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  1. Dashner tape & Horowitz tape.

    Sorry, I thought you had it. Eric Paddon just uploaded it for me, here you go! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JBuo8nqDUGwyOiuf2-SEiYe-tJaDsHjZ I’ll leave this up until I need the space.
  2. Dashner tape & Horowitz tape.

    Yes it would, but it depends on how deep you want to go. It could be a 10 minute slide show or much longer. Also audio exists for some attractions but not all. I would suggest starting small and going from there. Pick one attraction and create a one minute audio edit then edit the photos to that track. If the audio works well by itself then adding pictures is easier, with the track providing natural edit points. One of the tracks in the Dashner tapes, I don’t recall which pavilion, has a narrator naming each building and a little description of them. I'd start with that (just one idea). Or find the Jean Shepherd radio shows from the fair and use some of that for audio.
  3. Dashner tape & Horowitz tape.

    Hey Eric, thanks so much! Eric, Thats a great idea! If you need any professional help that’s what I do - post audio in addition to Sound Design. For some time I thought of contacting Bill Cotter to see if he had interested on making something using his photo collection, a doc or something. Bill, are you listening? Doug
  4. I remembered a tape I bought years ago and was able to locate it easily. It's a 6 hour compilation of audio he recorded in ‘64-65, labeled 63 of 2500 and my name with his signature. It’s great but there’s a fair (pun not intended) amount of static, probably due to tracking and EP recording. I saw talk of cd's - has this audio been transferred and would anyone here help me obtain a copy? No problem covering costs. Also I found a vhs I bought from Ephraim Horowitz many years ago. It has about 14 minutes of film he shot in 1940 (as in the documentary) and another 45 minutes he shot in '64-65. I haven’t found this footage anywhere, I’d be happy to share if it’s allowed. Doug
  5. Walking Around

    History of Felt? My dad worked for Ivel designing the Arlington buildings at the fair. Now I know why felt became a major choice for our home, my bedroom walls were literally covered in felt as well as the living room and the homes of some relatives. I suppose he hated painting.
  6. Silly me, I didn't read that correctly! Thanks for the photo Bill!
  7. I just found this model photo in a folder of some of my dad's stuff. He worked for Ivel before the fair on the Arlington Hat building design. I'm not sure exactly what he did, he was involved in all kinds of design work mostly interior. My dim memory recalls he created the design. Unfortunately he and my mom are gone so I have nobody to help find out more. He took me onto the site in March of 1964 during construction, a highlight of my life! Always had free passes, I constantly bugged my parents to go. I had over 20 stubs so I know I went at least that many times. And they were so cool they took me out of school to visit on opening day! Notice that the sign is in French. How close is this design to the final construction? I'm sure somebody here has one in their collection, I'd be interested to see. And of course, that's where the feathered hats were sold. Doug
  8. What is this?

    Looks like a matchbook holder, I have a couple from '39 in my collection.
  9. Lessons in how not to take pics of the fair

    Here's another from the set. Of course her face can be cropped out, but it gives the pic a story.
  10. Lessons in how not to take pics of the fair

    Not a perspective you normally see but it has it's own charm. This is from a box of slides I bought at a flea a few years ago. It was originally at a drunken angle, so it's been straightened and cleaned.
  11. From my collection

    I have a modest collection, these are 2 of my favorites. The book is in delicate shape. The sugar cube is so cool because of it's delicacy also. I had a Trylon and Perisphere cube that got damaged, this one survived.
  12. Police badge

    I think I know the answer to this question, but is this genuine? It was a gift many years ago. It looks too clean, no sign of age.
  13. Hello!

    Hi Magikbilly, thanks! I'll pull out some more from the set soon!
  14. Hello!

    Thanks Bill! I forgot to mention my parents even took me to opening day, with my teacher's permission! I should take photos of my better items. What size do you recommend for uploading photos? This is a slide from the GM exhibit I found in a box at a flea market. About 60-70 Agfa slides of a couples visit in '64 and '65. I pulled this one out because it's not a typical shot. It could use some touching up, I'm not sure what the bright spots are.
  15. Hello!

    I'm a life long NYWF fan and collector. My dad worked for IVEL and had a hand in designing the Arlington Hat buildings at the fair. I was 8 yrs old in 1964 when he took me to the site right before the fair opened. I remember getting a look at the new push button phones before most of the public and it was very exciting! He would get free passes and take us after much pestering. I was so jealous of my older cousins who got to visit whenever they wanted, but my parents were great sports, especially when I could talk them into staying for the Dancing Waters and Fireworks show. It was one of the highlights of my life and helped turn me into a Disney theme park fan, especially EPCOT. I wish I had some memorabilia left, my present collection was all obtained at flea markets and antique stores. My collecting days are over and I'd like to sell some of this stuff because it's just sitting in my closets. I don't expect to get much these days but it was never about investing, I bought what was inexpensive for the most part. I love this site, lots of great info and photos. Many thanks to all involved for it's existence! Doug ps I'm trying to upload a jpeg from a slide but the site won't accept it, even when I shrink it down to 50kb. Is that because I'm new here?