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  1. The Transportation Area

    Looks chilly in April.
  2. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    Or Linger Around which is what Bill did at the NYWF in 65.
  3. A different angle on Westinghouse

    If that camera took shots when visitors took pics in those years.
  4. Nice! Found something. Bill great pics! First time I've seen them. https://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/atomedic.htm Also Kaiser Permanente has a great article on the concept. https://kaiserpermanentehistory.org/latest/atomedics-the-future-hospital-that-never-was/
  5. One of the MORE under-photographed places on the grounds. It's enigma eludes me. No pics have come up? Room color design, hallways, doctors and nurses looking semi bored on slow days? Really, EMERGENCY SURGERY? What is that compared to say.... a broken leg, or someone's tooth knocked out from a bar room brawl at the Schaefer Center? I'm not sensing it's for heart surgery. (;
  6. Enjoying the Carousel in the Belgian Village

    This child IS definitely enjoying the ride. Her smile and bright eyes show it! :-p
  7. .....anticipates..... drum roll.....
  8. Boats passing Kodak

    If it was an excellent warm day.... this picture makes me think it'd be great to swim across for fun. And then walk off to the next point of adventure.
  9. Some re-used pavilions in 1980

    How does one store a building. Were these dismantled like an IKEA dresser drawer, and stored? ---OR--- Were the architectural plans bought and they were rebuilt?
  10. Suppose we did get a time machine...

    save your glass bottles.
  11. Spot the celebrity!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AETL1T7VGGE wut... i thought youtube links automagically embedded youtube in the page.
  12. Same feels and much of the same experiences, bro.
  13. Great to see movement on it!
  14. Amazing. That's a city within a city. I tried looking up what Chicago Day is, couldn't find it. With 751,026, that's roughly 3/4 the size of Chicago in 1890.
  15. i really enjoy these. I use the ole cross my eyes trick and it's just beautiful.