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  1. A non-progress report! Yes, it is taking FOREVER, but the skylight is still in the "construction phase" owing to the fact that there are only two local workmen I will have on the project. Both are the best in the area and always way overbooked. One was supposed to come this past fall, but he got too busy (on a project for my brother!!!) and was not available until it was too late in November to work on it. He has promised me the skylight is his first project come spring though, so hopefully (fingers crossed) this incredible delay will be over by Summer! News as it happens.
  2. I believe the bridge in the background crosses the St Lawrence just west of the Expo site. So the performance would either be on the north peninsula near the Labyrinth Pavilion - or near the Canada Pavilion on Notre Dame Island. Most likely it is near the Labyrinth or Expo Theatre, as the structure of the Canada Pavilion would not easily allow that view of the bridge in the background. And the structure on the right might be the Expo Theatre of one of the minor "man the... whatever" pavilions that were on this part of the site. Or...???
  3. The Little World's Fair!

    It's really a small annual agricultural fair in Grahamsville New York, but it's a heck of a lot closer to me than Astana and it's actually a great deal of fun. Except for the ride concession, everything is strictly local. I went a couple of years ago and they even had great Belgian Waffles! FYI:http://www.grahamsvillefair.com/
  4. Hi, It's been months but here it is: June 2016 - Stone foundation put in. June 2016 - November 2016 - Project in abeyance. Waiting for one of two master carpenters to cut posts and build special wood base for the skylight to sit on. Both too busy all summer. One showed up a week ago, said, "To heck with it, let's do it in the Spring." November 2016 - Plans made with glass guy to construct the skylight in my garage during the winter to prep it for the Spring. Several Panels are missing and need to be cut and refitted. So, delays by workman availability have made the progress slow. But here's a couple of pictures of the construction progress:
  5. Hi, I'm in Berlin and came across this church, built in 1961 - I wonder if Harrison had seen this before designing the HOS. Inside look is great, but those pics didn't turn out. Here's 4 outdoor shots. (BTW - the HOS looks MUCH nicer!) There's a wikipedia page on the church, Here tis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiser_Wilhelm_Memorial_Church
  6. Hi, a lady , Sarah, has contacted me about selling this card she got as a child from Chrysler. I no longer collect WF items (anyone who has seen my basement knows why!) and am wondering if anyone has ever seen one of these (I haven't) - and if there is any interest from anyone. (Update shortly on the Christian Science Pavilion skylight.)
  7. CNN article on the Hive (def my fave at Expo 2015). This makes Kew even more wonderful! http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/20/arts/the-hive-wolfgang-buttress/index.html
  8. Hopefully just fixed it, Bill.
  9. The phoenix rises - or at least a few feathers of it! The resurrection of the skylight from the Christian Science Pavilion/Church in Poway, CA - saved from destruction on the verge of the building being bulldozed - has begun! And, for fun, here's the "groundbreaking brochure", along with an 'official transcript' of the remarks made at the groundbreaking (with a note by Bill Young). And a picture of the pavilion showing the skylight, which is the seven sided on in the smaller of the two buildings. The skylight will be the center of a new garden in my back yard and will be perched on a stone wall, built by master mason and super nice guy Jilerio (Pictured with me on the 'brochure') and lit from underneath. The whole process make take a year (at least for the whole garden), but on occasion I will proffer "Progress Reports" a la the ones sent out by the pavilion prior to the WF opening. Enjoy! And here's a photo of the pavilion. The skylight is from the back pavilion but is essentially the same dimension and size as the top several feet of the big skylight on the main building. News as it happens!
  10. Hi, two things: 1. FINALLY, the Christian Science Pavilion skylight I salvaged from the Poway, Ca church is getting ready to rise and shine again! News as it happens. 2. In doing research for the skylight and pavilion this morning, I went on the Christian Science Church's website and discovered that THIS MONDAY they are doing a whole webcast on the pavilion, although I think they are mostly talking about how they used it to 'spread the word". It should be chock full of interesting info, as people directly involved in the pavilion are going to be interviewed. I am talking to the moderator of the webcast this afternoon about preserving at least a small part of the pavilion. Here's the link to the webcast page: http://www.marybakereddylibrary.org/project/webcast-oral-histories/
  11. Hi, was at Expo for 14hours over three days this past week. Certainly not enough to see the whole fair. Reason for my brief attendance was, frankly, I was not that thrilled with it. I was very happy on my last day to spend 7 hours of it with Bill Young, his wife Rita and three of their relatives. But there were a lot of good things. I liked several of the pavilions some of the architecture and design was genuinely engaging, saw a number of nice live musical performances. My two fave pavilions were Pavilion Zero, a theme pavilion not unlike the larger theme pavilions from Shanghai - and then there was the United Kingdom pavilion, which, as in Shanghai, made a statement with aa wonderful environmental sculpture/building. France had a nice open air exhibit, as did the USA. Spain was good. The almost mile-long 'roof' was quite something and I did like the 'what I guess was the symbol of the Expo" - the Tree of Life. I also very much liked the mojitos in the Cuba pavilion. This pavilion, like almost every other small pavilion I went into, was little more than a gift shop/restaurant/tourist bureau office. But the mojitos in Cuba were worth the space. I don't want to spend time listing what I didn't like except one - the B.I.E. has to stop this strict theming thing, especially for these larger Expos. Maybe the smaller ones could do this. . Although there were a few good exhibits on the theme, it got to be too much! At least to me. How about a general theme "Peace Through Understanding" or "Man and His World" and let the countries, etc, be really creative. Don't want to say it was terrible, because some of it WAS good - and a few things REALLY GOOD. But could and should have been better. Here's some pictures from my flickr site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/25156558@N05/albums/72157658530191888 And a picture of me, Rita and Bill at the French Pavilion restaurant: :
  12. How long to visit?

    Hi, I needed one extra day for Expo 2005 ( I spent two) and one extra day for shanghai (I spent six) to cover it completely. Right now, I'm spending two days at Milan, but - based on my experience at Expo 2005 - am thinking of expanding it to three. It is similar in size to Expo 2005 and I'm willing to miss some of the minor events and pavilions. One day of it at least, happily, is being spent with Bill Young.
  13. I haven't even watched it, yet. But here is something off of Youtube about plans for the pavilion. Hopefully good news1
  14. Hi, was just in Montreal for the Comedy Fest and to see one of the International fireworks fest shows - and to ride all the roller coasters at La Ronde. Took lots of pics, but here are some from La Ronde showing legacies still there from Expo. Only the old Alcan dolphin pool seems to be currently unused.Most, if not all, of the actual rides are of more recent vintage.
  15. West Berlin?

    Hi, the sides of the pavilion did end up in Woodridge, but are probably very deteriorated, if still there. Here's a link to story (look for the picture in my first post) in the Middletown Times Herald Record from the 60s. Way back then, I was at the groundbreaking of the college (ultimately never built) and saw the slabs piled up, as they are in the photo. I have made attempts, but to no avail, to find out if they are still there.