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  1. A different angle on Johnson Wax

    Too bad they didn't retain that elevated saucer when they moved it to Racine. Though it might have rusted out by now if they did.
  2. Looks like a nice night for the fireworks

    Do we have to go home?
  3. There for just a few months

    I think it's more likely that there was a heater in that stand for the items in the glass case, or maybe the white box is a fridge. That's the power cord exiting the box, not a plug, and it's draped over the top to lead back to the wall.
  4. Let's visit the Lake Mall, shall we?

    That really looks like a crew was dispatched to fix a broken sign, found the pole was broken, and just installed the sign on the closest lamppost.
  5. Can anyone identify this sculpture?

    Canada seems to have a thing for one-eyed creatures
  6. Now where did we park?

    Those are wacky. Have any ever shown up on auction sites?
  7. Soffit lighting. Yet another bit of expo 67 that I'd have guessed was from the 1980s.
  8. One fine evening in August 1965

    Are those wave-like mesh structures railings around the lagoon, or part of a pavilion?
  9. Dumont Duoscopic 1954 Split Screen TV

    I'd have sworn it was a joke made in photoshop.
  10. Where’s My Jetpack? Here’s Your Jetpack!

    Considering the way people drive cars on land, we may have dodged a bullet by not getting jetpacks and flying cars.
  11. What's with that short red cylinder next to the phone? With all of the low concrete things on the pavement, it's like the design board had a meeting and said "everybody loves tripping hazards when they're in crowds, let's put those in!"
  12. The Carousel of Progress at Walt Disney World

    Now is the time, now is the best time....
  13. Inherited Collection - Need Help and Advice

    You might want to check past auctions at http://worldsfairauction.com/ for an idea on some of the more unusual objects.
  14. A peek at Minnesota

    I don't think I've ever seen those planters on the outside supports before
  15. Much thanks to those who continue to post new & interesting things. I'm also on board for a meeting in FMCP in the spring, which should arrive sometime in August, based on this fall.
  16. A different angle on Westinghouse

    The GM pavilion is so huge that it looks like it's right next to Westinghouse. You wouldn't know that there's a highway between them. Though maybe the line of tiny people waiting to get into GM would be a clue...
  17. I agree - I think the Astral Fountain looks heavy and industrial in most shots. Maybe it looked better in person.
  18. Fun at Chrysler with Carby Carburetor

    I'll come back for the 10 pm show. I hear it gets a little "blue"
  19. Facebook makes it hard to find anything more than a few days old. Never mind that they're continually tweaking what you see at all. I'd much rather visit a few different blogs and boards like this every day than trust Facebook for things I'm interested in.
  20. Mold-a-Ramas chugging along

    Sure thing. Just forget there's a disposable tupperware container in the oven while you preheat it for Thanksgiving dinner Don't ask me how I know that.
  21. Meet the People Keeping Mold-A-Rama Alive https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/mold-a-rama-archive-retro-plastic-mold-a-matic
  22. Happy Thanksgiving

    From one iconic New York event to another
  23. Can anyone the uniform of the person half cut off at the lower right?
  24. Did GE sponsor it? (logo to the right next to the expo symbol)
  25. The station wagon seems a bit out of place.