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  1. I heard of a few leaders wearing the respectful job and office they took. I loved that idea and have since decided to wear way above the slacker clothing of sandals, shorts, and tshirts the geek job demands. I go for business casual button white shirt and slacks look because I work for a place I'm so fortunate to work for. I've done that for so long that on the few times I do dress down, people do a double take on me.
  2. I just noticed the top image's column rotated. Snazzy. Does anybody have a still of what was decorated on the ovals?
  3. Only if there was a panorama of this room... What is that device above the top of the left escalator?
  4. That was the best and most concise explanation of the what it meant for a regulated airline industry. Several times I tried to figure out what the deregulation did, now I know. Awesome, thanks! I couldn't imagine what my layovers would be like if I wanted to travel to the South Pacific from Washington DC. No small wonder AAA was the place to plan out your travel.
  5. Love the ads from the mid century. They're advertising it in the brochure, and I've never thought twice about it. What exactly is a Custom Color TV? Custom to me is, build me a set with the exact dimensions that I want, not something prebuilt with the company's own specs! (;
  6. Where's the send button for the pneumatic tube?
  7. Those small pavilions remind me of the Rest Areas in Nebraska.
  8. Holy crap. I just entered the foray of repairing tube radios, I totally forgot about those tvs! Nice.
  9. I've always seen the Las Vegas Underground Home and this Underground Home as a roomy, peaceful, serene abode. Something draws me to it. I'm sure being there is much different, like smell control, water control, etc. That aside would like to experience this once. The chances of that happening are like me landing on the moon within my lifetime. One thing it gets away from are your neighbors and the sense of community, so it definitely would feel like a vacation home and would drive me nuts not being able to interact with my neighborhood. I would prefer to step out and socialize, instead of climbing up a set of stairs and work to meet my neighbors.
  10. Being a huge fan of the Space Race era, especially in NASA's storyline with the engineers, support staff, astronauts, and the space equipment, I knew right off the bat the diagrams in the background are discussing the Agena Project, the extra rocket designed for understanding rendezvous and docking, and responsible for setting the Gemini spacecraft to a new world record of highest altitude achieved with human flight. That belonged to Gemini IX with Michael Collins.
  11. They look like they were as flimsy as the McDonald's 55 gallon cup plastic material. I wouldn't see $.50 as a real deal.
  12. Bug in the bbs? The link is this post, not the uniform posting.
  13. Bill can you do a close up of the wording under the beds and in the back? Would that flag say Dressing Station?