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  1. A VERY different angle on the Fair

    My head hurts just looking at this.
  2. 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Park

    So, the design on the t-shirts on sale on EBay currently, are not quite new. (Photo 7). Anyone here know the designer?
  3. Greyhound Escorter

    Interesting topic. (It's too bad most of the images posted in thread are invalid and "page not found". Having never seen the Escorter (I don't recall), I guess these were supposed to be the taxis of the fair. I wonder how may people grabbed one for a ride, not realizing it was $9 an hour. I remember being on the Glide-A-Ride. One thing I don't remember is the driver collecting all the fares. Were the fares paid ahead of time?
  4. Aurora-7 display

    Anyone else spot the caption error? The Ranger spacecraft never "landed" on the moon. They crashed into it. (As they were designed to do)
  5. A beautiful view from the Better Living Center

    Speaking of the above, I've been viewing a lot of pictures and have only seen one person in a wheelchair. I hardly recall seeing any wheelchairs when I was at the fair. Wheelchairs and scooters seem more common today.
  6. Thanks for posting this, Bill. After not going for a few years, I went back to the BigE in 2015, missing this by a year. I recognize most of the objects in the display cases, but what is the small white round one situated between the board games?
  7. I'm so glad some of the posters here have the actual video posted (so it is viewable). But in the case above--the dreaded "Page Not Found" I really wish I had know about this (BigE exhibit).
  8. Even though LBJ is in the photo, the other gentleman is the French Minister. (Dean Rusk did attend the event) This was the Mona Lisa on loan to the U.S. which was televised to Europe.
  9. A beautiful view from the Better Living Center

    My eyes are getting older, but I see: "strollers" "Hertz" and "wheelchairs"
  10. Had to be souvenir hunting. Here's an AP photo from the same event (you can see the same two figures and the Mona Lisa). Evidently it was televised to Europe. (I'm having trouble posting the photo, I'll try again later)
  11. TV Remote Control 1956

    That's it! It was channel 18. Now finding out that the phone line had to tied to box explains it. Thanks.
  12. Space Park #1: X-15 and satellites.

    As an adult, if I saw someone taking a photo, I would step aside and wait--but as a 14 year old, seeing full size rockets, spacecraft, capsules, that was my "jam". I was in a semi daze, enthralled and enchanted by what I was looking at. I don't remember anyone around, so I would have walked right by you without noticing. I do remember that Space Park had very few people, and I couldn't understand why the attendance in that area was so low, but I was glad for it. Is there any other info on this photo?
  13. Space Park #1: X-15 and satellites.

    IS IT POSSIBLE? I visited the fair with my parents and my sister when I was 14 years old. Some memories of the fair are very distinct. One of them is going to Space Park with my Dad (my sister and my Mom were heading to the Clairol or Better Living exhibit--even thought it was at the other end of the fair). ( I not unlike other kids had a tremendous interest in the Space Program (models of rockets, Estes rockets, etc.) I remember my Dad going off to have a smoke--letting me wander around Rocket Park by myself, till we met back up under the Saturn 5. In all the photos posted here and in other places, I've kind of played a "where's Waldo" game, looking to see if I could find myself or my family in the background. Which brings me to photo #6 above. Could that be me? It has the correct clothing, right hair color, eyeglasses, right head shape (believe me, I know), and weirdly the watch on the correct hand. (I'm left handed) With all the photos being taken at the Fair (a photographer's dream), is it possible?
  14. Lowenbrau? Jawohl!

    l have read that they were imported from Germany (due to exceptional stein-carrying abilities).
  15. United States Launch Vehicles

    I used to have a set of models (Revell) like this in my bedroom growing up, and now a poster on my wall. It looks like they forgot the Mercury-Redstone.