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  1. Check out the AUDIO file of the pavilion promo, at bottom (0:41) Polynesia.mp3
  2. The petal-shaped dome is traditional in Islamic architecture. This decorative facade was slightly marred by a missing background tile. I restored it to its original beauty.
  3. Thanks for your comments, Jim. At the beginning of the year I couldn't imagine consuming so much of my life in clicking a mouse to de-spot these ancient slides (caused by ignoring the dust when scanning them). However, the response from the Community makes it more than ever a labor of love. By the way, if you want a contemporary English take on Joan of Arc, check out Shakespeare's 'Henry VI, Part One.' They were bitter enemies of the French at the time, and it is reflected by the highly uncomplimentary depiction of Joan in the play.
  4. In addition to various outdoor attractions, Montana Pavilion contained several railroad cars, some devoted to a museum of significant treasures. I chose the museum. A Wurlitzer "Military Band" mechanical music player. The bass drum at right has suffered vandalism despite its poignant plea: "Please don't touch me." The device at the top appears to be a cymbal. The art of Frederick Remington and Charles Russell were on display, among others. The glass of the painting reflects another horse-and-rider sculpture just out of sight. Memorabilia of Wild Bill Hickock, Buffalo Bill Cody, etc. Montana fish, and fowl. That's a lot of gold dust and nuggets in this case (reportedly a million bucks worth, at 1960's prices).
  5. A nice place for reflection and daydreaming. An eighty-foot tower. A reminder of the many waterfalls in Hawaii. Hawaiian history, illustrating various peoples who came to the islands. Thrones of the monarchs.
  6. Now I know what happened to the coach I won in Greyhound's "Name that Wart-Hog" contest. The driver went for a beer at Rheingold and never returned.
  7. Eureka!! I was certain that I took a picture of Toulouse-Lautrec in the museum, but I couldn't locate it anywhere. Finally this frustration has been solved! Somehow I had managed to store it on a different-purpose hard drive by mistake, and just now discovered it by accident in a crowd of other files. Fortunately it had a title that placed it at the very bottom of the list, or God knows when I would have found it. Check out my newly-edited posting, above; fifth picture from the bottom. It is associated with the picture just above it. Wow, what a relief!
  8. Maylasia was a new country at the time; a federation of fourteen states. The maintenance crew needed to fix the lights in the Malaysia sign. Note the pictures of the federation's rulers just inside. Some of the Federation's rulers.
  9. It was a rainy weekend day when I took a few exterior and interior shots of the pavilion. Headsets at the tables allowed visitors to hear actors reading works by Irish celebrities such as Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, Jonathan Swift, and William Butler Yeats. Famous Waterford glass was among the displays.
  10. Hamlet's home town. The Royal Regiment stands guard. Looking around inside. Reflecting the Danish sea-faring heritage. Ah, young love! Avast, ye swabs!
  11. Probably taken in 1965. Looks like the pavilion added the large name label over the entry-way since last year. The coal miner. A glass blowing demonstration exhibit. The strange image is a reflection from the glass viewing pane. The salesroom.
  12. There was lots of teenage action on the afternoon I wandered by.
  13. That's correct, Wayne. I wish the Photoshop cleanup was as quick a process as the scanning was! And thanks for your kind comment; it is very motivating, since I have a lot of hours with Photoshop left to go.
  14. A really cool spot at the Fair! Last call! Oompah at its best. (That empty sign-board almost looks pasted on. I didn't do it---honest!) Wanna hear what they sounded like? Tune in this AUDIO file: Lowenbrau.mp3 (1:15) Fab frauleins. Charming deco, including golden Lowenbrau lions, a pair of beer drinkers atop barrels, and the Munich Philharmonic.
  15. I'm not certain which year I took the photo, but more likely 1965, which suggests those palms endured a New York winter, which is fatal to many forms of life. I barely survived myself!