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  1. Oh man... such a beautiful home, there could be a great eye pleasing set of gardens to accentuate it.
  2. Seems to me that some folks found that time machine to get to the fair. That really looks like the contrail of a 747 to me. (;
  3. Poland - 1968

    Now we know Jim Rockford can work in Disney.
  4. Were the smaller GE signs on the poles, wind spinners? They all seems to be oriented without order Also, what's the GE tag line? I see "move ahead to exciting enjoyment in GENERAL ELECTRIC LIVING
  5. Entering the Fair, September 1965

    That's a lot the young girl in light blue is carrying. I bet she's going to work at the fair. Otherwise that's an awkward load to carry.
  6. One fine day in 1964

    Not in this scene... You'd shatter the roof. ):
  7. It's sad when no one wants their photos

    Better they belong to a museum of fine collectors than collecting dust and discarded.
  8. This wasn't an easy shot to get during the Fair

    I'm actually squinting and scouting for the wiring that lit up the cities on the sphere.
  9. Lighting at the Fair

    (blush) Ha! Yeah you read it right. It's been a couple years since I've read her blog. I know I've read her articles and saw pre-1972 Disneyland material before. I was confident enough about it that I didn't feel the need to read the first paragraph of the page. Thanks for bringing it up. Despite that goof, there's theory there that will lend how it got to the 1972 start.
  10. Lighting at the Fair

    Wayne this should be much more than enough to hold you over while waiting for Bill to respond. :-D She goes way into deep depths of history of music at Disneyland and other parks especially in each land. http://passport2dreams.blogspot.com/2013/06/theme-park-music-hub-page.html?m=1 If I recall correctly, she covers the theory, placement of speakers, the music chosen, by whom, and why.
  11. Lighting at the Fair

    Ugh. I skimmed too fast in this article. Please disregard.
  12. Lighting at the Fair

    I often wonder if the lighting pictures (shown by GE) in the offices are GE offices.
  13. Wow. You're the second guy I know who has helped build that world. Steve Alcorn was the first when I discovered his book, Building a Better Mouse . I highly recommend it, it is written as a play by play leading up to the opening day. A shot in the dark, have you heard of him and/or read his book?
  14. Doris Day

    She definitely outlived Johnny Carson. She was a guest on recent re-run of his show from the 70's.
  15. Were you one of the many engineers building EPCOT before opening day?
  16. Where? https://www.google.com/maps/place/Île+Notre-Dame/@45.5113824,-73.5324797,605a,35y,270h/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4cc91ade3b139dcb:0x2f6b8691241c7024!8m2!3d45.5063872!4d-73.5253303
  17. Poland - 1968

    Great question. In a sense, that'd be like asking "Would a Jim Rockford series reboot have telephone booths?"
  18. The France pavilion in 1975

    So that's why I've seen gas station drinking glass collectibles with the NASA space race theme from the 60's floating around cyberspace.
  19. "Hazel" TV Show with New York World's Fair Storyline

    Ford aired the Mustang in a special Hazel episode on April 16th, 1964, a day or so after it debuted at the fair in "Let's Get Away from It All" This thread's episode was aired on November 12, 1964. Interesting she said they had 10 months before they'd leave. (-: A side note, I thought the font used in Hazel's title screens were more for beach themed shows.
  20. "Hazel" TV Show with New York World's Fair Storyline

    I was thinking the same thing. For example, the Christopher Columbus ship doesn't seem as spectacular as she put it.
  21. I'm not sure how the gypsum board survived in inclement weather. That must have been a chore throughout the year.
  22. Great shot. I'm reminded of Spaceship Earth when I saw your photo.
  23. I still love the lake. I miss the good ol Midwest
  24. Growing up in Cleveland(1980s), I hated swimming in anything but a pool or a small pond. There was nothing warm about a Great Lake , even in July.
  25. The Aquacade ended its run in Cleveland when the Great Lakes Exposition came to an end in September 1937. Rose took his show to the 1939 New York World’s Fair, with Holm and Weismuller reprising their starring roles, and it again drew rave reviews and large crowds. https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/292