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  1. Progressland model up for auction

    I'd love to have access to it for a day, so I can have the parts 3D scanned to make more.
  2. Progressland model up for auction

    These days, anything in the GE corporate museum is likely to be on the auction block soon.
  3. Who's got $15k to spare? http://www.icollector.com/General-Electric-Progressland-Architectural-Model_i30905609 There's also a bunch of other Disney 1964 WF artifacts for sale. https://vegalleries.com/thatsfromdisneyland including iASW figures, though 80 bucks for the iASW souvenir record seems a little steep.
  4. Carousel of Progress poster

    I'd guess a Herb Ryman was nostalgic for this era. His illustrations for EPCOT continued to show guests dressed like this, even though no one at WDW ever did.
  5. The first part of the Carousel of Progress

    I don't suppose anyone has found video of this in operation. I've only seen it at Walt Disney World, with no Kaleidophonic screen
  6. "No privacy a’tall around this place! "

    At some point he became Uncle Orville.
  7. Some views of the Chrysler Turbine Car

    We're actually looking at the first Disney Audio-Animatronic figure advanced enough to be granted union membership :-)
  8. Another WF Flea Market Find

    If I remember correctly, FTD was at the 1939 fair, but not the 1964 fair. Did FTD have an agreement with the 1964 corporation to be the "official florist" and sell NYWF themed arrangements (possibly orange an blue flowers in a Unisphere-shaped wireframe stuffed with florist's moss?) I could then see this being an award for florists that sold at least some number of those arrangements.
  9. Looks like the Beautyrest pavilion is back

    These days, probably yes. It's not the 1960s with matrons making sure nothing happens (and ensuring the pavilion was always under-used)
  10. Panorama Music Festival coopts Unisphere logo

    I wonder if they tried to hold it in FMCP, but were denied a permit.
  11. The mattress company Casper is offering pretty much the same service. https://www.dezeen.com/2018/07/16/casper-offers-rentable-nap-rooms-sleeping-soho-new-york-city/#disqus_thread
  12. Lots of WF items, what to do with them

    You might want to list them here: http://worldsfairauction.com/
  13. A Tale of Two Guide Books

    Maybe they intended people to buy the larger map that showed the shape of the buildings as well? http://nywf64.com/maps01.shtml
  14. Then again, the 1920's scene in the Carousel of Progress has similar electrical installations.
  15. That picture of the Edison Co. exhibit is interesting for how sloppy the wiring is. I wonder if they could have done it more neatly, but intentionally left it that way because it drew more attention from passers-by.