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  1. Hi thanks, it would be great to visit all the expo site in the world to sketch and make art. Out of the ones I have been to so far, Montreal is a favourite!
  2. Hello, I am really glad I discovered this forum about World Fairs. I love visiting where they have been, I am going to Lisbon soon so look forward to going there. Also, I make art. I spent some time in Montreal and will spend more time there this year. I really liked the old Expo grounds and the two obvious things that stood out for me were Habitat 67 and the Biosphere. As a designer/artist, it got my ideas working and decided to make artwork about them. I used traditional drawing and digital work, 3d graphics, real life drawing pens and 2d editing software 'tradigital'. I wanted to make them a bit retro and evocative of that time. I attach the images, I have them as prints and postcards too to sell. Also, my development sketches which are here were also used in an exhibition back here in the UK about traditional drawing in the digital age - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1507441546174854.1073741837.1411700095749000&type=3 Here are some of my pictures and the development shots. If anyone is interested or knows a place where I can share ideas about artmaking based on World Expos will be great. Best regards, James. www.jamesabellart.com