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  1. Same feels and much of the same experiences, bro.
  2. Amazing. That's a city within a city. I tried looking up what Chicago Day is, couldn't find it. With 751,026, that's roughly 3/4 the size of Chicago in 1890.
  3. i really enjoy these. I use the ole cross my eyes trick and it's just beautiful.
  4. What's the reference in the book for the number?
  5. Balloons for sale!

    Bill, from what intersection is this photo taken?
  6. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    A couple of the general aviation airports they reported on no longer exist. A costco now sits on Ramapo Valley. This webpage shares the experiences of those who ran the airport and flew in and out of it in the 60's and 70's. http://www.airfields-freeman.com/NY/Airfields_NY_Rockland.htm#springvalley
  7. A great website on nostalgic things growing up, makes a great article on the Knoxville World's Fair. https://www.retroist.com/2018/07/15/arcade-games-1982-knoxville-worlds-fair/
  8. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    After living in Ohio for a majority of my life, I love snapshots like this. I knew 71 was never complete back then, just never knew what it looked like prior. Also that Route 8/271 interchange that's not how I remember it after commuting on it for 5 years.
  9. Spruce it up with paint - and haul out that trash!

    You get to see behind the scenes in the Schaefer Center in this one. Nice. Been wondering what it looked like.
  10. Mystery Photo

    Oh man. What ep of American Pickers? I know they passed up a road directional sign in someone's garage in another episode. Wasn't even picked out, just laid there for all to see. I think it was an episode in Kentucky?
  11. Enchanted Forest GF Arch

    https://www.watersafari.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/EFWS-Map-2018_CD.pdf This link should help. I don't know, it looks like part of the auto url magic messed up in the translation.
  12. A quiet evening at Expo

    I am curious about that too. It seems like the themes went a different way after 65.
  13. Progressland model up for auction

    The link said Undisclosed when I checked. I couldn't find the bidding war history either. I was secretly hoping someone I know could have bought it but he was and still is on vacation. :(.