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  1. Thanks for posting. It is very interesting and beautiful.
  2. Montreal Then and Now

    Thanks! Very interesting.
  3. Yves Jasmine Tribute

    Thank you very much. I agree entirely.
  4. Yves Jasmine Tribute

    Dear Jim: Thanks so much for your reply. I never met Mr. Jasmin or Mr. Drapeau in person. We corresponded by mail. At that time I was taking groups to the Catholic Shrines in Quebec. Both men were extremely kind and helpful.
  5. Yves Jasmine Tribute

    Thank you very much for telling us of Mr. Jasmine's death. He was a very nice man. Very instrumental in EXPO 67 success.
  6. Very interesting. Thank You!
  7. Please do me a favor

    Bill: Do you know the results of our voting? Thanks!
  8. All things Expo 67

    Thanks all! It is very interesting.
  9. Does anyone use Facebook for access to this site?

    No face book here. Thanks!
  10. An early 10-button pay phone

    Have you noticed the EXPO 67 flag on e-bay? They're asking $3000.00
  11. Thanks so very much. I appreciate your ideas.
  12. Thank you. I agree. It is really too bad the young people of today can not have the Expo experience here in the United States or Canada. It was so important in my life. I guess Disney World is the closest we have today.
  13. It was magnificent! By now, I am afraid it might be somewhat dated. It reminds me of "This is Cinerama" and "To Be Alive." At the time they were both spectacular. Now they are both dated, but still good; still worth seeing.
  14. Anyone experiencing performance issues?

    Same for me. And especially slow.
  15. Ticket taking

    Concerning Expo 67 in Montreal: We did not have the week, or month, or entire season books. We bought one day tickets at the Oratory gift shop. They were $2.25 each. At the gate they cost $2.50 per day. It was about 3 inches by 2 inches with printing on the front and back along with the "Man and His World" symbol on it. The entire ticket was taken from us when we entered. When we were leaving we could have our hand stamped and return that same day at no charge. Anyway that is how I remember it - over 50 years ago! Hope that helps some.
  16. Thank, you all, very much, for many years to come!
  17. Beautiful picture, Bill. Thanks!
  18. Happiness is...

    Yes, those street lights, I think, were only at La Ronde.
  19. Turning back the clock - Part 1

    Great! Well done. Thanks!
  20. Arriving at Expo 67!

    Jim, You stayed at such a beautiful place. During EXPO we stayed at St. Joseph Oratory, 3774 Queen Mary Road. It too is magnificent!
  21. Thank you very much. I was so happy to find thid film. Glad you like it too.