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  1. My postings will be a bit sporadic this summer, but don't celebrate yet---there's more to endure before it's finally over!
  2. Perhaps the Montreal Mutants vs. the Richmond Radiation Rascals?
  3. It was a football game. You can see how much brightening the slide required. I figured out how to transfer the original TV screen to an improved photo of the scene, above. Thanks for the prompt.
  4. Patio Area, View 1. Represents Nighttime. Patio Area, View 2 This slide was so dark it took a considerable amount of brightening. The TV screen, however, is at its original light level, thanks to a query from Waynebretl and the magic of Photoshop. Bedroom #1, View 1. Bedroom #1, View 2 Bedroom #2, the "mystery photo" from the Discussion Forum, that I incorrectly assumed was the living room until I brightened the slide. The bathroom. This was about my most successful shot.
  5. I finally got around to sleuthing this picture. When you blow up the image it practically shouts "underground home." And, by golly, a check of my u.g.h. slides shows an almost identical double-window structure in the bedroom, including the half-open configuration of the panes (but a different scene, of course). I presume the above photo is from the living room. When I clean up my underground home slides, I'll include this image with the rest, so you can test my theory.
  6. The first picture is spectacular! The lines of luminaries remind me of a freeway at night. The wonderful sunset captures the delicate shapes of the Ford pavilion and the Unisphere structure. Apparently when the second picture was taken, enough time had elapsed to make the sunset less rewarding, but old faithful NYSP and the shadowy hulk of a Brass Rail do their best to add interest.
  7. Relying on star power rather then denomination, Billy Graham delivered his message to a large part of the world. The pavilion provided opportunities for art photography. The globe pointed out cities where Graham conducted his 'Crusade for Christ'. Waiting for the great man to appear on the big screen.
  8. What I like about this shot is the dim shadows of the towering Manhattan buildings in the distance. Reminds me of the old saying: "Give him enough rope and he'll hang himself." I removed a lot of trash from the street and grass strip, while a pair of ultra-long handled push-brooms idle away nearby! Hallmark Cards is an exhibitor at the pavilion, since their HQ is in Kansas City. I used to wonder why I took this metallic lady's picture from the back---until a close look at the head revealed it was from the front! 'Persephone', by Thomas Hart Benton. It is presumably a modern take on the ancient Greek legend of her abduction by Hades, lord of the underworld (here represented as a farmer, probably since Persephone's mother, Demeter, was goddess of the harvest.) Note the harvesting activity in the background. Persephone was the daughter of Zeus.
  9. My mistake too, Eric. I should have recognized your word 'narrator' as opposed to speaker. I didn't include Mr. Frees in the audio file, and sort of forgot about him. His was an excellent voice for the part. Somewhere over the years I misplaced his part of the program. I recall it began "Illinois, land of Lincoln. It was here in Galesburg . . . "
  10. Eric, if you are referring to the Lincoln of the Illinois pavilion, the speaker there was Royal Dano. Here's what Wikipedia says: "Dano was the voice of Abraham Lincoln for Walt Disney's Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln attraction, first presented at the 1964 World's Fair."
  11. This is the second of two posts replacing the seven originals posts. Most have improved color correction. Original comments from viewers is at bottom. Pope John XXIII. Pope Paul VI. Cardinal Richelieu Joan of Arc at the stake. Madonna and Child Anne of Austria and The Three Musketeers. Frederic Chopin & (Ms.) George Sand. Chopin’s friend was an author, who tended to dress in male clothing. Her real name was Lucille Aurore Dupin. Doris Day & Rock Hudson. Barbara Rush and Bing Crosby in “Robin and the Seven Hoods.” Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis, Jr. in “Robin and the Seven Hoods.” A blue pool table? Appears to be so, since the overhead lamp shade is clearly green. Steve Allen, Richard Chamberlain (as Dr. Kildare) & Johnny Carson (A skit from the Steve Allen Show?) Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, and diplomat Ralph Bunche. George Washington Carver and Albert Schweitzer. Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Nimrod the Hunter. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Drama in the Street Life in the Pub Chez Jules At the Follies. Leonardo DaVinci paints Mona Lisa. Death of Sardanapalus 1. This gruesome series shows the king of Assyria about to commit suicide as his city Nineveh burns and rebels are about to overrun the palace. But first, his concubines must be dispatched, to join him on the funeral pyre. Death of Sardanapalus 2.The scene is based on a painting by Delecroix, that an be found and enlarged on Wikipedia. Death of Sardanapalus 3. COMMENTS FROM VIEWERS Madonna and Child: Bill Cotter: I don't have any shots of the last one. Thanks! Steve Allen, Richard Chamberlain et al: Bill Cotter: The nurse in the last scene was Shirl Conway per the guide booklet. She was in the series "The Nurses." Typecasting! This was the "Television Favorites" tableau. I have the whole booklet online at http://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/booklets/walters-souvenir-booklet.pdf xl5er: Was curious who she was! Thanks, Bill. Boy, Paris sure looks like an interesting place. General: annabelle: Thank you all. Beautifully done. I remember seeing the Last Supper figures. After the World Fair closed, it toured the country in a tractor-trailer. It was most magnificent. I remember it to this day. David Ben Gurion, Ralph Bunche: Bill Cotter: I don't think I've seen shots of the top one before. General: RalphQuinn: Everyone please note that Set 7 has been expanded to include 8 newly identified photos! Special thanks to Bill Cotter for providing a critical clue (a copy of the pavilion's brochure) that prevented me from incorrectly attributing them to another pavilion. Jim: Wax museums sort of creep me out. All I can think of is Vincent Price in The House of Wax.
  12. This is the first of two postings replacing the seven original sets, which I realize were excessive. The new series differs in two ways: 1. Every slide has been re-evaluated and, in most cases, improved by using more advanced Photoshop tools, especially reducing or eliminating the pinkish color. 2. All comments from viewers of the original sets are included at the bottom. The photos are in their initial order. The Court of Louis XV, Part One The Court of Louis XV, Part Two: Madame Pompadour. The Court of Louis XV, Part Three. The Court of Louis XV, Part Four. Sleeping Beauty catching a little nap (lasting a hundred years). Our super hero is about to clobber Cyclops, while Lois Lane is too impatient to wait for the elevator. Don’t worry, Lois, I’ll catch you at the 14th floor (I hope) after I smack Mr. Clops in the chops! The Death of Leonardo daVinci, Part One. The Death of Leonardo daVinci, Part Two. The Last Supper. View One. The Last Supper. View Two. Moses with the Ten Commandments. Ed Sullivan introducing the Beatles. Three of the Beatles (I couldn’t get back far enough to get them all, with my standard focus lens). Lady Godiva. Looks more like Rapunzel. The Wolf Man looks like he’s just seen his grocery bill. Wow, that must smart! Jack Ruby slays Lee Harvey Oswald. Young Chactas grieves over his dead Atala. Wikipedia provides the story, plus the painting that inspired this diorama. Another grieving youth, Cyparissus, has accidentally killed his pet stag while out hunting. Wikipedia provides the story. Lit in a bluish glow, Dracula contemplates lunch. From the look of her neck and his lips, the meal has already begun The Court of Napoleon III. Part One. The Court of Napoleon III. Part Two: Napoleon III himself. The Court of Napoleon III. Part Three: Empress Eugenie. COMMENTS FROM VIEWERS: General: Bill Cotter: I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the lighting was a problem. Eric Paddon: Pictures have disappeared from here! Ralph Quinn: Thanks, Eric. I just noticed it myself. Bill Cotter was able to see them, but I just went ahead and resubmitted them anyway. Hope all is okay now. Bill Cotter: Great shots. Getting the colors right on any of these is a challenge due to the original lighting and the glass. Superman vs. Cyclops: Bill Cotter: That was an actual costume from the TV series. Larry L: The Cyclops was a 5 to 1 favorite in that fight. Superman was badly out of shape and wore some obvious padding under his costume to make it look like he still had big muscles. The Cyclops and his team have filled a protest over the Sup’s majority decision win, saying that Lois Lane deliberately distracted him by cutting up and acting goofy, as you can see in the photo above, but Superman’s people say that the big C was carrying a giant hammer in blatant violation of the Marq of Q rules and should have been disqualified. A rematch may be held at the 2064-65 NY World’s Fair. RalphQuinn: Cyclop’s lawyers claimed that their one-eyed client had no stereoscopic vision, and accidentally bumped Lois Lane. Superior Man got ticked off because he had to drop everything to rescue pesky Ms. Lane for the umpteenth time. Ed Sullivan: RalphQuinn: I decided to pull my earlier post and remove that awful original image of Ed Sullivan, leaving the much-desaturated view. xl5er: That second Ed looks more lifelike than Ed Sullivan himself did. Still not quite Will Jordan.
  13. (Snicker!) I knew this photo would fool everyone. The cars are cleverly disguised. Actually they include a Brimstone Mk III, Gobblegas Chug-a-lug, Belchfire 300, a horse and buggy, a tricycle, a boa constrictor and the Hindenburg dirigible!
  14. Bill, I have two views of the Last Supper in the Walter's museum series, and, if I recall correctly, its background with the windows matched something in the guide pamphlet you posted. I may be wrong about that, but I remember feeling that it was in the correct position. The Paris Supper is different, as is the Protestant/Orthodox version. If you or anyone come up with a specific instance of error, I'll be thankful and ready to make a swift correction. That goes for anything I post.
  15. It was mostly overcast weather when I walked the street. Also included is an AUDIO file of the promo. Can you name the autos waiting to get into the fair? Maintenance was getting a little sloppy, i.e., the tilted show time sign and the broken and sagging planter box next to the (sniff!) overloaded non-standard garbage can, just feet away from the paying guests. Also, not a very inspiring way to mount Cindy Johnson's image. Bourbon Street.mp3