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    The 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, the Columbian Exposition
  1. Very cool! It is amazing to learn that so many of the items on display in 1893 still exists in collections around the world. The Field Museum in Chicago pulled out bottles of oil from 1893 during one recent exhibit on the Columbian Exposition. I've added the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to our (still new and growing) Google map of site pertaining to the 1893 World's Fair: https://worldsfairchicago1893.com/home/sites/ Thanks for letting us know about these gems!
  2. Fun story. Thanks for posting. Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) also had a short podcast on this historic figure and his connection to the 1893 World's Fair: https://www.wbez.org/shows/afternoon-shift/disney-parks-inspired-by-chicagos-world-fair/f8838cce-91df-406d-95e2-79706e7e7663 Enjoy! Scott