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  1. In 1992, the American Bank Note Company issued a set of reproduction tickets. !!! EDIT TO MY ORIGINAL POST: At the bottom of the front face is the line "AMERICAN BANK NOTE COMPANY, NEW YORK" on both the original tickets and the repros. The differences to distinguish the repros is in the back side, which has the added line "Reprinted from the antique original by ABNC / Brookman (c) 1992"
  2. Here is some more information about this beautiful relic of the 1893 World's Fair: https://worldsfairchicago1893.com/2019/01/09/japanese-vase/
  3. Hello, An upcoming auction lists a watercolor painting as being from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition: https://connect.invaluable.com/bakkerantiques/auction-lot/ISABELLE-FERRY-1865-1937-,-1893-Columbian-Exposi_4194F13950/ The building is definitely not from the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, but I am wondering if anyone can identify which fair it IS from.
  4. "Chicago Day" was held to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. There were a reported 713,646 paid admissions to the Fair and over three-quarters of a million of people inside the gates of the White City that day. "Could it be possible that 754,000 were assembled together to celebrate a peaceful event?" asked one reporter. https://worldsfairchicago1893.com/2018/10/09/chicago-day/
  5. Happy 125th anniversary! https://worldsfairchicago1893.com/2018/05/01/opening_day_10/
  6. Greetings, World's Fair enthusiasts. On May 1, 1893, the Columbian Exposition opened its doors to the world in Chicago. We are counting down to the moment when President Grover Cleveland pressed the key to start the 1893 World's Fair in a series of stories about Opening Day at https://worldsfairchicago1893.com/home/blog-2/history/opening-day/. Introduction: "Chicago's Day of Days" Part 1: "Morning on the Fairgrounds" (post on April 22) Part 2: "Presidential Procession to the Fairgrounds" (post on April 23) Part 3: "A Sea of Humanity" (post on April 24) Part 4: "Paine's Columbian March" [with a new recording!] (post on April 25) Part 5: "Invocation by the Blind Chaplain" (post on April 26) Part 6: "Reading of The Prophecy" (post on April 27) Part 7: "Wagner’s 'Rienzi' Overture” (post on April 28) Part 8: "The Address by Director-General Davis" (post on April 29) Part 9: "The Address by President Grover Cleveland" (post on April 30) Part 10: "The Great Transformation Scene" (post on May 1) Part 11: "Presidential Luncheon" (post on May 2) Part 12: "Tour of the Fairgrounds" (post on May 3) Part 13: "The Greatest Crowd" (post on May 4) Addendum: "Fate of the Key" (post on May 5) Enjoy!
  7. We posted some articles last week about President Cleveland's visit to the 1893 World's Fair, to commemorate the anniversary of his birth (March 18, 1837): http://worldsfairchicago1893.com/tag/grover-cleveland/ We'll be posting much more about his visit for Opening Day of the Fair in the days leading up to May 1 (the 125th Anniversary). Despite his recent cancer diagnosis in March of 1893 (thanks for that information, Jim!), Mr. Cleveland continued to smoke cigars in May 1893. The enormous crowds on the fairgrounds for the opening ceremony showered Grover Cleveland with respect and continuous cheers. “The dignity which becomes a great office was manifest in President Cleveland’s bearing," wrote the Tribune. "… he stood out in all the majesty of power which is of the people, comes from the people, and returns to the people.”
  8. We participated in Patti's 1893 Scavenger Hunt last fall and had a great time. Highly recommend. There are quite a few other 1893 World's Fair events coming up this spring in Chicago: a talk at the Union League Club (March 8), a new exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Art (opens March 23), and a 125th anniversary celebration at the Chicago History Museum (May 29). We try to post notices at: https://worldsfairchicago1893.com/home/events-and-sites/events/ Thanks for the heads-up!
  9. Very cool! It is amazing to learn that so many of the items on display in 1893 still exists in collections around the world. The Field Museum in Chicago pulled out bottles of oil from 1893 during one recent exhibit on the Columbian Exposition. I've added the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to our (still new and growing) Google map of site pertaining to the 1893 World's Fair: https://worldsfairchicago1893.com/home/sites/ Thanks for letting us know about these gems!
  10. Fun story. Thanks for posting. Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) also had a short podcast on this historic figure and his connection to the 1893 World's Fair: https://www.wbez.org/shows/afternoon-shift/disney-parks-inspired-by-chicagos-world-fair/f8838cce-91df-406d-95e2-79706e7e7663 Enjoy! Scott