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  1. Better Living Center #1: Looking Around

    Air conditioning, maybe?
  2. For the Von Roll fans!

    Thanks, Bill, for clearing up that mystery. The knowledge you guys have of the Fair is impressive---nay, astounding! Having donated all of my photos, I have finally found time to read from the many past postings, and am benefitting from a major improvement in my conception of the Fair, plus getting the answer to questions that have laid dormant in my mind for decades (even questions I didn't know I had!).
  3. For the Von Roll fans!

    Maybe they're trying to figure out why the Unisphere's fountains are not all spraying at the same height! Perhaps some kid dropped his bubble gum into the intake pipe.
  4. "Greetings from the Solar Fountain!"

    You bet it's cold. The Solar Fountain is spewing snow! Just look at all of it on the globe itself.
  5. Anyone hungry?

    You could do lots of damage with a dollar back then.
  6. I bet a day at the Fair cost this family a fortune

    He's carrying a reddish object in each hand. Wonder what those might be. Must be important, because his camera is hanging unused from his shoulder. The group looks like the Brady Bunch Marching Society!
  7. The wonderful roof of the Tent of Tomorrow

    This is an example of the great abstract art photo opportunities at the Fair for perceptive photographers. It's interesting that the lamp bulbs become close together at the outer edges; for artistic effect, I suppose.
  8. Go Go Greyhound

    Larry L, speaking of deaths at Grand Canyon. When I was there last year, our guide told us that ten days previously, a lady executive of some sort was standing at the edge when her hat blew off. She attempted to grab it!
  9. Fun view from the Bell System Pavilion

    She looks like she could be Edith Bunker's sister.
  10. Color Photos from 1939

    I never imagined photos of this quality existed for the 1939 fair. Truly astounding!
  11. A different angle on the Log Flume

    I'm curious about the red A-Frame looking roofs in the foreground. On the Official Map the structure appears directly behind Les Poupees de Paris and Dancing Waters. Was it part of one or the other pavilion? Or neither? BTW, glad I wasn't around when they asked for volunteers to lift the repaired car back onto the overhead track! Must have taken six Yankees fans and a gorilla to do the job.
  12. Thailand

    King Rama IX (Bhumibol Adulyadej), shown in slide No. 5 with Queen Consort Sirikit, died in October, 2016 and was recently cremated and buried, a year later. Queen Dowager Sirikit is the mother of King Vajiralongkorn. It is interesting that King Rama was born in Cambridge, MA, and met Sirikit in Paris, truly a world-wise pair! I think those of us who photographed the beautiful image of the pair in the Thailand pavilion can't help but feel the loss of the iconic gentleman.
  13. Now Hear This!

    Bill, it finally dawned on me what you were saying. The audio files are just that---files. Requiring downloading in order to listen to them. Photos can be seen because there is a "built-in" visual displayer, and some of us may have assumed that the WF site also had a built-in audio player.
  14. Touring the Official Map #3

    Well folks, this is a watershed moment. I just removed spots and color-corrected my very last Fair-related slide, concluding eight months of processing and six months of uploading. I thought it appropriate to finish with an image of the U.S. pavilion, plus its near neighbors. I can finally step back and look at a collection I have not reviewed in decades, and delight in discovering things in them I never noticed before. It is particularly rewarding that these photos have found a place in the history of New York's famous Fair, escaping---by a slim margin!---the fate of decaying in obscurity. A heartfelt salute to all of you who made this day possible. Now I have some time to address a few projects that have been on hold this year, in deference to the greater good!
  15. Touring the Official Map #3

    This is the last of the series.