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  1. "Spirit of the Fair" ring

    Thanks Eric! The information helps a lot. Definitely not a bad buy for $2! Actually kind of a funny story - the estate sale was two days, Saturday and Sunday. I was at a flea market Saturday, but Sunday I was home, so I decided to check out this sale, which actually advertised World's Fair stuff. So of course I didn't expect to find any left. Sure enough, the only things that appeared to be left were assorted pamphlets from the '64 fair. The lady then told me that two grown men had nearly fought on Saturday over who got the '39 stuff, which they had a lot of. This guy who had passed away was a massive collector. Anyway, I picked up a ziploc bag of old keychains and out pops this ring-the one thing these men missed. Also picked up a '64 tie clip and lapel pin. I spent $15. Together with all the pamphlets I bought it equates to about $2 an item. Story of the day.
  2. "Spirit of the Fair" ring

    Left side of the ring. "Spirit of the Fair" Right side. "New York 1939" Front of the ring, featuring the sculpture. Back of the ring, with adjustable size.
  3. "Spirit of the Fair" ring

    Eric, I looked and indeed it does have the © W.F. on the inside of the ring. I'll attach more pics here...not sure of the metal that the ring is made of...it certainly could be gold plated I really can't tell. Not only that, I can't find it anywhere, does anyone know what the value might be? I can hardly find much information on the statue, just that it was at the administration building and was designed by Albert Stewart. Do you think it was a souvenir you could buy at the fair? Or maybe it was some sort of special piece only given to a few? I have no idea. I have better pics but the message board restricts me to 1 post a day so I have to shrink them down a lot. If you want better pics, email me at sean507 at optonline dot net, and mention that you're from the world's fair board. Thanks, Sean
  4. I just got this ring today at an estate sale. Can anyone tell me about it? The best I've been able to find out is that the sculpture on the front is called Mithrana, and it was supposed to represent the spirit of the fair. I have not been able to find any comparable rings. I'm not a World's Fair collector specifically; I merely collect anything historical that peaks my interest. Thus, any information you could provide would be helpful. The left side says "Spirit of the fair" and the right side says "New York 1939. Btw, I paid $2 for it. I think that's a good deal. "