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  1. For some reason, my mind disregarded the trees, and felt the first image was an inside mural.
  2. Another cover to review

    the secret behind why there's black and white vs color in the 30's
  3. Another cover to review

    what's that shiny stuff under the walkway?
  4. i remember seeing Bowling Green somewhere on this site too. You're not going insane.
  5. Seattle World's Fair illustration

    I was in awe when you spoke of the phone book you have. Phone books and monthly magazines, the best time capsules. Among the best in my opinion is national geographic, popular mechanics, and boys life.
  6. The 1964 version has a typo. I can see one reason why they updated it. 'Observations or Mars to Earth.'
  7. Burned? Heh! Not a bit of a shocker. I thought they took it down because it appeared it was getting ready for the end of the season. Is there a log of a fires and emergencies that happened during the course of the fair?
  8. Shot from a Gun

    You broke the ice. I have been wanting to do giphy replies for a while now. Good one!
  9. http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0004478492
  10. Changing the prints on the Kodak Tower

    Yeah. Could there be a way to do a gallery for those lost photos? And eventually we could link most of them back.
  11. The Gimbels Flyer gets a (sad) update

    Haha. Riiiiight.
  12. The Worlds Fair Ghost Bus

    World's Fair Ghost Gas Gauge: E [....../] F
  13. A VERY different angle on the Fair

    What you said here reminded me of the jumping elk in the 1901 Buffalo Pan-American Exposition. The owner had them jumping into water from about 3 stories high. He started training them from 2 feet up.
  14. Aurora-7 display

    Dude, that's a double pun. Good one!