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  1. A different angle on Bourbon Street

    It's no New Orleans Square at Disneyland, that's for sure
  2. Did that go to all over the Fair, or just circle a particular area?
  3. Which cover do you like best?

    I'm going with the crowd. Iconic view of the Trylon and Perisphere in C for the win.
  4. Last weekend, I was going through a box of stuff my younger brother boxed up from my room when I moved out. I found an ashtray I bought sometime in the 1980s at a garage sale like the one here on the right. Apparently, I was a NYWF collector long before I knew anything about it - I didn't make my first visit to FMCP until around 2010.
  5. Anyone ever hear of the Love Tree before?

    I was making a joke, but it did sound plausible, no?
  6. That's depressing, and sounds about right for the Teddy Roosevelt era of foreign relations.
  7. Anyone ever hear of the Love Tree before?

    It was cut down and ground up into sawdust by the USTA to soak up vomit at the US Open.
  8. Uniroyal Giant Tire in the Wild

    My 2012 Beetle needs new tires soon. I'm desperately looking for white walls that will fit it, since modern blackwalls don't look right on a car with retro styling.
  9. Shot from a Gun

    That's terrible
  10. Disney started pushing its timeshares (called Disney Vacation Club) after that. Someone figured out that most of the people who came shortly after 9-11 were the timeshare owners who would have lost their stay for the year.
  11. Parrot and Toucan Electric Utility Show at GE

    It's funny how often Disney goes back to that same concept. In EPCOT Center's World of Motion: "The Bird and the Robot" show And even later at a D23 demo with Otto the autonamatronic

    Is there a topic on the board of audio recordings of attractions/music/walking around at the Fair? Digitized tapes of the fair might also be the kind of thing archive.org might be interested in hosting
  13. Concert Time

    And in an odd coincidence, Jean Shepherd is the narrator of the Carousel of Progress at Disney World today. I guess Disney knew the overlap between Shep fans and NY World's Fair fans.
  14. TV Remote Control 1956

    I don't remember any going back to the 60s, but a company called Wometco had a pay TV service in the late 70s and early 80s that used a broadcast channel and descrambler box https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wometco_Home_Theater
  15. IBM at the Fair (1964 movie)

    IBM's exhibits are pretty high on the list of what I plan to visit when I get my time machine working. I just need to make sure my hat and necktie are inconspicuous enough.