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  1. Was anyone thinking....

    That's for sure. Not really meant for the walkway, like the fountain of the planets is. It's for the pavilion. Just purely funny that something should have been put along it to represent the 5 lakes. IMHO
  2. Was anyone thinking....

    When they labelled the Court of the Great Lakes, to put it near any body of water whether natural or fountain?
  3. New York Subways: Why they Stopped Building them

    I contend that the United States doesn't stress on public transportation as much as other countries do. The countries that do really make their stations an architectural and engineering dream land. The US citizens enjoy their individualistic freedom within their own vehicles much more. And that's helped the subway become deteriorated here.
  4. I saw this flyby and it includes the 1939 Worlds Fair as a pivotal moment. Think: GM Futurama. https://getpocket.com/explore/item/why-new-york-city-stopped-building-subways
  5. Not much for Macy's, huh?

    I searched, but used the wrong terms! Great find, and hilarious replies! Bazoom! ========= I really didn't expect Leisurama to be a valid search term.
  6. Not much for Macy's, huh?

    Being there for one year, I guess, attributed to the fact there's not much on "All-State Properties and Macy's (Leisurama)"? I spotted this pavilion while gazing at Bill's NYWF64 map.
  7. Not sure I could list anything from a fair that I would buy for that cost. The 82 fair is definitely one of the minor ones in my opinion.
  8. Pictures of the Day

    Wish i could see these :-p
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/jan/16/2001-a-space-odyssey-stanley-kubrick-exhibition-new-york
  10. Have you done this yet? I'm interested too.
  11. It looks like it was about 4 city blocks long.
  12. "Be an Astronaut"

    Uhm... That's washing machine to you, buster.
  13. Let's see what the manual says. (sorry for the quality)