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  1. A different angle on Westinghouse

    The GM pavilion is so huge that it looks like it's right next to Westinghouse. You wouldn't know that there's a highway between them. Though maybe the line of tiny people waiting to get into GM would be a clue...
  2. I agree - I think the Astral Fountain looks heavy and industrial in most shots. Maybe it looked better in person.
  3. Fun at Chrysler with Carby Carburetor

    I'll come back for the 10 pm show. I hear it gets a little "blue"
  4. Facebook makes it hard to find anything more than a few days old. Never mind that they're continually tweaking what you see at all. I'd much rather visit a few different blogs and boards like this every day than trust Facebook for things I'm interested in.
  5. Mold-a-Ramas chugging along

    Sure thing. Just forget there's a disposable tupperware container in the oven while you preheat it for Thanksgiving dinner Don't ask me how I know that.
  6. Meet the People Keeping Mold-A-Rama Alive https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/mold-a-rama-archive-retro-plastic-mold-a-matic
  7. Happy Thanksgiving

    From one iconic New York event to another
  8. Can anyone the uniform of the person half cut off at the lower right?
  9. Did GE sponsor it? (logo to the right next to the expo symbol)
  10. The station wagon seems a bit out of place.
  11. Even now, some rides at the Disney parks use 1-person wide escalators to help the crowd form into a queue.
  12. Looking up at one of the Entrance pylons

    I wonder if Moses tried to get Bicycle Playing Cards to sponsor them :-)
  13. Wasn't born until a more than a decade after the gates closed - I find it a unique spot of optimism in a time when it seemed like the world was going downhill. Also it's interesting to see the origins of much of today's communication and computing technology. I did go to EPCOT Center when it was fairly new (1984) and I'd imagine it had a similar effect on me as the NYWF did for kids then. Sadly, that version of EPCOT is mostly gone too. Ironically, much of my interest in the NYWF came from seeing the Carousel of Progress that still runs at Disney World.
  14. Also, with AT&T as the legal monopoly provider of phone service and reaping a predictable profit from it, there wasn't much corporate interest in taking the risk on building out the infrastructure for a service that was anything but guaranteed success.
  15. We still had a rotary phone service in my house until the mid 1990s because my dad refused to pay extra for touch tone service (another thing the phone company charged for) Yes, AT&T's videophone was phenomenally expensive: https://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/a-brief-history-of-the-videophone-that-almost-was-1214969187 I suppose they could have reduced the price and made up for it in scale, but it would have to be a huge drop