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  1. Another angle on the Katimavik

    When you think of it, there is not much there...it was all empty...except for super structure and the weight of the visitors...and those weird theme sculptures.
  2. Another angle on the Katimavik

    I envy you all who got a chance to go...I wish I had. Love the design and concept of this pavilion but sad that the white pavilion roof surfacing of the pyramids got so dirty during the course of the expo. Looked awful. Was there that much air pollution in Montreal back then?
  3. Inside the USA Pavilion

    This pavilion was ahead of its time...truly innovative exhibits. I wonder why the US media slammed it so hard. It shows off the US in a great way.
  4. Anyone going?

    I have worked at 4 expos and although I sometimes wish I had gone to the Shanghai Expo, I am wondering if the new fairs are too different/over the top from type of fairs that I worked at and love. Jeez, if there was only a time machine to take me back to Expo 67 & 70!
  5. Looking for pictures of Expo70

    Check on the Expo 70 group page on Facebook. Tons of stuff there.
  6. Quebec Pavillion in Osaka

    The Quebec pavilion apparently was the hot place to go for staff members as they had a discotheque that opened around 6pm. It was a huge hit and added a certain JE NE SAIS QUOI to the festivities. There is a great photo display of the pavilion on the EXPO 70 group page on Facebook. Excellent shots of inside, the design models and the art. Quebec knew the power of an Expo and wanted to capitalize on it.
  7. Wow!!! Awesome! I had no idea about this.
  8. Mystery Garbage Can

    speaking of garbage cans, when TOMORROWLAND crew recreated NYWF on the University of BC campus in Vancouver a few years ago, they created the familiar light gray or beige coloured garbage cans with the WF logo on it. Looked awesome. I really wanted to take one home! Will try to find a pic of this. http://yvrshoots.com/2013/08/set-tomorrowlands-hall-of-invention-at-the-h-r-macmillan-space-centre.html
  9. Canadian Pavilion brochure

    Man, still cant download your pdfs. I cant even download your 5 page brewers pavilion pdf. I click on it and it shows that its trying to connect and then it just times out. I did manage to download your Canada Pavilion pdf which was brilliant. If I am having issues perhaps others are too? Too bad.
  10. Canadian Pavilion brochure

    Fantastic...many thanks Roger. Excited to read it. You also did a separate one on the concept design for Quebec?
  11. Canadian Pavilion brochure

    is it possible if you send me the link for the Quebec Pavilion? I was lucky enough to see it back in the early 80's. Did you do one for Ontario too? Just incredible. Roger...its all that I wanted to know about these places. What a gift.
  12. Canadian Pavilion brochure

    I see what you mean. Thanks for posting on Facebook! Roger, your blog site is fantastic. I love how much detail you have in the pdf overviews you have created for each pavilion or event. Brilliant. Thanks for this. Really feels like I was got to know each place. Roger, one last thing. Is there a faster way to download all of your pdfs that you have done so far? My computer tries to download but gets stopped due to taking too much time. Thanks!!
  13. The AMF Monorail and the Continental Circus, 1964

    What a great design. Stunning.
  14. Canadian Pavilion brochure

    No photo is showing from my side
  15. Canadian Pavilion brochure

    Can you resend the photo? Curious now. Thanks!