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  1. Wasn't born until a more than a decade after the gates closed - I find it a unique spot of optimism in a time when it seemed like the world was going downhill. Also it's interesting to see the origins of much of today's communication and computing technology. I did go to EPCOT Center when it was fairly new (1984) and I'd imagine it had a similar effect on me as the NYWF did for kids then. Sadly, that version of EPCOT is mostly gone too. Ironically, much of my interest in the NYWF came from seeing the Carousel of Progress that still runs at Disney World.
  2. Also, with AT&T as the legal monopoly provider of phone service and reaping a predictable profit from it, there wasn't much corporate interest in taking the risk on building out the infrastructure for a service that was anything but guaranteed success.
  3. We still had a rotary phone service in my house until the mid 1990s because my dad refused to pay extra for touch tone service (another thing the phone company charged for) Yes, AT&T's videophone was phenomenally expensive: https://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/a-brief-history-of-the-videophone-that-almost-was-1214969187 I suppose they could have reduced the price and made up for it in scale, but it would have to be a huge drop
  4. Makes me think of the episode of the late 1990s episode The Simpsons where Bart is being sued in Australia and the summons has a stamp celebrating "30 years of electricity"
  5. Rotary in 1988? How futuristic! Also, "Coin Warning Lamp?!?"
  6. Funny thing about videophones. AT&T dangled them in front of us for 50 years, then Apple, Google and Skype delivered them to us all at once basically for free
  7. Creepy Stairs Below The NYS Pavilion

    I think the problem is that the NYS pavilion is "open air," even if restored to original condition. An event like ComiCon would not want to risk bad weather.
  8. Waffle Batter Burglar

    Maybe he was selling it as genuine Bel-Gem waffle mix. BTW, at Maker Faire at NY Hall of Science last weekend, there was a Belgian waffle vendor among the food trucks. Seemed very appropriate to me.
  9. Were the bubbled inflated individually, or were they a single giant chamber? Were they inflated and sealed like a balloon, or was there a fan continuously inflating it like one of those inflatable Christmas lawn decorations?
  10. Spacecraft with wheels

    Marshall Space Flight center produced this film for the Lunar Rover. What's interesting in to the NYWF fan is the early experimental designs shown at the start of the film. 2 of them in particular bear a striking resemblance to the ones featured in GM's Futurama. Since the Lunar Rover was also built by GM, it seems that they used real lunar R&D work to design the vehicles in Futurama.
  11. Radio Electronics goes to the Fair

    It's like this joke from the current Carousel of Progress show: FATHER But we do have television—when it works. Gives you something to do after you come home. I kind of like it, y’know? Guy named John Cameron Swayze gives us all the news, and then they have all this singing and dancing. A lot of fluff, but it’s fun. (Lights come up on right diorama, which shows GRANDMA watching the TV while GRANDPA naps.) FATHER You know, I predict the day when millions of people will learn Latin and Greek sitting in front of their TV sets. GRANDMA (to GRANDPA) Are you awake dear? (GRANDPA snores, so GRANDMA changes the channel to a boxing match.) GRANDMA (to TV) Give him a left you big lug! (Lights out on diorama.) FATHER Ah yes, a new age of electronic civilization is upon us!
  12. Kodak Pavilion Model

    Congrats on the acquisition. A question just occurred to me. I've seen pictures of Moses and other execs standing around a massive table model of the NYWF with pieces added as pavilions were signed or finalized in design. Were those models also made by Displaymasters or did the NYWF have its own model shop to build those to the correct scale? Also, does anyone know what happened to that big table?
  13. The Look and Feel of nywf64.com

    Thanks for the update. Your site is always my first stop when I have a question about the NYWF.
  14. Drone video - Rocket Thrower and Unisphere

    Never realized there was an aircraft warning light on the Unisphere, but it makes sense. I know Disney very carefully kept the castle at Disney World to 199 ft tall so they would not need one.
  15. A quiet evening at Expo

    I wonder if people (at least the kind of people who hang out here) were more melancholy about Expo 67 while attending it after experiencing the ephemeral nature of the NYWF.