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  1. I was on my way out the door of a junk shop in New Bedford, Mass. and this ribbon with a cobweb on it and rusty pin was fastened to a totally unrelated pierced-edged plate amidst a pile of junk. So I unfastened it and the proprietor let me have it. Pretty cool, eh? Can't be many of these around. Does anyone know anything about the Accordion Cavalcade???
  2. I was reading the armillary sphere posting, and thought I'd start a new but related thread pertaining to the skyhigh metal prices these days. In the past year we have lost almost all of the worlds beloved vintage ocean liners to the scrapyards. For all you preservationists out there, you will be heartbroken by this site: <a href="http://www.maritimematters.com/mall_alang_pk.html" target="_blank">http://www.maritimematters.com/mall_alang_pk.html</a> This guy went to India to photograph wonderful old liners being ripped apart. The latest news is that the legendary SS Norway, formerly the France (built 1960) is en route as I write this to the breakers. She will be sorely missed by all. Also in imminent peril are the final few remaining vintage liners. The Queen Mary, The SS United States (an engineering marvel), The SS Independence, and the Oceanic. I believe these are all that remain of several dozen beloved liners that were around just three or four years ago. Very sad. Anybody know who I can talk to about docking the Independence permanently in Boston Harbor?? Long Beach has the Mary, I'd like a liner in my neighborhood.
  3. NYSP Paint Project Gets National Attention!

    I got my issue in yesterday's mail, and read it cover to cover. Nice coverage! Congratulations on keeping the NYS Pavilion in the spotlight for those who are influential in the area of historic preservation to see.
  4. Thank you to everyone for all the thoughtful birthday wishes. Hearing from you all is one of the best parts of "aging"!

  5. New Mexico: The scenery is here, wish you were beautiful.

  6. Just wondering if any '39-'40 collectors can help me out.... it has recently come to my attention that my great-grandfather who owned Creston Crayon Co. in NYC made and sold commemorative '39 NYWF Crayons or chalk with T&P graphics on box. Does anyone have any memories / pictures of this product, or other info such as if this was an official souvenir sold at the fair or unofficial product, simply capitalizing on the fair craze. Of course I would love to obtain a box too so leads would be most welcome!
  7. '39 Fair - Creston Crayons wanted

    Thank you Bill! Ed, I just sent you an email to the address on your website. Thank you for contacting me.
  8. Farewell New Bedford, I have enjoyed getting to know you and discovering all your wonders!

  9. An internet search brought me to a site that says this: "...the Singer Bowl - New York Worlds Fair on August 7, 1964. The Accordion Cavalcade, which was sponsored by the AAA, featured a Who’s Who of the accordion world. The guest artists included Carmen Carozza, Joan Cochran, Andy Arcari, Joseph Biviano, Art Van Damme, Pietro Deiro, Jr, Anthony Galla-Rini, Charles Magnante, Tony Mecca, “Skeets” Langley and Miss Accordion Queen, Beverly Roberts."
  10. I just rented and watched the 1964 film "What a Way to Go!" with Shirley Maclaine, Paul Newman, Gene Kelly etc. On the DVD there is an extra piece titled What a Way to Go to the Fair, and apparently this film premiered AT the NYWF in '64!! The footage shows all the stars in a special NYC subway car en route to the Fair, their arrival, and touring the grounds in a glide-a-ride, and toasting the film with the fair in the background. Fairgoers were all around trying to catch a glimpse of the celebrities!! This footage is great, go rent it today!!!
  11. New England Pavilion

    Thanks Randy, and if you wouldn't mind, do you have any idea of the label on the whaleboat in your photo says?? Perhaps you can take a close look at your original file and let us know. We are curious what it says! Thanks, Jordan
  12. New England Pavilion

    Yeah, that was my thought exactly re: the whaleboat. I will print off a copy to bring to the next curatorial meeting and see if anyone can recognize it as one of our holdings. After all, we apparently loaned the panorama to the fair so it is plausible that other items were put on display at the fair as well. We do have an awful lot in storage for rotating exhibition. In fact, I am now wondering what archives we have here that might pertain to the museum's involvement at the world's fair. I am here at the museum for a few months working on conserving their old books and papers, and doing some cataloging for them being a conservator / archvist. I really like New Bedford and the area. I lived in Boston a long time and never came here to visit, so it is all very new to me. I have quickly become a kale soup and cacoila addict! Anyway, I would write to Randy for his thoughts on the panorama at the fair, but I suspect he put all his photos on this thread already. Well, maybe I will ask anyway just in case. Stay tuned!
  13. New England Pavilion

    !!**LEGACY LEGACY**!!! I am taking a guess posting this query in the New England Pavilion thread, but here it goes: I am at the New Bedford Whaling Museum in New Bedford Mass, where we have an 1830's Purrington & Russell panorama entitled "Whaling Voyage Around the World". A portion of it was apparently displayed at the NYWF, and I would like to find out exactly where, and obtain a photo of it installed there. The reason being (aside for curiosity's sake) that it was apparently "modified" to fit around some air-conditioning equipment, and now it falls on us 45 years later to fix the damage that was done for display at the fair. A September 4, 1964 letter sheds light on this incident: "Letter from Davis Howes (ODHS President and member of Prescott, Bullard & McLeod) reviewing condition of Panorama (app. 150' of New Bedford section) exhibited at the World's Fair, N.Y. 1954-1965. Appears solving the opening of the air conditioning ducts involved: 'The third solution advanced was to carefully cut the Panorama four inches from the top, and fold back the cut area so that it could be restitched, which would allow for the air conditioning to operate'". An image of the panorama is displayed on the homepage of our website at http://www.whalingmuseum.org if that helps jog anyone's memory. Can anybody help us get more information regarding the use (and abuse) of our treasured panorama at the fair???
  14. Its always been one of my favorite buildings of the fair, maybe because I love the color green and mid-century modern architecture. This building was both. And it suffered one of the saddest demises of any fair legacy which fascinates me. Anyway, We've all seen these pix of the vandalism, right? <a href="http://www.modern-ruins.com/fair/index.html" target="_blank">http://www.modern-ruins.com/fair/index.html</a> I am wondering if anyone out there can share "Before"pix of the same interior views so I can compare. I understand that building was HUGE, and became the ultimate homeless shelter and playground for vandals in city history. Is there anybody here that was fortunate enough to explore the structure in its final days? Apparently it was unofficially open to the public in the most literal sense until its demolition.
  15. scrap metal - the worlds last great ocean liners

    The Cunarder is the Queen Mary
  16. The Most Overpriced Item I Have Ever Seen

    I just don't know what gets into people's heads, honestly. Magicbilly, you will LOVE this one: Ebay auction 220123262472 This poor fool probably thinks she is going to retire on this item. I almost wrote her to ask what the hell is wrong with her, but I changed my mind and figured what good would it do!
  17. The Pavilion is in Today's Daily News

    stupid, wasteful, unreal.
  18. 'It's A Small World' Gets Makeover

    Well, considering what I have seen Disney do in the past to other amazingly original parts of the park, this could have been a lot worse. It still retains its 60's style and essence, thank goodness. Thanks for the vids!
  19. Finally, the vending machines of the third level

    But there is one thing cigarettes and pastries have in common... they both go well with coffee. Now, move the coffee machine over and voila, a breakfast-time trifecta
  20. I found this record, and thought some of you might enjoy seeing the Unisphere being used as a graphic image for a religious recording. It is dated 1974. I have no idea who these people are, but it is interesting that they chose to use the Unisphere for a backdrop to their album cover.
  21. HemisFair's 40th Exhibit

    I agree re: the map idea, and did leave a comment card to say that if they sold Hemisfair posters in the gift shop, I would have bought one.
  22. HemisFair's 40th Exhibit

    I did NOT get to catch the show, which I suspect was a significant portion of the exhibit, but you would not instinctively know that as it was somewhat separate from the main displays. The screens were sort of "invisible" and unmarked when not in use. I arrived at the tail end of the film as it was ending, and had an hour and a half to wait for it to start up again so if you think it is worth another visit just for the film, I will go back again and try to catch it.
  23. I was just reading the Wikipedia page for Morgan Freeman and it says he was a dancer at the 64 NYWF. Anybody know where or what he was dancing?
  24. HemisFair's 40th Exhibit

    Here's the pix you ordered! I have many others, closeups of the informational boards explaining the exhibits, etc. I also took a few closeups of the picturephone, from different angles including behind it if anyone is interested. The last pic with the Tower of the Americas and the flags is real! I took it after walking out of the exhibit today!!