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  1. Now that you say that. Seems like a parrot, and they're buccaneers.
  2. Short promo film for Space Park

    I looked for more pics of Fountain of Progress North as shown in the video. There's not much! The way it was shot on the video really made it stand out, especially when it was sitting next to the space park. Think it was taken ontop of the Ford pavilion or in a Cherry Picker bucket? (rechecking my thoughts and adjusting my searching) This post seems to have the most I've seen now. Confirms though little in terms of pics, even in 2011. http://www.worldsfaircommunity.org/topic/11424-newcomer-fountains-and-water-at-the-fair/ And there's a spot in one of those posts where there's pics of the north fountain, but it's gone. Is this a symptom from a forum migration back then?
  3. Inside the New York State Pavilion

    A small thing I noticed is the silvery rectangle to the middle right. Electrical outlet, I'm guessing?
  4. Short promo film for Space Park

    The fountain at the end is beautiful. Well done, looks like a galaxy.
  5. A nice home movie from the Fair

    It was like I was there. I never imagined seeing the Ford orchestra. Are there longer clips with audio of that?
  6. OK, fellow NYWF fans - where was this taken?

    It makes sense this was in the Singer pavilion. I took my cue of the Asian feel from the backwall covered in sculpted flowers.
  7. I notice these cars were fully enclosed. The color of this poster makes me wonder how cool it'd be if they sold toy models of this ride. Beautiful.
  8. OK, fellow NYWF fans - where was this taken?

    I'm calling south east Asian. Thailand?
  9. Belgian Health Minister Photos

    Things that make you go, hrmmmmm.
  10. Lovely shot, Bill. I see there's a guy with a movie camera aiming at the pair. Do you have any home movie film of the world's fair?
  11. This is why this site brings joy. You get to see snapshots of life then. I agree that looks like a greyhound. The sport must have played a large role in Florida then. Never knew it'd be big enough to warrant a trophy like that.
  12. Processing day or picture taken day? ;-p Hey, I was going to ask that earlier today!
  13. if only this is in color. Neat. Very dense.
  14. That's a fun picture. What also captured my eye is the trophy in the lower right corner. Do you have any details on what the trophy, and for? I think that's a dog, maybe a horse on top of it?
  15. GM Motorama Exhibit 1956

    Oh the bubble tops with turbine engines. Oh look, manual waze with noooooo traffic on the highways. Love it.