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  1. And to the right of the Stegosaurus, you'll see the graceful stem of the dinosaur bush. Watch as is it waits for prey to get closer before attacking.
  2. Brown bear exhibit at the Alaska pavilion

    Do i see boyscouts?
  3. Does anyone use Facebook for access to this site?

    I'm anti fb
  4. There for just a few months

    Forecasting cashless society?
  5. There for just a few months

    A cord of that thickness for a five tube radio even at that time was too much.
  6. HMS Bounty: Was it really at the Fair?

    BOAT: Bring out another thousand. Dem ships ain't cheap.
  7. TIL: How to copy and paste. If I knew this sooner, my life would have been so much easier.
  8. Underground Home For Sale Las Vegas Model

    What's the cost to make that same home?
  9. I'm in awe. That's beautiful.
  10. Need a 2019 calendar?

    Love this! If this annual calendar will appear again for 2020 i'm getting one. We're calendared out this year. Is that a can of Orange juice on the sign that's hiding behind the tree?
  11. The Transportation Area

    Looks chilly in April.
  12. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    Or Linger Around which is what Bill did at the NYWF in 65.
  13. A different angle on Westinghouse

    If that camera took shots when visitors took pics in those years.
  14. Nice! Found something. Bill great pics! First time I've seen them. https://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/atomedic.htm Also Kaiser Permanente has a great article on the concept. https://kaiserpermanentehistory.org/latest/atomedics-the-future-hospital-that-never-was/