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  1. The reverse side of the handle depicts a highly detailed rear view of the Native American Chief, which frankly amazes me with its detail. I'm trying to find a way to get a more clear picture of it.
  2. It is indeed the Electric Tower. The spoon does not have the name of the fair or the year anywhere on it, but it does say Buffalo underneath the depiction of the Tower.
  3. Found this spoon at an antique show yesterday. One of the most ornate I've ever seen. Really gorgeous, and so far my first ever item from the 1901 Pan American Expo.
  4. 1939-40 Legacy Found

    Very cool!
  5. Cool Video About the Bell PicturePhone

    I stand corrected then. I could swear I had read somewhere that fairgoers could call people on the opposite coast on Bell PicturePhones. My sources must be in error.
  6. This cool video shares the history and background of the ill-fated Bell PicturePhone, its rise and fall, and how Bell (later AT&T) might have almost created the Internet had things gone differently. As you all may recall, the PicturePhone was touted prominently at the '64 NYWF to be the future of communication, with "Family Phone Booths" dotted all over the fairgrounds. https://youtu.be/WzdCKBZP4Jo EDIT: It seems I accidentally posted this topic three times. My apologies.
  7. Hi all, I thought I'd share a link here to a little online World's Fair magazine I've been putting together for a little while now. Hope folks enjoy it. World's Fairs http://flip.it/KadaE
  8. A different angle on Jordan

    I was under the impression that it is.
  9. A different angle on the Belgian Village

    That really looks like it could have been taken in the real Belgium.
  10. Lots of pictures

    That's a shame. I hope the soundtrack is found, one can only imagine what fascinating info it has.
  11. I wish I could find one of those irradiated dimes for my collection.
  12. Astonishing Color Footage!

    I got an Expo67 Guidebook for Christmas!
  13. Astonishing Color Footage!

    Wonderful footage!
  14. Lots of pictures

    Why is there no soundtrack?
  15. Tim Burton's "Big Eyes" Features 65 NYWF Scenes

    That is one creeptastic painting. Moses was right on rejecting it.