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  1. Still available!! Price reduced!
  2. Still available!! Check listing above
  3. Still on eBay...see above for details!
  4. Still on Ebay if interested...also accepting reasonable offers
  5. Price has been lowered, also accepting reasonable offers. See listing above for more details. Please let me know if you have questions.
  6. I am selling about 20 or so landscape architectural renderings from the 1964 NY World's Fair. If interested, see ebay link below. Feel free to ask questions or if you'd like more photos. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultra-Rare-1964-65-New-York-World-s-Fair-Architectural-Landscape-Renderings/253043158330?hash=item3aea8c2d3a:g:CG4AAOSwKoRZZvC-
  7. Randy, wow! Thanks so much for sharing these! There are many other handwritten notes and markups that make the piece so interesting. If anyone wants more photos just let me know. I can try to get better detail shots if necessary. I'd rather sell it to someone that really appreciates the piece. Chris Just to clarify there are 20 or so drawings on a working pole but I have taken over 100 photos of these drawings :-) Clarke and raupano was the architect written on the renderings
  8. I am trying to attach photos, but they are apparently too large. I'd be more than happy to email them or if you can tell me how to post a few.
  9. Hi all I have about 22 landscape architectural renderings from the 1964 world's fair. Interested in selling. I have plenty of pictures. Anyone interested or have leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris