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  1. 1964 New Jersey Pavilion

    Thanks so much for the help you all, I know this is fairly obscure performance to track down during an event where so much happened. I will definitely take a trip to the NJ State Archives, and really appreciate those of you who looked through your resources for me. I will be sure to report any findings I can come up with!
  2. 1964 New Jersey Pavilion

    Greeting Worlds Fair fans, I'm on a bit of a quest and was hoping any and all of the community could help me out. My late grandfather was a performer on May 22nd 1964 at the World's Fair within the New Jersey Pavilion. I'm not sure of any specific time or location as to where and when this took place that day, but only have a small pocketknife with "1964 World's Fair" engraved into it as a memento from the day. He was in the A cappella group the Clifton Songsters. I was reaching out to see if anyone has any photographic evidence of this, or was perhaps involved in the performance as well? I've been looking for quite some time, and haven't come up with anything more then vague literature. Any assistance would be very welcomed, and thank you for taking the time to read this.