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  1. I'm still waiting for underwater hotels

  2. Are these worth it?

    Thanks all. I went ahead and ordered them. Thanks for the link to the pics, Wayne. They look good even though not overtly "3-D-ish" (You know, taken with stuff in the foreground to accentuate the depth). Now if I can just find my old viewer which is packed away somewhere...
  3. Are these worth it?

    Hello All, Does anyone have any (or all) of these Worlds Fair ViewMaster sets? Set of 6 Viewmaster packages My question: Are they worth the price? Are the pics that good? Being ViewMaster, I'm assuming they were taken in 3-D which I find exciting. Another seller has the same set at $169 plus 8.99 shipping. That one I find a bit pricey.
  4. Where is This Located, Please?

    Mystery solved! No wonder I couldn't locate it. I had assumed it was on the outside of a pavilion. Actually, it looks like the clip in the PTU DVD was taken from this very film. It can be found here. Thanks, TOTHEFAIR!
  5. Hello All, This is a screenshot taken about 3-4 minutes into the Peace Through Understanding DVD. I cannot ID which pavilion featured this image-changing display. Anyone know?
  6. The Vault III CD-ROM

    Are these still obtainable -- anywhere?? (Either physical CDs or the mp3s)
  7. Japan Pavilion brochure and exhibit list

    Also interesting is how forward looking they were with regard to solid-state electronics and miniaturization. The RCA pavillion was all about color TV. But, when my folks got our first color set in 1969, it was a Panasonic.
  8. Passing by the Chrysler lagoon

    Wonder what happened to that one lamp globe.
  9. Wow. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that building sure doesn't look like a million bucks in 1961? Interesting article though.
  10. 50th Anniversary of Demolition!

    The artifacts displayed in the 4th photo are presumably original. Could someone ID them all please? Also, does anyone know if there are any original, intact roof panels in existence?
  11. more pics of painting of crown

    Thanks, Wayne. After a Google search on "Interchem Presstite", I found this info about the roof panels and the elastic tape here in Christian Kellberg's "New York State Pavillion" book.
  12. more pics of painting of crown

    Looks awesome. Can't help but make you imagine how cool it would be if someone donated a new tile roof... and refurbished the towers... and, while we're at it, replaced the terrazzo floor map! Yeah, I know it could never happen for myriad reasons, but it is nice to imagine it. BTW, I have a question about the original roof tiles. How exactly were they attached to the cables and each other? How were they able to achieve a watertight seal which would withstand expansion/contraction from heating/cooling cycles, wind flexing, etc.? (Or were they watertight)?
  13. Anyone want a waffle?

    Is it just me, or does appear to anyone else that the area the boys are in is a bit below ground level? (2' - 3') What about the BR next to Pan Am Highway Gardens? It appears to have some structures surrounding the balloon canopy. Also a clear shot to GE.
  14. Chun King brochure

    If I'm not mistaken, the guy in the commercial was Jess White.