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  1. Now Hear This!

    Do you have a date on this? Sounds like it's a warm time of year to discuss the merits of a snowcone. ============================ I haven't heard kids whine like that in years, "...i don't wanna ....." unless it was from a 1960's movie or tv show. Great audio
  2. A scene from the final day of the Fair!

    are you able to zoom in to each of the ads on the arch? They're awesome. What coffee was it advertising?
  3. Lowenbrau? Jawohl!

    The band already had a critic in picture #3, girl on the right.
  4. I was trying to understand how many times a year solar eclipses happen, I fell into a rabbit hole and discovered the model for a number of sculptures for the PPIE. You'll find out that she was a model, a silent film movie star(made a first as an american movie star to... well you'll find out), and then was committed to an insane asylum in New York State. Quite a story for such a person! (Link) The listing of PPIE statues she modeled for(plus MANY MORE) are listed here on wikipedia (link). ============================================== in case you're wondering, how I got there: Solar Eclipses -> A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court -> Daniel Carter (a Boy Scout of America Founder) -> Boy Scout Memorials -> Eagle Scout Memorial Fountain, Kansas Ciy, MO -> Adolph Alexander Weinman(creator of fountain) -> Audrey Munson)
  5. What amazes me is, how fast could your camera snap pictures? That's kinda as fast as a digital camera on a phone let's you. Seems to me those pictures were taken in a time span of 3 seconds. I grew up in the 80s, and hardly remember what cameras were like back then.
  6. Tower of London

    Nice shots. I was going to say pics or the jewels weren't real.....
  7. New Jersey: Under the Big Top(s)

    I think the band's name was Me, Them, They. Kind of reminds me of Tom Hanks 'That Thing You Do'
  8. Well, this was a surprise to see

    Being a WDW freak, and a friend of friends of the princesses, I can imagine him/her being let go. The freedom of things you can do is just enough. Love the picture, what fun!
  9. West Virginia

    Heck yeah. Being partial to this state, I'm glad to see these pictures of the pavilion. I wish there was a Google walk through of it, there's too little to show off it. To me it seemed like there was little people liked about it. Good job!
  10. "Don't forget where we parked!"

    I can see that being a loud speaker. They were probably in portrait mode and leaning forward to avoid rain and other weather elements when not in use.
  11. Lining up on Eisenhower Promenade for Johnson's Wax

    Reminds me of how we're used to the quickness of the digital photos that don't require processing them days/weeks/months later when the roll is used up. You're more used to that because of your processing to digital. What's fascinating now is at the BSA summer camp this year, parents and kids were using Polaroids to save memories. Film is being used once again by the masses(sorta)
  12. Lining up on Eisenhower Promenade for Johnson's Wax

    late may for development of film? It's odd to see the trees have very very new leaf blossoms like they're in mid-april for may.
  13. "Don't forget where we parked!"

    After doing windows on my house, the white framed thingies look like screens. Bill, any idea what those are? I can't imagine the balconies were used too often except for dignitaries.
  14. Belgian Village #1: Walking Around

    I'm enjoying the pictures.... and what appears in #6, is a life-size baby giraffe soaking in the sights and sounds. :-o They sold these things at the fair?
  15. A Glimpse of Hong Kong

    The object in the interior on the second level right side looks like a television tuned onto a cable news channel with the news tickers at the bottom. Love the interior.