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  1. you are so correct and it has taken me 45 years to find the answer to that question!!!!....I went to expo in 67 and Disneyland in 69 so my memories are merged as an 8 year old then.....neither my parents could recall this display so I had mistakenly thought it was at expo when in fact it was Disneyland.....Seeing scenes of it now on youtube brings those memories back clearer....and it was not a dream.......... :-) Thanks mr cotter
  2. Keep watching the skys

    were these slides or photos???
  3. I remember a ride where people rode through a tunnel and was projected inside a glass tube as we travelled through the tunnel. The glass tube showed the passengers in miniature as we were supposedly miniaturized during the ride. I have never seen mention of this...And I really cannot say if was even in the us pavilion... If anyone remembers, please enlighten us as my memory does not serve....