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  1. Atomedic Hospital

    I wonder... If now would be a great time to consider having a bunch of these around.
  2. Humble Oil Posters?

    Poster paper? Glued to a high quality cardboard. My grandmother saved them and made them for me back in the early 80's when I was young and told me to hold on to them.
  3. Humble Oil Posters?

    Where would someone start figuring a cost on these?
  4. NO! I'm out.... *gag* https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8056439/Waiter-theres-fly-waffle-Belgian-researchers-try-insect-butter.html
  5. It was a dump then wasn't it? Just a scrappy field with mounds of earth and weeds. The time capsule must've been a diamond in the rough out there.
  6. High Speed Photography Pavilion

    Dude, I wanna see this.
  7. Where was the UN in 1964?

    the same thought crossed my mind. I don't think so, but I wouldn't be shocked if there was pressure.
  8. Where was the UN in 1964?

    It's where Janice in accounting worked for the UN. They had no room for her dept that year during renovations
  9. Where was the UN in 1964?

    The World's Fair Pavillion.
  10. Let there be light (towers)!

    I was 8 (in the mid 80's) when I talked mom into getting a metal detector off the home shopping network. I canvassed the backyard with that thing and stopped using it after finding nothing but 5 pop tops in a row. That house was built in the end of the 70's in the middle of an Ohio cornfield.
  11. "Say cheese!"

    It'd be spectacular if their picture was in the Kodak board behind them. Just saying. His style somewhat matches that of Bond, James Bond.
  12. The things some people do (or did)

    Actually Bill, a slight correction. That's Command Module CSM - 011, that flew on the AS - 202 flight (readjusts horned rimmed glasses and pocket protector)
  13. I believe "Bored" was intentional, quite possibly didn't care for Motion Picture Production Code that was being enforced in mid 1934. The Oklahoma Historical Society would be wise to put a text card in the video to explain the context of the times.
  14. Was anyone thinking....

    it's a good thought. Utilizing the waterfront is a great idea, though I wonder if it'd be kept to a sizeable chunk. The shoreline stays flat and long, with not much to break it up, though of course you have things to see on the far side. The sight lines need to be broken up as people walk around the fair to keep their interest and mind at work. I think that the shapes and the sights of the 64 and 39 WF were memorable because every turn or step you'd see something else.
  15. Was anyone thinking....

    That's for sure. Not really meant for the walkway, like the fountain of the planets is. It's for the pavilion. Just purely funny that something should have been put along it to represent the 5 lakes. IMHO