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  1. Today marks the end of festivities and events pertaining to the 25th Anniversary of Brisbane's World Expo 88, with the closure of the Museum of Brisbane's retrospective exhibition on Expo, "Light Fantastic: Expo 88 Parades Re-Wired". Correspondingly, the 25th Anniversary of Expo 88 People's Committee Facebook group has now been closed to new members, and will become a secret group on Facebook, sealed until 30 April 2038. In its place a new grass roots discussion and photos/docs forum has been created on Facebook. Please join at http://facebook.com/groups/worldexpo88/ John McGregor Celebrate 88
  2. PRESS RELEASE - PRESS RELEASE - PRESS RELEASE <e & oe> <STARTS> USA Expo 88 artist Jon Barlow Hudson is visiting home of World Expo 88 this week to rally support for re-siting of his iconic Expo commissioned art work, the 32-metre high 20-ton lattice steel tower "Paradigm". Hudson attended a Press Conference today at the State Library of Queensland near the old Expo site, with State Minister for the Arts the Honourable Mr Ian Walker MP, where more than a dozen sketches, slides and other engineering data pertaining to "Paradigm" were donated to the Library. "I can remember Jon's sculptures were landmarks at the Expo site they were good places to point to people to meet up," Minister Walker said. They were significant structures on the site that helped give it the wonderful ambience it had. Morning Star II, the other Expo commissioned work by Hudson acquired by Brisbane City Council at the conclusion of Expo, is sited prominently adjacent to the Parliament Gate to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. Not so for "Paradigm", though, which has been in storage since the end of Expo. Although Minister Walker would not be drawn into a debate on the State Government's position vis.a.vis the re-siting of "Paradigm", it is hoped that Hudson's visit will be seen as a catalyst to Council finding the funding - estimated to be as high as $1.2 million Australian dollars - for its restoration and re-siting for 21st century Brisbane. Will Paradigm's silent message of the digital DNA of worldwide instantaneous communication be up and running in time for the G20 Summit in Brisbane in November? We hope so. For the Foundation Expo '88 petition for Paradigm, visit http://change.org/ <ENDS> Contacts: John McGregor Celebrate 88 Tel +61455 488 787
  3. Announcement! To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation Expo '88 website, the celebration of Expo 88 continues with its 2014 rebranding as "Celebrate 88"! Designed as a one-stop shop for all things Expo 88, the Celebrate 88 website at http://www.celebrate88.com/ also features its own Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites, at http://Facebook.com/celebrate88/, http://twitter.com/celebrate88/, and http://YouTube.com/foundationexpo88/. Please take advantage of the 26th anniversary year of Expo 88 to visit, follow and like these sites! The Foundation Expo '88 Facebook page, for the Foundation's work 2004-2013 remains archived at http://Facebook.com/museumexpo88/ Like them all today! With warm regards JOHN R MCGREGOR FOUNDER Foundation Expo '88/Celebrate 88