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  1. NY World's Fair GOLDEN GIRL Photos

    OK, people, a year late, but here is the ad:
  2. NY World's Fair GOLDEN GIRL Photos

    Thanks, Doug! I will try to post the "World's Fair Opportunities ad" when I have access to a working scanner.
  3. NY World's Fair GOLDEN GIRL Photos

    Thanks for the interest! I'll try to answer in order. Bill Cotter: I got the job by responding to a classified ad in the "Newsday" newspaper entitled "World's Fair - Exciting Opportunities." I actually still have the ad article. It was quite specific in describing qualifications. They followed up my response with a phone call, & then an in-person interview. What I remember most (besides eventually meeting my husband there) was how interesting it was to meet so many people from so many different parts of the World in ONE place - with the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures through the various exhibits which embraced art, music, history, & food. As someone who loves to travel & explore different cultures, it was a wonderful experience for me. There was also a feeling of GREAT comradeship among all who worked at the Fair! It was a friendly bunch! Randy Treadway: The three most popular purchases by the general public as I remember were as follows: Adults accompanied by children - Glide-A-Ride Toy Adults not accompanied by children - Greyhound Toy Bus Tours of the Fairgrounds The most popular question asked was "How do I get to ...?" & the place in question was usually one of the following eight, out of the 150 exhibits there: GM Pavilion Ford Pavilion Belgian Village Vatican Pavilion Pepsi Cola Pavilion IBM Better Living Center Lowenbrau Gardens The dumbest question I was asked was "Where is the Unisphere?" - which was HUGE & visually quite identifiable - by people standing practically next to it. The Golden Girls had maps of the grounds. We also had Guide Books & tours for sale. In the case of lost children, we usually just grabbed a WF Security Guard/Pinkerton - there always seemed to be at least one nearby. Larry L: That earlier Golden Girl WF Community member was one of my friends. Barbara, who appears in the group photo I posted. Barbara & I have stayed in touch all these years. Another friend from the Fair was the shorter blonde standing to my right with glasses & no hat, also named Barbara.
  4. NY World's Fair GOLDEN GIRL Photos

    Hi! This is my first post since last December, when I first joined the Group. Having worked the NY World's Fair both seasons (1964 & 1965) as a GOLDEN GIRL while finishing up my College Degree, I thought I'd share a couple of GOLDEN GIRL-related photos with the community. I'm the GOLDEN GIRL in the Information Booth, & in the group photo I am the blonde standing, second from the left, without a hat; the girl to the left is my friend Barbara, who joined this WF Community years earlier. (She's been inactive in it for a while.) This group photo is different than the one Barbara posted several years ago. Gail
  5. a re introduction of sorts

    Hi! Yes, Randy, we did sell those bus-shaped cartons of saltwater taffy! Thanks for sharing those great photos that included drivers, vehicles, & the famed Information Booths, Bill! They certainly brought back wonderful memories - I hope to see more posted!
  6. a re introduction of sorts

    Thanks for the "Welcome!" I have reels of slides covering all the exhibits. My actual photos of my fellow workers at the Fair seemingly got lost in a move from storage. A friend sent me the Group Shot of a number of us Golden Girls in uniform taken with her camera. I'm trying to locate more.
  7. a re introduction of sorts

    I'm new to this site. I was one of the Golden Girls & worked. from the very beginning, April 1964, through the end, October 1965 while I was a student in College. I'm in the Group Photo of Golden Girls in uniform ( second from left, tall blonde not wearing a uniform hat) posted by my friend, Barbara, who was also a Golden Girl. The entire experience proved to be one of the best times in my life! I loved being introduced to so many other cultures through their food, art, music, & styles in one large place.Between selling tours & souvenirs in the booths located throughout the Fairgrounds, & taking visitors on tours to the various exhibits, I met Robert Moses personally as well as numerous interesting people from all over the world; I met the man who was to become my future husband the second year at the Fair, when he worked as a Supervisor/Driver for Greyhound while on the " Wait List" for the New York City Fire Department. I still have a number of Guide Books & metal toy versions of the Escorters, Glide-a-Rides, & Buses - all in their original boxes. Do any of you have photos taken of Golden Girls at work around the Fair that you might be willing to post - the drivers, too ? Would love to see them!