic is the most visited destination in the Caribbean (United Nations World Tourism Organization) although it was being ruled by a "leftist" government (in 1964) and there was a civil war there in 1965, later being stabilized into a more"friendlier" one to the US (I'm looking at you CIA).
  13. Actually it's ok. They're both herbivores.
  14. Can anyone identify these slides?

    There are some unusual notations on these slides. Some of the titles and the numbering/lettering is interesting. I'm curious as to what the (A), (D), (K), and (L) prefixes mean. Also, on some of them, the print of the subject isn't centered on the slide. Is it possible that these aren't commercial slides, but personal slides that someone has typewritten the subject on the mounts?
  15. Two things of interest in this shot from May 1964

    I remember asking my Mom why there were so many nuns at the World's Fair and she gave me two reasons: 1) The Vatican Pavilion and 2) It was summer, and schools (including Catholic) were on vacation. With all due respect to the nuns: I wouldn't want one of them sitting in front of me inside the GE Pavilion (or on any ride except maybe Ford, where they are a few car lengths ahead). And how did they go to the movies? With the casual dress they have nowadays, I don't think you could pick one out of a crowd.