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  1. Got room on your bookshelf?

    Sounds good! Everyone has to save room for my book too...."The Giant Tire: From New York World's Fair to Detroit's Iconic Landmark" I've collected all sorts of great information and photos (not just from the Fair). Been chasing down lots of different leads. I even spoke to the 90 year old man responsible for getting the toy made, and a very nice lady that worked at the exhibit in 1965! That's actually her in the information booth in the photo Randy posted! I hope to have it out by mid Summer.
  2. TV Remote Control 1956

    My wife inherited a Zenith Space Command TV from her great grandfather in 1986. I swear that thing weighed at least 200 pounds. We moved that damn thing from Michigan to two apartments in Florida, and back to Michigan. The 'clicker' was basically just tuning forks inside the handheld gadget. Pressing a button struck a tuning fork. Based on the sound the TV heard, it changed the volume, channel, or power. If you jingled your keys in front of it, it would change volume. Finally got rid of the TV, but I kept the remote! And I've heard about the color converters, but never saw one. Thanks for posting!
  3. While searching old newspaper accounts of the Giant Tire, I came across this article about the Sinclair dinos. I've only ever heard the name Jonas associated with them. Thought this was interesting. I really wish I had a nice copy of the photo the ran in the article. Its not a view you normally see!
  4. Missing your sign or a gondola? Have no fear. https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Royal-Ferris-Wheel-Toy-REPLACEMENT-Sign-1964-New-York-Worlds-Fair/183082022705?hash=item2aa089f731:g:ij8AAOSwvoFaiZrZ https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Royal-Ferris-Wheel-Toy-REPLACEMENT-Gondola-1964-New-York-Worlds-Fair/183082094911?hash=item2aa08b113f:g:CVoAAOSwNmNaiakN
  5. So what the heck did Tik Tok do? It looks like the connection between the gift box and the arm are on a gimble.
  6. Explain this one, please

    Maybe it is a 1910 model, to show the heritage of the Boy Scouts, founded in 1910.
  7. Panorama Featured in WONDERSTRUCK

    That would depend on the 9-10 year old, right? https://www.commonsensemedia.org/movie-reviews/wonderstruck/user-reviews/adult#
  8. Nightmare at 20 feet?

    I have been talking to a very nice lady that worked there in 1965. I think that might be her behind the counter!
  9. Nightmare at 20 feet?

    No date on it, but it has the original logo, so it would be prior to August 64. Are you home yet? I'd like to work with you on my project.
  10. Nightmare at 20 feet?

    The Twilight Zone episode, 'Nightmare at 20,000 Feet' feature's a passenger played by William Shatner who sees a creature outside on the wing of the plane he is flying in. I found something interesting while mining photos of the Giant Tire. Is this 'Nightmare at 20 Feet'? What the Hell are those two guys doing on the roof of the exhibit?
  11. Bell was paid to perform?

    I've seen Bell's final version of the belt pack on display at Williams International in Walled Lake, MI. Not anything I'd want to strap on my back!
  12. Bell was paid to perform?

    I came across something interesting on eBay. I assumed most companies paid to be at the fair, but Bell Aerosystems was apparently paid to be at the fair. I found this memo talking about being paid to perform, and they even had their fuel delivered for them!
  13. I'm not saying the NY pavilion or towers were anything to sneeze at. But the lack of set dressing on the stage, open door behind the performers, exposed stage structure and the piano from a church basement are not what I would expect to see. I like the guy in a hat above and behind the stage. Not distracting at all!