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    Any progress on this?
  2. Mystery Building (?) --Another Look

    In the original thread, this was thought to be a building.
  3. Another WF Flea Market Find

    I never seen pictures of this Unisphere (with or without flowers) in any pictures of the Fair. Coincidence of the Day (regarding the pin): There was a author on C-SPAN today giving a lecture on the history of the automobile. He touched on the 1939-40 Fair, and on the GM exhibit, saying they gave out these pins (showing an example) and then stated, "I want one of those pins!"
  4. Another WF Flea Market Find

    Well, I returned to the Brimfield Flea Market again this year, returning with my usual cache of 1964-1965 World's Fair goodies. What was surprising was the amount of 1939 World's Fair memorabilia. At one stand, a woman had a stack of 1939 World's Fair stuff, which had to be about 6 inches thick. It consisted of a Guidebook, official photographs, official Pavilion brochures, schedules, maps, etc. It was a load of stuff, but I was looking for 64 stuff. But about 30 feet away, at a crossway was a fellow selling another 39 item. There was no big lettering saying "World's Fair" but it was the Trylon and Perisphere that caught my eye. He was selling portfolios titled "World's Fair Art" or something similarly titled. Each consisted of 12 (I believe) reproductions of art that was displayed at the Fair. He had one portfolio and had the twelve pictures prominently framed and displayed. He was selling them individually or as a set (he had three sets, including the one framed). So far he had only sold 1 picture. But one item I did purchase led me to believe it was something else. I immediately recognized the slogan (who wouldn't?). We all know about this pin: So when I saw this pin with others in an estate sale find, I was sure it was a different version of the 64 one. Only when I got home and looked at the back, I found a paper tag. Only then did I realize it was from a different Fair. I knew there was a "Futurama" in '39 and a "Futurama II" in '64 but-- I never knew that General Motors had "repurposed" the slogan from the 1939-1940 Fair. However, now they make an interesting pair.
  5. (I reactivated this thread in the Federal and State Area, as (technically) this is where the structure is located) First brought to our attention in this view (from early 1964): The structure in question is located in the upper center near the Press Building. Here's a closer look: I started to look through all the photos for a structure with a blue and white striped roof. I found these: Well that certainly isn't it. And this is just a tent in the People to People garden. This structure is interesting, but located in the Transportation Area near the Lowenbrau Gardens. Notice the shape of the roof. And this one in front of the T+T Pavilion seems to be some kind of gift shop. Notice the shape of this roof. But back to our mystery structure. In this Press photo and the next, notice the shape of the roof: It's definitely not flat. And here is two of our blue striped roofed structures making a joint appearance: But what makes this structure is true mystery is this photo: Dated by Bill C. as October 1964. Our mystery structure is----gone.
  6. Playing a merry tune

    Thanks for that info, Grant. I'll have to research if I had Ed as a teacher (architecture). In fact, he may have been the one to steer us to the carillon at Stone Mountain.
  7. Playing a merry tune

    I actually heard a concert given by this instrument. But it wasn't at the Fair. It was years later when I was a freshman at Georgia Tech. I took a weekend trip to Stone Mountain. The music was quite impressive, and at the time I never made the connection that this instrument was at the Fair.
  8. Aerial view of Ford

    However, in one of Bill Cotter's earlier photo posting, we saw this picture: Notice the blue and white striped tent next to Sinclair. On the 1964 map it shows an empty lot where the tent is. I wonder if the Lowenbrau Gardens bumped whoever was in the tent off the empty lot? Strange that they have the same blue and white stripes.
  9. Aerial view of Ford

  10. Aerial view of Ford

    RCA did have a room in the Press Building. Also as indicated by the prints, all communications over the loudspeakers originated in the Press Building ("control room of sound system") What surprises me is the fact that the roof is painted. Look at all the Pavilion roofs in aerial shots, and maybe you have a handful which thought it might be a good idea to either put advertising on or finish the roof (Equitable, Denmark, etc. I'm not talking about full blown artistic efforts like Travelers, GE, Indonesia, etc.) The fact that is was painted so brightly has to account for its noticeability if nothing else. Just look at the roofs of the surrounding buildings. But the fact that it is next to sub-station #2, and behind the Press Building, it's not located in a prime traffic area. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a Maintenance Annex Building. But the roof is a mystery.

    Let me know when either option is available.
  12. Aerial view of Ford

    Did anyone ever figure this out??
  13. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    I'm so glad that a photographer took the time to document this pavilion.

    As usual for this date, this is a dead link. Is this item still available?
  15. Got some time to kill?

    Speaking of GE-- There was a brief nod to the Carousel of Progress in Disney's latest live-action movie "Dumbo" where they stop in an auto animatronic display featuring a kitchen of the future. In fact, part of the movie is a nod to Theme Parks and World's Fairs of the past: One of the Pavilions in Dreamland is Wonders of Science, where the auto animatronic display is located. Strangely, the owner of this Theme Park/Fair (a kind of Walt Disney character) is displayed in a negative light. This is surprising, seeing the film was made by Disney.