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  1. Bug in the bbs? The link is this post, not the uniform posting.
  2. Bill can you do a close up of the wording under the beds and in the back? Would that flag say Dressing Station?
  3. The plot thickens...
  4. Interesting that the monorail wasn't built from the station out. I'm guessing this was taken in the winter, lack of tree leaves I think. Funny how the lake looks "drained" from this photo.
  5. Love how sweaters and sport coats were the thing to wear in June summertime
  6. I love how the folded chairs all sit facing the state. I don't know what could have been going on, however the folks walking about are part of the show
  7. What I appreciate with Doug's comment are the words and Both those phrases seem to be muddied and forgotten.
  8. Love it. Fall Colors, ftw.
  9. Considering that Eastern was close to 40 years old as a major airline, the destinations on that map were limited to the Eastern half of the US. That's interesting!
  10. That's a dilemma. Beer or 76 Live Animals? Which to choose, so hard. (slightly off topic) The beer glasses Schaefer shipped out were smaller than I expected. 8oz glasses for a 12oz can/bottle of beer.
  11. I can't get my head around this exhibit. I grew up with rotary phones and ye olde answering machines. Every time I see it I feel like they grabbed LCD screens for their photos, this exhibit is that good. Is it possible they've kept these posters?
  12. That shouldn't have surprised me, but it did. Do you have any photos that captured that? (Photos or it didn't happen!! ;))