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  1. Did someone call 9-1-1?

    Nice picture, thanks. Love the building design.
  2. Struthiomimus at the Milwaukee Public Museum

    Thanks for posting the pictures...I loved Dinoland.
  3. Found NYC Photos 1964 Queens Museum

    Those are some great shots. Thanks.
  4. A different angle on the Atomedic Hospital

    True! I wonder, though, if I had occasion to go there.
  5. World's Fair Fan

    Welcome! There are so many cool memories here.
  6. A different angle on the Atomedic Hospital

    That looks so familiar! Am I having deja vu or something?
  7. Fair-related advertising

    I'm pretty sure I DID go to the Fair in Keds! To Dinoland, for certain. Thanks for sharing these. I love the old ads!
  8. Negative coverage of the Fair

    Well...Facebook...it's what they do.
  9. I used to buy stuff from them. Maybe I'll take a look.
  10. Souvenir of the Day

    Says Page Not Found...what was it?
  11. Anyone want to go for a ride? Or a cruise?

    Maybe...but I love how they look! And come on, how cool is that? It's a car! It's a boat! Two vehicles in one. oops...forgot to 'follow...'
  12. Night time at the Fair

  13. King Korn, lol.

    Thanks...and yay, now I can post!
  14. Anyone thirsty?

    I could sit there for a few! Love this trip down Memory Lane.
  15. King Korn, lol.

    Hi! I stumbled onto this site because one day I woke up with the jingle for King Korn stamps stuck in my head. I did a quick search and here I am. I wish I had a time machine so I could return to the '64 World's Fair, but this appears to be the next best thing.