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  1. Hi, Greg, I am a retired telecommunication engineer, and periodically go through a wave of collecting some genre of cameras, most recently the Kodak Ciné-Kodak dynasty of motion picture cameras. I just acquired a Kodak Ciné-Kodak Special II 16 mm motion picture camera, a full-featured professional camera, first introduced in 1948. On this camera, the purchaser could have the factory apply, in a discreet place on the camera, an engraved plate with the owner's name. This camera has such a plate, with the name "Charles T. Chapman." In researching that name, we found references to films on campus life done at several universities, one for Notre Dame done in 1943 and one at University of Kentucky a bit later, done by "Charles T. Chapman". The article on the former referred to Chapman as an "ace newsreel cameraman" and the article on the latter referred to him as a "retired newsreel cameraman." We also found an iconic photo of people gathered around a radio in a general store in rural Kentucky, dated 1930, and attributed to Charles T. Chapman. Is this possibly your grandfather? If so, we wouild be thrilled to learn more about him. Thanks. Best regards, Doug Kerr Alamogordo, N.M.