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  1. Chasing the Moon: American Experience on PBS

    The whole NACA to Apollo 17 story is great. From Astronauts to Mission Controllers who wrote their stories. I've felt that I've been able to relate to their stories and lives with my work.
  2. Family Phone Booth fun

    Smoke filled, cold air. Does that booth have wifi?
  3. Great shot! A little dark compared to the previous photo shoots with the shelving in the back. She could smile more too. (;
  4. For fans of aerial photos

    A little known fact. Bill flew back in time and flew his quadracopter to make this shot.
  5. You supply the caption

    AT&T'S Operator Remote work Pilot Program
  6. Oh man... such a beautiful home, there could be a great eye pleasing set of gardens to accentuate it.
  7. Seems to me that some folks found that time machine to get to the fair. That really looks like the contrail of a 747 to me. (;
  8. Poland - 1968

    Now we know Jim Rockford can work in Disney.
  9. Were the smaller GE signs on the poles, wind spinners? They all seems to be oriented without order Also, what's the GE tag line? I see "move ahead to exciting enjoyment in GENERAL ELECTRIC LIVING
  10. Entering the Fair, September 1965

    That's a lot the young girl in light blue is carrying. I bet she's going to work at the fair. Otherwise that's an awkward load to carry.
  11. One fine day in 1964

    Not in this scene... You'd shatter the roof. ):
  12. It's sad when no one wants their photos

    Better they belong to a museum of fine collectors than collecting dust and discarded.
  13. This wasn't an easy shot to get during the Fair

    I'm actually squinting and scouting for the wiring that lit up the cities on the sphere.