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  1. One would think somewhere in Lake Amusement Area, replacing Orange Julius?
  2. Biograph Co Film Preservation 68mm

    Fascinating. I did see one sign you wouldn't see in a theater today: "Ladies please remove your hats".
  3. Probably one of the best pictures of the Schaefer Center I've seen to date.
  4. More roadside America fun

    Well if stranded, at least they won't starve.
  5. Oh, these lucky people

    When I see these, all I think of is the group DEVO.
  6. Think you know your dwarfs?

    I only see five, unless the shadow on the left is one. Dumpy? Notice the oversize kid sitting in an Avis stroller on the lower right. Speaking of Walt, has anyone else watched the Imagineer series on Disney+?
  7. I still remember walking around "Space Park" and being totally amazed and engrossed in what I was seeing.
  8. Linda Ronstadt biopic tomorrow Jan 4, 2020

    I saw it last month and it was very good. I still debate who had the better voice, her or Karen Carpenter.
  9. Was this part of an exhibit, or was this someone's private vehicle ??
  10. Another Space Park display

    The round egress hatch on the LM dates the photo nicely. It was changed to square later on.
  11. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    I just basically use mine for movies also. There used to be something called "network" television which when younger I watched, but have absolutely no use for nowadays.
  12. I wonder if the designer ever thought that the New York city air pollution would affect the look of his work after one year?
  13. A Kodak "mystery" solved

    I didn't realize Disney influence had penetrated the Kodak Pavilion. His influence is all over the Fair.