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  1. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    Bill, I checked 52 of your marches against 29 of mine that you did not have listed. A quick check didn't turn up anything, but I ran across four marches that I am painfully familiar with but can't recall their names. Perhaps your other sleuths might try their luck with these familiar tunes: Tape 1-Hour 3 Tracks 11, 13 and 14; Tape 1 Hour 4 Track 3.
  2. Now Hear This!

    I don't follow you about snowcones. During summer seems like a great time to consider the merits of these crushed ice treats with flavoring. Glad you like the audio!
  3. Now Hear This!

    Larry, for some reason I don't understand, it seems to require a membership and password to access an audio file. Does your tablet have that kind of access? Perhaps Bill C. can enlighten us.
  4. Touring the Official Map #1

    My map has Churchill, so it must be 1965. By the way, I corrected slide no. 6 (Pool of Industry area) to make it less greenish. Must have over-corrected and didn't pay attention to the results. I have 18 more slides to go, and because they are more demanding---and due to a recent strained back---progress will be slower than normal. Any dust spot larger than a hydrogen atom has always been fair game! I suspect half or more of the spots removed would not have been noticed anyway. If you see any spots or hairs in any of my slides, I'd be happy to edit them. I'm sure there are some hanging around, because infrequently I would lose my way moving across a magnified slide and take a wrong turn. Sometimes the blotch was so large I unconsciously thought it part of the scenery! Most of the time I caught these mistakes, but surely not all of them.
  5. Touring the Official Map #1

    I don't have any comparison material, Jim, but I suspect some other members can supply it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of my friends for your acceptance of the last few remaining slides in my collection, as well as the many map close-ups I included in my postings. Recording images of the Fair itself is, of course, no longer possible, but recording of artifacts such as the Official Map can be easily done today by scanning, rather than photographing---and probably with better acuity than using a camera. My only rationale is that my images are almost as ancient as the Fair itself, and it appears that map close-ups have not previously appeared in the Forums. Folks without an original map might benefit most from a closer look at sections of the Fair. I must confess that, after months of cleaning and processing slides, I am wearily fixated on getting it finished. Without the motivation of putting them online, I surely would have put these last map slides away and forgotten them, realizing that I could always look at my original map with a magnifying glass---or even scan it in high-definition technology. So, thanks again for letting me complete a task I should have done many years ago!
  6. Touring the Official Map #1

    The Official Souvenir Map was truly a work of art in itself, produced by some talented folks at Time-Life Books. In the early seventies I decided to zoom in on the map with a precision camera and appropriate lenses, to produce fairly high-definition slides of sections of the Fair, plus individual pavilions. This has turned out to be particularly useful in the digital age, since greatly enlarging the sections of a digital map can result in fuzzy images. This is the first of three postings, and each image is a separate photograph of the map, painstakingly de-spotted and color corrected (even more painstaking, since there are so many visual details to be careful of!). Included in this first posting are three "super-closeups" that didn't make it into earlier offerings. A couple of images that were recently included in a different posting are repeated here for consistency. This is my largest slide, which did not quite include the entire Fair area. Also, my single lighting source couldn't cover the whole map at one time, causing some darkness at top and bottom. Fortunately, I could move the light around in capturing close-ups. Imagine all the intricate work that was required to draw and color the original map! Having attempted many miniature drawings myself, I can really appreciate the effort demonstrated here.
  7. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    Bill, here are three items (all Sousa): Tape 1, Hour 3, Track 8: Hands Across the Sea Tape 1, Hour 3, Track 9: The Gladiator Tape 1, Hour 4, Track 10: High School Cadets
  8. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    Bill, I just listened to the un-named tracks on your tapes, and I'm on the case. About three of the un-named tracks that I identified suddenly became named when I returned to your post. Hmm. Anyway, there are a bunch of marches that I think are in my music library, which I will search out soon.
  9. Now Hear This!

    Sherlock Holmes would envy you, Wayne! I noticed the carillon also, and presumed it came from Coke. I wonder if the beeps came from the occasional Greyhound Bus as well as the Glide-a-Ride.
  10. Now Hear This!

    Sorry, Jim, I really don't know exactly where I was. The "Fair is Fair" music in the beginning could be coming from any of the ubiquitous luminaries on any street. There are a few mumbled announcements here and there, but I haven't identified any. Perhaps some of our fantastic WF sleuths can sniff out a clue here and there. I've never really paid much attention to this audio, but if I detect something I'll let you know.
  11. Now Hear This!

    Why would a guy would walk around the Fair for twelve minutes, doing nothing but tape recording the passing crowd, when there were important pictures to be taken?! Probably because I had already tape-recorded the pavilions of interest, and couldn't kick the habit! To those of you who might enjoy authentic crowd and street noise while viewing NYWF photographs, this AUDIO file is hereby dedicated. Walking Around the Fair.mp3 (12:01)
  12. By the Numbers

    Thanks, Wayne for providing this alternative approach. The map is impressive, and it covers more territory than my largest map. The clicking process is also impressive, since it seems to replace the need for a Guide Book. I noticed that there are a couple of vertical displacements in the image, perhaps a temporary glitch of some kind. To test picture quality differences, though, I blew up a small section of the large map to compare with a camera-enlarged view of roughly the same size. This is what I meant in suggesting that my camera-lens enlargements might be different and therefore useful to someone. These are all individually photographed images, which by their nature would be sharper than a digital blow-up of a large area original. Photos #1 and #2 at the top of this posting are totally different pictures, each imaged by the same camera but at different distances from the original map. (My original pool slide covers a little more territory, so I blew it up slightly to more-or-less match the size of the two examples, which makes it slightly less sharp than it normally is.) It appears that our maps are not exactly alike. Notice the position of the titles near the Equitable Life Assurance Society pavilion. I presume there was a modification in a subsequent printing. If there are other pictures of this magnification with similar definition available to the Community, I certainly don't want to duplicate them. I really appreciate you---and any others---putting this project to the test before launching it. By the way, Wayne, if you (or anyone else) would like a complete listing of the 43 audio files, I'll be happy to supply it.
  13. By the Numbers

    Thanks Jim and Space Age Guy, for your responses. I needed a little push because I couldn't ascertain from previous replies whether the individual pavilion map pictures I included were relevant enough. I'm honored by the Community's reaction to my collection in general, and will shortly send the AUDIO file and process and post the maps.
  14. By the Numbers

    The audio files are usually (but not always) located at the end of a post, and are mp3 files. Typically I added a note in my text announcing that an AUDIO file is present (I usually capitalized the word to help call attention to it). For example; in the Transportation Area there are 6 files: Auto Thrill Show, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Lowenbrau Gardens, and Sinclair. I hope this helps. If needed I can identify all 43 of the posts with mp3 audio files.
  15. By the Numbers

    October 9th was a milestone for me; it was the completion of a huge project that actually began in February and became suddenly very important in April, when I became aware of the World's Fair Community. During this time, you might be interested to know, I uploaded 1467 slides and 43 audio files. So is there anything else in my bag that might be of value to you? Perhaps yes. You are aware that I included many pavilion close-ups from the Souvenir Map of the Fair. Well, I have 29 more of a different perspective, from an almost complete view to various regional views involving multiple pavilions. These slides, made about the same year as my return visit to Flushing Meadows Park in 1972, have mostly not yet been de-spotted and ready for upload, but following are a couple of processed examples, including my most comprehensive view and a selected regional view. You will note that the regional view is not just a blow-up of the large view above. Using a Hasselblad C500 camera, I homed in on various parts of the Fair and photographed them with much higher acuity, which accounts for their clarity. Perhaps this is the only undertaking of its kind currently available to the Community. All of the map pictures were photographed with the idea of using them in a slide show of some sort: full view-then-regional view-then-specific pavilion view. The project never materialized, but today's DVD digital technology offers me an even better opportunity; something to think about for next year. Members who do not possess a copy of the Souvenir Map might find these slides useful. On the other hand, they may be more of interest to me than to the Community, and I don't wish to burden you with yet more maps unless you feel they are important. I'll await your comments. I have just one last piece of material to offer, and it is probably the most bizarre. During my photographic expeditions I occasionally carried a reel-to-reel tape recorder, as you know by the 43 uploaded audio files. One fine day I thought it might be helpful to just walk through the fairgrounds with my recorder going, for possible background use in a slide show (that concept is still valid today). So I recorded 12 minutes of nothing but the crowd! There might even be some among you who would enjoy simply listening to the crowd as you view various Fair photos. Whatever. But, as with the maps, I would like to assess its interest to the Community before dumping this fairly large file on you. That's everything I still have, really (except for my Official Guide, Souvenir Map, and a Fair ticket)!