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  1. Another cover to review

    I like the publisher's suggestion. It provides a pleasant combination of human sculptures and the soaring familiar mechanical icons. It has the quality of gently leading the eye into the picture and to this and that pleasant object.
  2. The majestic Parachute Jump, 1940

    Huh? Oh, I get it. The Greyhound title is left over from your earlier post.
  3. I don't have much from the fair: the 1965 guide book, map of the fair, and one $2 ticket. And a few slides(!). By the way, M.Onassis, its obvious from whom you inherited your good looks!
  4. Which cover do you like best?

    I agree with Ray. "C" is an iconic choice. Both of the competitor images are overly busy, with really junky elements and little indication of what the pics represent.
  5. Larry, a bounder and a cad are the same thing, according the my dictionary. However, in terms of quantum electrodynamics, bounder has a mass of 100 mega-electron volts and a spin of negative one-half, while cad emits an electron and an anti-neutrino when bombarded with high energy sheep dung. That's a critical distinction, which the British probably understand better than the Americans.
  6. Craig, I'm pleased to say that I made an important contribution to the Fair attendance figures. My 30 visits constituted a whopping 0.0000581 percent of the total! That's an impressive 581 10-millionths of a percent. (Funny the news media failed to notice.)
  7. Changing the prints on the Kodak Tower

    That would be a great project for some dedicated experts, if indeed it is possible to retrieve the photos. I think most of us would appreciate any results, even if the images were not specifically identified with past postings.
  8. Ray, the fact that you recognize yourself automatically makes this one of the most important in my collection. It's right up there with the day I stumbled upon a group of managers from my first employer in Northern Kentucky. For some unknown reason I didn't take their picture.
  9. Greyhound Escorter

    Good point, guys. I guess if that bird was really a hawk, or even a likeness, there wouldn't be a pigeon anywhere near the ladies.
  10. Greyhound Escorter

    Am I missing something here? That pigeon on her hat has awfully furry legs, and looks like a fake hawk or similar raptor perched oddly on her hat.
  11. Greyhound Escorter

    Probably not as dangerous to pedestrians as the average grocery store cart, since they were made of wicker. A bump would just dump you into a pretty lady's lap!
  12. Night time at the Fair

    Too bad a breeze was blowing, rippling the surface, or the reflection would have been picture-perfect. But that's a minor quibble for such a great shot.
  13. Let's take to the air!

    During my tenure in New York I was fortunate to find quick and easy transportation to the Fair by subway; first from 34th Street in Manhattan, then from Elmhurst, Queens. I guess I never much thought about those who had more complicated routes.
  14. Aurora-7 display

    Both my Delta pilot brothers had some horror stories about landing a plane. Both agreed that a typical flight was a few hours of total boredom punctuated by a few minutes of stark terror. Then there was one of my MBA classmates, CEO of a regional airline whose horror involved one of his pilots---sent to pick up an airline magazine writer---forgot to put down the landing gear on his return! I wonder if the skid marks are still there.
  15. Visiting Chrysler, June 1964.

    Sorry I can't provide a processed date for the above images, Ray. The slides were large format from my Rolleiflex and Ikoflex cameras (2 1/4 inch square). Regular superslides were popped out of the larger format, using a German 4-corner cropper, and then hand-mounted in plastic frames. The processing info wound up on the cutting room floor.