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  1. Here are some pictures of one of the small booklets that was handed out. J Pender
  2. Happy Birthday MitchS :)

  3. SiFLA

    Randy Thank you for the invite, but that weekend I will be in Maryland visiting my sister If my plans change I will let you know Regards, John Pender
  4. Just a couple more Press Photos JPender
  5. Just a few more slides to share No date April 1964 March 8, 1964 JPender
  6. Here are a few slides I found showing the Unisphere under construction March 13, 1963 May 27, 1963 March 8, 1964 JPender
  7. Assorted Press Photos

    I just got another 100 press photos, here are a few interesting ones I would like to share. Nice angle of Tire JPender
  8. Happy Birthday, Mr. Treadway

    Randy HAPPY BIRTHDAY! John P
  9. More aerial view photos, but this time from 1939 Fair These came from Peter Warners collection JPender
  10. More Aerial Photos

    Just a few more Aerial photos No dates or descriptions on the back of these JPender
  11. Here are a couple more photos from the lot I just picked up Dated August 1963 I like this angle No date on these ones JPender
  12. Here are 2 8x10 press photos I want to share, I recently got these at an auction along with several others. This first one shows the PANORAMA of NYC being built at Lester Raymond Lester holding up the model of the George washington Bridge JPender I will post a few more later tonight
  13. Model from fair?

    I found another model or section of a model in my Dad's stuff, here are some pictures. Can anyone identify? It measures 3.25" in diameter and 1.75" high. Thanks JP
  14. Happy Birthday Bill Young!

  15. I would like to sell this button on Ebay, does anyone recognize it and could help me out with any information on it or could tell me which fair it is from 1939 or 1964 Thanks JPender