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  1. The night shot of SC Johnson really is beautiful. I really enjoy the lit up white structure and the dark night background.
  2. You were the hot ticket if you had white out in your desk at school.
  3. Great shots! I think the Mormons brought their displays back to their visitor center after the fair. When I visited Salt Lake City, I had to go visit the place for a few hours. Felt it was a touristy thing to do. Really well set up and the paintings were beautiful.
  4. Oh please oh please have more on this pavilion. Great rare shots! Excellent!
  5. Now it makes sense how you all knew about Emmett Kelly Jr. in past posts. Don't know much about him, but I figure I'll learn on wiki. He's way before my time. The only clowns I really knew was Ronald McDonald and the ones from Barnum and Bailey. (Just finished reading his wiki entry and Google images) Ok. Now it makes sense why my mother bought a vase in his likeness when I was young. She never cared for clown figurines, so that was a one off!
  6. Ok, today I learned that the BSA has a Naval Division! Love it.
  7. Agreed. Now for a change of opinion on the pavilion. Love the concept and I know I would have thoroughly enjoyed it. #5 is the best shot of the iconic image of the four. I didn't realize how "off" the blond adult drummer looked, the face is not shown well in the given light. It's just... horrid.
  8. Seeing all those ingredients going into the Jello mold, made me wretch a bit. Why was that the craze in the mid century, I know Jello had to make money, but salads? *shivers* Did you really just say Cincinnati? I used to live just north of Kings Island. '64-'65 was about the time when I-275 was being built and TriCounty mall was small.
  9. As a child, I've always wondered how people could pass through that nose to get into the dock. That instrument panel was so large it would have blocked anybody of a reasonable adult size to get through. My imagination never stopped me from believing in it, regardless. All growed up now, it's great model of what the hopeful and boundless wonders of the future could have been. Ralph, love it. Don't stop :).
  10. Thanks for the share, Jim. Beautiful story.
  11. This has been covered already, I'm sure. I'd love to buy a star from that.
  12. Mike Rowe has been doing a weekly podcast "The Way I Heard It" it's a Paul Harvey esque story that runs 15-20 minutes. He does an episode on a particular worker who worked at the 1893 Worlds Fair. Enjoy!
  13. I heard of a few leaders wearing the respectful job and office they took. I loved that idea and have since decided to wear way above the slacker clothing of sandals, shorts, and tshirts the geek job demands. I go for business casual button white shirt and slacks look because I work for a place I'm so fortunate to work for. I've done that for so long that on the few times I do dress down, people do a double take on me.
  14. I just noticed the top image's column rotated. Snazzy. Does anybody have a still of what was decorated on the ovals?
  15. Only if there was a panorama of this room... What is that device above the top of the left escalator?