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  1. Unbuilt Pavilions

    Magnificent ! Many thanks !
  2. Flushing Meadows 1972 #6

    Magnificent. Thank you so very much!
  3. It was a Christian Pavilion.
  4. Expo 2017 report

    Nice! Thank you!
  5. A look back to August 23, 1981

    How very nice. Thank you very much.
  6. Winston Churchill #2: Aristocrat and War Horse

    What a nice exhibit. Thank you for showing us.
  7. There's a lot going on in this shot

    Spectacular! What a great memory! Thanks!
  8. Dear Bill: We are so sorry to hear of your Brother's death. And thank you very much for your books. We enjoy them tremendously.
  9. I just got a scanner for Valentines Day. I hope I did this correctly! This is taken from the 1969 Guide Book.
  10. It reminds me of the State of Tennessee Amphitheatre at the Knoxville World Fair of 1982. Very nice. Still there. And I believe still in use.
  11. They are in the guide books, of 1967, 1968, 1969, etc. I don't have a way of sending it to you.
  12. I just found my menu for The Wooden Shoe Restaurant. I had forgotten I had it. It too was at La Ronde, in the Carrefour International section.
  13. Was there also a place at La Ronde called THE WOODEN SHJOE, or something like that?
  14. Was THE BULLDOG at La Ronde? I can`t place it.
  15. History of Expo 67 - part 1

    Most interesting. Many thanks!