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  1. Polish Pavilion 1939, for New Member

    Greetings Folks, I just joined this group, though I've been a fan of the 1939 NY World's Fair for about 20 years! I miss those once annual NYWF antique shows in Queens, and all the amazing dealers and enthusiasts who were part of that. My particular interest is the POLISH PAVILION in New York, in 1939, and in Paris, in 1937. I will look around at some of the on line posts here, but if anyone has any interesting memorabilia, photos, souvenirs, even the smallest things, etc please let me know. I am still a collector too! Feel free to reach out to me at iRiverman@mac.com, as well, if you want to contact me directly. Thanks for your time and keeping the World's Fair flame alive! -Christopher Radko