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  1. Radio Electronics goes to the Fair

    Speaking of the picturephone, it seems not all was show and tell at the fair. It seems it (called the television-telephone) had a actual use as mentioned in the ad below. How good it was at its task is anyone's guess.
  2. Radio Electronics goes to the Fair

    Yesterday, on CSPAN, there was a program dealing with the Hoover administration. He had a choice, in the early day of radio, to regulate it, like Great Britain, or leave it to the free market with some regulations. Imagine what radio and television would have looked like if we had adopted the "British" system. Even without the "clap-trap" advertising.
  3. Radio Electronics goes to the Fair

    Thanks, Wayne. It seems the more I read on this subject the more questions I have. Re: The Fair: I assume the "walking music" (is that what today we call "elevator muzak"?) was piped in to the speakers mounted under the Luminaires. But just 470 speakers? That seems like too few. 88 75 watt amplifiers in 16 locations? Well they evidently weren't evenly divided between locations. Does anyone know where these 16 locations were? An RCA service tech had to know. As far as the picturephone article--Yikes! The girl's bald head is a proposed hygienic development, supposed to come by 2044. Speaking of hairstyles, what's up the fellow operating the "telephot"? And what country is he from? Shopping by picturephone? Does anyone think that is practical? Oh, I forgot, Amazon. And TAME magazine? A TIME parody? I tried looking it up but it seem like a good name for a pet magazine. No luck. I even searched for it on eBay. Nope. Sometime reading predictions of the future can be humorous (and at times correct).
  4. Radio Electronics goes to the Fair

    Wayne, if you have this handy, could you revive the link or re-post? Thanks in advance.
  5. Picture of the Day

    Didn't Robert Moses ban certain types of food due to the mess the waste would cause? I thought peanuts, watermelon, and corn on the cob were banned. (and I think one or two others)
  6. Mystery Photo

    A little detective work produced this: On January 21, 2014 Bill Cotter posted: "Someone has finally found one of the Hertz strollers used at the Fair. It will be on "American Pickers" on the History Channel at 9 PM ET on January 22. I'm looking forward to seeing it. It's been tough sitting on the news until the show was ready to air." So that would be episode 3, Season 11. (Vermont, New York) Now to find it. (It's available on the History Channel website---stroller starts at 7:11) Gee, I would have bought it for $40.00
  7. Mystery Photo

    That is very strange. Or if the people weren't carrying them all through the Pavilion, you expect to see a stack of them somewhere. It doesn't add up. Did they turn up on eBay or just turn up?
  8. Mystery Photo

    I miss these Mystery Photo quizzes. In the second photo, with all the Hertz "strollers", (if I recall correctly) the handles were removable. Yet some of the cars shown have handlebars and some do not. Were the handles "carried in" to the various Pavilions, or were they placed somewhere near the entrance? I don't recall seeing any photos of people carrying the handles. And, after all these years, has just one of these "strollers" ever turned up?
  9. Speaking of spheres, can someone tell me what this is? I realize it must have something to do with satellites orbits, but? (I think the red one on the right is flying off to the moon) Could you imagine if the Unisphere looked like this?
  10. Interesting. I've seen the other three designs, but I've never seen this one. (The colors are awful) I'm glad they changed it.
  11. I assume they are looking at one of the traveling models? And here the Unisphere logo looks like a giant atom.
  12. Kodak Pavilion Model

    Nice catch. When you said eBay I was wondering why I didn't come across it. As you say, the seller must have not known what he had. Any plans for lighting the model? I can see the temptation of leaving it as is but can conceive of a couple of soft white LEDs concealed in the light trays to light up the prints.
  13. A quiet evening at Expo

    Now that is what I call a "nice quiet shot".
  14. I tried 1), and still don't find a difference and 2) would be impossible unless I scanned it in segments. However, sometimes you stumble on an answer. At the site http://nywf64.com there is a 1964 map posted, and it doesn't have the "Mississippi River Showboat" sketch in the lake. I thought the person who posted it might have just airbrushed it out, till I looked at the index, where it doesn't show up either. Also, the "General Foods" Arch is labeled "Communications Arch" (all of them). So there are at least two versions of the 1964 map. (As an aside, what ever happened to the "Mississippi River Showboat"? Was that something they were going to tow from Freedomland?)