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  1. Kodak pavillion model

    This is difficult, but I believe that $1,200 plus shipping is a fair price for an item this rare. I have seen only 2 on the net; one in a museum and the other being auctioned for over $7,000,
  2. Kodak pavillion model

    I still have the model. I had not time to post it anywhere yet. Is there any interest? I can send more photos if you IM me your email address.
  3. Kodak pavillion model

    I am looking to rehome the model with someone who can appreciate it!
  4. Kodak pavillion model

    My mother and father attended the 1964 New York Worlds Fair. Dad was quite the shutter bug and invested in the ultimate souvenir. Dad passed away over 4 years ago and I just found this gem in a closet under the stairs. I was wondering if anyone here is still interested in having one of these for their very own.