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  1. "Be an Astronaut"

    I grew up in the Shuttle era. Seeing a Mercury capsule as an adult was a whole bunch of "nope!" You couldn't pay me enough to strap myself into a capsule about the size of my trash cans and be shot into space.
  2. I wonder if adults in 1965 looked at pictures of the 1939 fair or the St Louis fair and thought how casually everyone dressed versus those days.
  3. I'd guess that from this angle, it looks a bit like looking up at the underside of the Tent of Tomorrow, but I could just as easily say that it evokes the flying wing of the Bell System
  4. Think you know your dwarfs?

    He's with the forgotten dwarves - Tipsy, Queasy, and Surly
  5. Biograph Co Film Preservation 68mm

    Walt Disney visited that Wuppertal monorail in 1958 while making "Third Man on the Mountain" and it's claimed that he was inspired to add one to Disneyland by it. Lilian reportedly got sick from the hanging cars, possibly explaining why Disneyland's monorail straddles the beam instead of hanging. (Though it probably has more to do with Alweg being the vendor that could work with Disney and they only built straddle monorails.)
  6. claimed to be NYWF

  7. Futurama 64/65 Inspired?

    The Audubon society is pretty insistent on siting turbines far offshore, out of migratory paths for that very reason. There are other designs that are less harmful to birds, but not as efficient or economical in many locations. I'd been looking for that Manifold Destiny cookbook for a while. I didn't realize it was roadkill based. My parents had the earlier Volkswagen cookbook, that told you how to cook food wrapped in foil by placing it in specific spots in the engine compartment of a Beetle. Cooking times were listed in miles.
  8. You can visit the ground station for this satellite at the InfoAge museum at Camp Evans in Wall NJ https://infoage.org/tiros-overview/
  9. Say goodnight to the Fair

    I wonder if those lights on the platform in the first picture used the same square fluorescent elements as the luminaries,
  10. Part of the beauty of the Louisiana Pavilion!

    Did they make a mold for those, or was it cast directly from children's nightmares?
  11. One of the mechanical shows at IBM

    Is there any documentation on how those shows worked? They seem insanely complex for the time.
  12. Futurama 64/65 Inspired?

    I always wondered about the wildlife that would have been consumed in the maw of that Futurama road building machine
  13. Meet Me in St. Louis in theaters

    This Sunday and Wednesday (Dec 8 and 11), Meet Me in St. Louis will be in theaters. Get your technicolor fill of the 1904 Fair. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/meet-me-in-st-louis-75th-anniversary-1944
  14. Another aerial view from early 1964

    Considering the seemingly glacial pace of changes at Disney World, it's incredible that something as large as the NYWF was built at all, and unimaginable that any company would put that kind of money into pavilions that would exist for only 2 years.
  15. Yesterday's outage

    Thanks for the update. Is there a way I can contribute to the hosting fees? I feel like I should toss in a few shekels for the daily entertainment.