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  1. A trip down Memory lane

    Hello all, Did you attend the 1964-65 World Fair ? Does it hold a special place in your memories ? Do you currently live in New York and consider its changing landscape ? My name is Charlotte. I'm a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Media Studies at the New School in New York. I am currently in production of a short documentary on the 1964-65 World Fair. I'm showcasing Flushing Meadows Corona Park as it is now, while focusing on the people that attended the fair. My interest lies in their memories, their subjectivity; what that time felt like then, what it means now, how thinking of the fair then and now weaves it all together. It's a mix of oral history of the fair and essayist documentary filmmaking. To put it simply, I'd just love to hear about your experience attending the fair. The 1964-65 World Fair and what it evokes fascinates me and I am obviously not the only one. I'm especially interested in hearing what it means to you. I'll be conducting interviews in the near future and I'm looking for more voices. It's exciting for me to see the community that's been created here and its emphasis on sharing of memories and pictures. In a way, that's what my film is about. Would you be interested in sharing your story ? Please come forward, I'll be happy to tell you about me, and what has lead me to this project that is very dear to me ! Mostly, I'll be excited to hear your account of the World Fair. I'd so appreciate your help. I can't wait to hear from you ! Feel free to contact me on facebook (Charlotte Prager), by email (charprgr@gmail.com), or give me a call (646 784 7780). Thank you and hope you are having a lovely day. Let's talk about the fair ! Best, Charlotte