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  1. Hello to alll...! Some refer to me as Seymour, but the correct spelling is Seymore..! I have attached a newspaper article from October 25, 1983 that tells you all about it. All the best, Seymore 102584 - TP - Seymore get his name.pdf
  2. Hello All: Greetings and Happy New Year...! I wanted to take a moment to 'clarify' my correct name and how I got it. Seems that many confuse the spelling between Seymour and Seymore. The history is simple. The Exposition held a naming contest that was sponsored by Timesaver, a large locally owned convenience store operator with numerous locations throughout the metro New Orleans and southeast Louisiana area. "Seymore" was chosen from over 18,000 submitted and the contest winner was Susan Shumbra. Local contest judges include: Angus Lind, Bob Marshall, and Guy Farnell to name a few. You can check out the attached newspaper article published by the Times Picayune October 25, 1983. My name is a derivative of the phrase 'See More of the Fair'. In yat, that translates to "Seymore D' Fair...! You can check out more about me and my friends at: www.seymoredfair.com Cheers, Seymore 102584 - TP - Seymore get his name.pdf