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  1. Look at that General Electric crowd. Hardly room to breathe!
  2. Think you know your dwarfs?

    What's that sinister black object inside the structure between the red and and blue-hatted dwarfs? Maybe one of the seven had to go to the bathroom.
  3. I managed to get a shot from this perspective when the presenter platform was lowered.
  4. Oh, these lucky people

    I got to a lot of places at the fair, but I can't explain why my itinerary didn't include the NYS towers. Maybe it was the long lines. I missed a great photo opportunity and seriously regret it.
  5. Can you ID this pavilion?

    I can relate to the noble but weary task of checking things out. Rumour went around that an attractive female in my company was moonlighting at a local burlesque theater. Someone had to take on the task of confirming the truth, and I selflessly volunteered. It was true!
  6. Strike up the band!

    As a teenager I enjoyed listening to the band on radio. The introduction went something like this: "Forty eight states, forty eight stars, forty eight men . . . the Cities Service Band of America, conducted by Paul Lavalle." Unfortunately I almost never encountered the band during the fair, probably because they performed from a moving bandstand, and I was usually in another part of the fairgrounds.
  7. A definite "Oh crap" moment

    The mistake is so absurd that it cries out for a reason. Here is my suggestion. The painter was getting very uncomfortable squatting down on that angled roof. Suddenly he had the urge to go to the bathroom. On returning, he wanted to avoid squatting, so he sprawled out on the opposite side. No problem, he could just paint the "S" upside down. That usually takes a little forethought for proper orientation, which he didn't think about because his lunch at Mastro Pizza was beginning to give him heartburn.
  8. I agree with Bill. The 1964 fair was a treasure trove of interesting views for the serious photographer. Afraid I would have lost interest in recording a more planned, thematic affair. Got enough of that touring scores of cathedrals in Europe, which got less and less inspiring as the tally increased.
  9. Triumph of Man, Triumph of Narration, Trip Through Time.

    Thanks for your kind words, Eric. Sorry I didn't document the first floor of the pavilion. I recall that I took one picture of some sort of paleolithic beast, but it was not sufficient in itself for the accompanying audio program, so I discarded it and displayed the external illuminated panels during that part of the audio when I made my own little movie. Of course I had no idea then that I shouldn't discard ANYTHING at all about the fair!
  10. So that's what makes a car go!

    Now I know where I lost my music box! It had a hippo ballerina that I hoped to sell to Disney.
  11. Come See Yourself on COLOR Television!

    The building would have made a great Saturn V launch pad.
  12. This wasn't an easy shot to get during the Fair

    Bill, it's amazing how you keep coming up with great slides, so many years after the Fair. Almost like a horn of plenty that throws out choice tidbits when you might think it was running dry. Or maybe a genie that travels back in time to get yet one more perfect shot. Makes me wish sometimes I still had my old Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex.
  13. I don't think a trash can heist would be that simple. It's on an internal Fair roadway, and that's a fence between it and the freeway.
  14. Does anyone use Facebook for access to this site?

    Dropped Facebook years ago.
  15. Sitting Behind the Wheel

    This photo I took appears to include a steering wheel of sorts.