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  1. Humor Photo of the Week

    My apology for treating the forum as a portrait gallery.
  2. Upstairs on the New York State Pavilion mezzanine

    Compared to me, at 86, the whole batch of you must be "young-uns"!
  3. Even in 1964 NYC was plagued by traffic woes

    Wow! A pair of rare Belchfire 88's in their seasonal yellow plumage.
  4. Two nuns, if I interpret the white and black object beyond the lady's head correctly.
  5. I like these: Don't stick your elbow out so far. It may go home in another car. / Trains don't wander all over the map, 'cause nobody sits in the engineer's lap. / Don't lose your head to gain a minute. You need your head; your brains are in it. / Drove too long, driver snoozing. What happened next is not amusing. / Mister speeder, let's rehearse. All together: Good morning, nurse! / Speed was high, weather was not. Tires were thin; X marks the spot. / The midnight ride of Paul for beer, led to a warmer hemisphere. / Around the curve, lickety-split. Beautiful car, wasn't it? / A guy who drives a car wide open, is not thinkin', he's just hopin'. / At intersections, look each way. A harp sounds nice, but it's hard to play. / The one who drives when he's been drinking, depends on you to do his thinking. / Car in ditch, driver in tree. The moon was full, and so was he. / He saw the train and tied to duck it. Kicked the gas, and then the bucket. (And my romantic favorite): A man, a miss, a car, a curve. He kissed the miss but missed the curve. [With compliments to the Shave of Burma]
  6. That coconut looks like it is sprouting from the sand. Or maybe a miniature Japanese sub periscope?
  7. A different angle of a General Foods Arch

    Looks like a Mimosa. I have a couple in my back yard. Early in the year those really fuzzy flowers blossom, then drop all over the yard. You could almost stuff pillows with them! Later the tree drops seed pods that look like large pea pods. The Mimosa is sometimes called the "prayer tree" since the leaf stems tend to fold their narrow leaves together like praying hands from time to time. I'm no botanist, but the size, texture and coloration certainly suggest the Mimosa.
  8. Argentina for Expo 2023

    That's a great view of Recoleta, Wayne. It shows what a remarkable cemetery it is. I was so touched by the adoration of Evita by Argentinians, especially women, that I did an unusual thing in the DVD of the trip: I put together a photo essay about Evita, using the famous "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" as background music. I think Madonna did a fabulous job in the movie; she even resembles her subject. I also noticed how many women wore Evita's signature hair-bun style, particularly those gorgeous stewardesses on the local airline flight to Iguazu Falls.
  9. The Little World's Fair!

    OMG! Gimme a sack of White Castle Burgers, a Moon Pie, an RC Cola and a Belgian Waffle! You can have my mansion, yacht, tropical island and downtown Terre Haute!
  10. Belgian Waffles And White Castle

    I spent nine months on assignment with AT&T (TV/Radio Network Center) in Columbus, Ohio, and a White Castle was between the work location and my hotel. It became a fetish with me, and I still taste them in memory. Funny how a small, square piece of hamburger, fried onions and a two-bite bun sounds better than a Big Mac.
  11. Argentina for Expo 2023

    A Polish lady once told me it's pronounced Wooch. By the way, if you make it to Buenos Aires, be sure to visit Recoleta Cemetery. Its like a luxurious small city. And buried 20 feet down beneath a rather ordinary family tomb is its most famous tenant by far, Eva Peron. Easy to locate---just follow the crowd. Evita was the most adored woman in South America. (Maybe Carmen Miranda came in second?)
  12. One of the most boring things at the Fair?

    Sorry, I mean just "window." Or "window design."
  13. Beautiful even in black & white

    That's a great image of Australia. (Funny, I never new it was shaped that way!) Wait! Pardon me. I meant China.
  14. Who can pinpoint this location at the Fair?

    Maybe I'm wrong, but that looks like 42nd and Broadway (or maybe Hollywood & Vine?).
  15. Why are these people leaving the Fair?

    Perhaps they were forced out to prevent over-population. It's always a pleasure to see ladies in dresses, although the one in black might have chosen a hat other than her waste basket. The young girls at left are especially nostalgic in their red shoes and bobby sox.