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  1. I'm curious about that. Maybe a print is under $30
  2. What a shame it was to demolish it. It should have been preserved. By the way, I really was expecting more brilliant colors on the top of the tent of tomorrow.
  3. What is that just above the left man, with the silhouettes of people. The perspective seems off. Is that from a bus, a mirror, a poster on a building?
  4. That's the access for the presenter elevator, correct?
  5. I learn something new EVERYtime you post things Bill. Really, you need to stop doing that. This guy founded the way modern drummers work! Gene Krupa wiki page
  6. The Pentagon

    People love seeing the reading of their own words. That was agonizing to get through.
  7. Worlds Fair House

    Great post! That's been updated and glad the house has been kept really well. I feel like I flipped through Flower Magazine and Cottage Living. Either that's staged or the person is an interior decorator(or hired one!) for it to look that good. I've never met anybody that met that level of showcase for a family of four.
  8. "Walt and the World's Fairs"

    You should be wearing mouse ears, or it didn't happen.
  9. Undeveloped film from 1964

    Thankfully, groups like us, look for contextually based photos to preserve the history of events. Relationships come as distant second in these shots. Still, this is a win.
  10. Undeveloped film from 1964

    It's funny how momentos are only really wanted by immediate family (and maybe family tree researchers). Mostly wanted by the next Gen only, two Gen down, doesn't seem to matter much. And even then, it's select.
  11. Any photos taken within the Entrance Building?

    The strangest location for the women pinkerton entrance, under a bridge and far away from any of the main doors. My assumption is that the location would have been in a more busier location and closer to the main locker room. Unless the AmEx or Greyhound had security near there, just odd. Wayne, agreed, harder to find. Good thought, Bill. Might be able to get a glimpse of what the behind the scenes looked and felt like if one or a few were captured somewhere.
  12. The thought hit me, I didn't didn't realize there were doors on both sides of the elevated entrance building. Are there photos of the 1st floor interior?
  13. Mystery Building (?) --Another Look

    It's time to bring in support!