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  1. Another visit to the park

    Near the Hall of Science right across from the geodesic dome.
  2. Monorail?

    Nice I will look into this the next time I go.
  3. Monorail?

    That far part of the park I haven't been to yet.. if the weather is ok this weekend I think I'm going to do some hunting.
  4. Took these on a resent visit.
  5. Monorail?

    I've heard or maybe saw online someplace that one can walk around the park and see where parts of the monorail supports used to be? I've been looking so hard but I have yet to see them.. However going last Saturday to the park for the Night market event I took a picture of a old light fixture with redone panels.
  6. Rocket Thrower

    Hmm maybe I will upload it again but it’s odd some of you have the freezing issue which i assume is just as the plane goes over Rocket thrower the original has no freeze so it must of been something YouTube did well just looked at the video embedded here and it’s fine...
  7. Long time lurker

    I've visited here before I've always been wondering about the park but as a learned more about the history of it I found it really fascinating, I'm so sorry I was not around at the time they allowed people to tour inside the NYS Pavilion I would of loved that, for now looking at the old photos here and seeing how busy things were it looks like it was a blast!
  8. One of the sadder moments of any visit to the Fair

    I'm loving all these pictures one thing I can't figure out between looking at old footage and pictures about what was the temp around this time of the year the way some people dressed seems like it was around in the 40's?
  9. Rocket Thrower

    Does the video freeze midway in?
  10. Rocket Thrower

    I was in the park last week and caught a flight over the Rocket Thrower thinking about doing a bit more filming the next time I go with the girlfriend.
  11. Amazon Prime video Has NYWF 1964

    I watched it I enjoyed it I have to say it was pretty cool to see how the area was laid out.. but really sad to see how the park is today.
  12. Why aren't we riding these in our cities today?

    What was the normal speed of the AMF monorail cars?
  13. Some exciting FMCP news today!

    Finally!! I was at the park last week.. in a effort to find a bathroom I had to walk all the way to the far end of the park and I passed these pools.. pretty sad state that they were in.. would be a welcome change.. Now as far as the Unisphere I was a little disappointed when I finally was able to catch it when the fountain was on it was only I would say hardly 2% full but I guess that's for safety reasons.