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  1. A nice home movie from the Fair

    Nearest thing to being there! I'm still tingling with nostalgia. Good show, Bill!
  2. Inside the New York State Pavilion

    What a striking picture---and beautifully composed. The all-white uniforms contrast well with the bluish flooring, while the state map provides a nice design element. Like most good images, the eye is lead into an important subject, the flag-bearers, which enhance the motion of the marching squad. I'm reminded of the spectacular, golden-haired all-girl marching band that bid our ship farewell at the dock in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2012.
  3. Longines-Wittnauer Exhibit

    I once owned a Longines watch. Unfortunately, as a young sailor I managed to fall into a tidewater creek in San Diego. Hours later the jeweler informed me it was beyond repair due to the salt water. How I had the accident should make a good reunion story!
  4. M-i-c-k-e-y--S-p-i-l-l-a-n-e(?) Uh, R-o-o-n-e-y(?) Uh, Darn! It's on the tip of my tongue!
  5. You're right. And she's also demonstrating a nice set of knee-caps.

    Sorry, I didn't know Ray was gone.

    Ray, is it possible at this late date to get a copy of your audio recordings of the Fair? As you may know now, I was also there with my recorder, and the sounds are spread out among my various posts in MP3 files. It would be exciting to listen to someone else's work.
  8. I too spent almost a year at Treasure Island in 1950 attending a 42-week Navy Electronic Technician school, so it sort of feels like an old home despite its changes over the years. When my enlistment was up in late 1953, I was offered a teaching position at T.I. if I would ship over for another four years. Thanks, but no thanks. Twenty five years later I showed up in the Bay Area again. Geez, I could have saved all that time if I had said yes!
  9. Bell Telephone's Chair Ride

    I hope Webnik found my photos of the Bell System ride itself. Better late than never.
  10. OK, fellow NYWF fans - where was this taken?

    Watching the trailer I realize I was familiar with the movie! Thanks, but I don't think I want to see it again.
  11. Anybody ever take the Maroda Lake Cruise?

    Wish I had more time available at the Fair so I could have spent more time in the Lake Area. I guess the chances now are a little dim!
  12. OK, fellow NYWF fans - where was this taken?

    Singer Bowl was my wild guess, mainly because I imaged a few of the models---although I don't remember this one.
  13. Japan's rock wall

    That oddly placed hydrant surely took its toll of skirts and nylons.
  14. RIP Soupy Sales

    Soupy Sales was second only to Jean Shepherd as media entertainment during my months in New York in '64 and '65. He was a funny, yet gentle comedian. I especially enjoyed his conversations with Black Tooth and White Fang, and the inevitable cream pie in his face.
  15. One of the stars of the Fair

    It was a thrill to video the Pieta in the Vatican 46 years after first seeing it at the Fair.