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  1. Psyched for #SHOT2015 (and the balloons) any plans to extend the #thatcamp idea? @finnarne @DrJSchramm @retothenee @jamessmithies

  2. SocSci matter, but so do humanities - 'go big on big ideas' http://t.co/KD8ubpzESK @sutdsg @WetheHumanities #sg50

  3. A.Bahr on "imaginative world building" and our 'quest as a species' through medieval literature http://t.co/cJTM77zw4u @WetheHumanities

  4. Expo '70 Postage Stamps

    Excellent! I had found Turkey, but not the others.
  5. Thanks! @DollyJorgensen had yours in mind when asking, great to know some of the planning/process behind it

  6. “Surrendering is action. Surrendering to what you can’t control is the most…” —@jaltucher https://t.co/aMg8oTWGRp http://t.co/qwRwD2Wqcx

  7. “How do you begin? How do you end?” Joan Jonas featured in the NYT http://t.co/fbgW4F9Arp @MITListCenter @la_Biennale

  8. "all my projects start as experiments...Gravity seeps into the things that stick around."a useful piece on https://t.co/c7bel51G8V

  9. A flurry of emails as the deadline for #SHOT2015 proposals draws near...Albuquerque is the place to be next October!

  10. “‘We need to return to the original purpose of the library, which is to…” —Oxford University https://t.co/dhgw9J8eWL

  11. Enjoyed @sg_artmuseum looking forward to getting into the #contemporaryart scene here, missing @MITListCenter http://t.co/eWKdbSl9pM

  12. Expo '70 Postage Stamps

    This is an impressive list - thanks so much Randy Here is a contemporary bit on the Abu Dhabi stamp and debut at Osaka http://www.thenational.ae/news/uae-news/heritage/rare-stamp-collection-will-put-uae-on-world-map
  13. Tributes to Lee Kuan Yew http://t.co/YNV9fGvxb2 collecting history in the making @NLB