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  1. Finally! It took longer that most world's fairs take from conception to demoilition, but the NY WF Christian Science Pavilion skylight is finally up! Some finishing touches and night lighting still need to be worked on, but am very pleased. A garden will be added around it this spring, but am hoping to do some seasonal and holiday lighting with it this year.
  2. Hi, there's a local auction house in Middletown, NY that has several really nice lots of 39 postcards and memorabilia, They are also on a live auction site: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/auctioneer/1940/estateofmind-auctions/
  3. I, too, often come to the site and enjoy all the posts. I don’t comment much, but, like T.V.’s Mr Ed, I don’t speak unless I have something to say. One thing I do have to say is how much I appreciate the site and am so happy to have it here! I do find that the ardent passion has transformed, for me, to a happy, comfortable, warmth. I stopped collecting NYWF items about a decade ago, when I acquired the Christian Science pavilion skylight that is now being reconstructed in my back yard (news on that as it happens – right now it’s a replacement glass and gasket supply question), but that has reinvigorated my passion, but on a different level. Likewise, I spend most of my late fall through spring evenings in my basement, where I am surrounded by my collection, among other things, which gives me the warm fuzzies, if not the mind bending, heart thumping exhilaration I used to feel when approaching the main entrance gate in 64/65. (I use to HAVE to jump up and down while run-walking to the gate, such was my excitement – ah, to recapture that !) Now I am still given gifts all the time by folks (both friends and strangers) who know of and appreciate, if not share, my passion and interest. And as it happens, one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received is one I got this Christmas, a present from a very excellent watercolorist friend, who has created a gorgeous, impressionistic watercolor of the Tower of Light to accompany my Uncle Ben figure. I share it here because , among other things, this is the community that appreciates and understands how significant these things are, if not to the world, at least to us. And I do have this to say – thanks to everyone involved in the site, from moderators to posters and lurkers like myself. You have certainly made my last 18 years better, more interesting and entertaining and fulfilling.
  4. Progress!!! The skylight is fixed on its base and is awaiting the new glass and plastic. (Not all the original glass and plastic survived). The stone base has a black foam buffer (and air vent) with the skylight itself on a cedar frame base, which is attached to the posts in the stonework. Plan is this spring to put a garden of low plants (maybe like the ones actually used at the WF - I think they were low evergreen shrubs ????) with maybe some taller vegetation in the background. The timed electric system will allow for a standard light with a secondary seasonal light possible. Now, just how long the glass and plastic will take......
  5. After YEARS of delay, finally construction has started. Still don't know how much will get done and how fast, but the excellent and very much in demand "construction guy", Howie, is hot on it now and has done this much in two days, with the wood base cut and ready, but still not in place. However, the frame is almost complete. Most of the glass and plexi have to be replaced, but I am trying to figure out something to do with the original WF pieces of glass (only a few were not damaged in the taking down of the church/pavilion in Poway). We're waiting on the new glass and plexi, so that might be a short delay, as they are all custom pieces. Enjoy, news as it happens.
  6. Visited Kew Gardens yesterday, always a fave place place of mine, especially now with the Hive. The Hive is apparently - unlike previous reports by Kew - here to stay, at least a lot longer than originally stated (at least I hope so). And they have done a nice job with the audio, mixing tones with bursts of music. And it is a bit differently situated than at Expo, but very nicely so. I was there during the day, but they still light it up, as at Milan. Wish I could have seen it. Here's a few pics.
  7. Terrific. Coincidentally, I was at the site this past Thursday, Sept 27. It is great. I loved the art museum and the magic fountains were terrific. Here's a few pictures. I missed the sports stadium, Spanish village and a few others, as I liked the Art Museum so much and stayed so long, it was dark when I got out! I was able to compare a lot of the buildings from Ken's pics. They even still do the lights shining out from the museum! In the museum, I got pics of the great dome and the large arena that is at the back of the building.
  8. I was just at the Reina Sophia Museum in Madrid. This is a model they have of the Spain Pavilion at the '37 Paris fair. I got severely scolded by a security guard for taking the photo, as no pics allowed-period! But I think my ability to speak fairly fluent Spanish and explain to her that I didn't know, that I was sorry, and that I was a WF fanatic and wanted my friends, who were also WF fans, to see it. But I would erase them if she wanted. So she loosened up and became smiley friendly and quite chatty (amazing for any Museum guard) and said that, no, I didn't have to erase the pictures! So here are the two I got , thanks to the nice museum guard!
  9. Finally! After two years, the guys have shown up to start actually getting the skylight together and putting it up! Not sure if it will be up before the snow flies, due to some supplies that we're not sure how long it will take to get. But the structure itself should be refurbished and ready for complete construction within three weeks. (They found that in the taking apart in San Diego, some pieces were bent and need special care to make it totally O.K.) Anyway, here's a pic of the first step!
  10. A non-progress report! Yes, it is taking FOREVER, but the skylight is still in the "construction phase" owing to the fact that there are only two local workmen I will have on the project. Both are the best in the area and always way overbooked. One was supposed to come this past fall, but he got too busy (on a project for my brother!!!) and was not available until it was too late in November to work on it. He has promised me the skylight is his first project come spring though, so hopefully (fingers crossed) this incredible delay will be over by Summer! News as it happens.
  11. I believe the bridge in the background crosses the St Lawrence just west of the Expo site. So the performance would either be on the north peninsula near the Labyrinth Pavilion - or near the Canada Pavilion on Notre Dame Island. Most likely it is near the Labyrinth or Expo Theatre, as the structure of the Canada Pavilion would not easily allow that view of the bridge in the background. And the structure on the right might be the Expo Theatre of one of the minor "man the... whatever" pavilions that were on this part of the site. Or...???
  12. The Little World's Fair!

    It's really a small annual agricultural fair in Grahamsville New York, but it's a heck of a lot closer to me than Astana and it's actually a great deal of fun. Except for the ride concession, everything is strictly local. I went a couple of years ago and they even had great Belgian Waffles! FYI:http://www.grahamsvillefair.com/
  13. Hi, It's been months but here it is: June 2016 - Stone foundation put in. June 2016 - November 2016 - Project in abeyance. Waiting for one of two master carpenters to cut posts and build special wood base for the skylight to sit on. Both too busy all summer. One showed up a week ago, said, "To heck with it, let's do it in the Spring." November 2016 - Plans made with glass guy to construct the skylight in my garage during the winter to prep it for the Spring. Several Panels are missing and need to be cut and refitted. So, delays by workman availability have made the progress slow. But here's a couple of pictures of the construction progress:
  14. Hi, I'm in Berlin and came across this church, built in 1961 - I wonder if Harrison had seen this before designing the HOS. Inside look is great, but those pics didn't turn out. Here's 4 outdoor shots. (BTW - the HOS looks MUCH nicer!) There's a wikipedia page on the church, Here tis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiser_Wilhelm_Memorial_Church
  15. Hi, a lady , Sarah, has contacted me about selling this card she got as a child from Chrysler. I no longer collect WF items (anyone who has seen my basement knows why!) and am wondering if anyone has ever seen one of these (I haven't) - and if there is any interest from anyone. (Update shortly on the Christian Science Pavilion skylight.)