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  1. Sinclair Dinoland Calendar

    The calendar is still available, just slipped to the back burner.
  2. Sinclair Dinoland Calendar

    Mine is available for $315, shipped BOXED within the U.S. PayPal only. This is listed in two other venues, one dealing with ephemera and one gas-n-oil collector venue.
  3. Sinclair Dinoland Calendar

    Interesting, one sold on ebay on April 24th for $289, with 6 active bidders. Ebay item # 323215628119 (Vintage 1964 Sinclair Dinosaur Dinoland NY World's Fair Calendar DEALER AD). That's the only other one I've found anywhere so far, except one in a private collection not for sale.
  4. So I was unpacking a bin full of railroad and auto paper, and this reared it's head down at the bottom. Full photos of the entire calendar are at https://photos.app.goo.gl/DoO3YUvfeRLyGkGJ2
  5. Greyhound Bus / Window Decals

    One left... whew, that was fast.
  6. Greyhound Bus / Window Decals

    Two of the four are out the door. I might keep one...can't decide, but I'm more inclined towards the earlier 19th century exposition material... but they are so cool. If someone has to have one (maybe two, we'll see) get in touch.
  7. Greyhound Bus / Window Decals

    I just noticed this yesterday. They are copyrighted 1961.
  8. Hi Everyone, Steve here from Lancaster, PA. Among my many occupations is cleaning out crazy people & hoarder houses. A while back we cleaned out a house from a family that once operated the local Greyhound depot, and among all the stuff hoarded away from the bus line were four 8 x 10 decals promoting Greyhound and the fair. They are made from 3M Scotch Brand reflective film (marked on back), and marked 3M Application Tape on the front. I don't know if they are still viable or not. They are still flexible and not brittle, but I'm not going to screw with one without more knowledge. These were presumably sent to depot / line operators to place in stations or on buses, and I'm guessing they weren't available to the public or for sale. I did the usual Google, Ebay and auction archives searches, and couldn't find anything. Maybe someone has a photo of one on the back of a bus? Anyway, I'm wondering what they're worth, if anyone knows more about them, and if there's collector interest.