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  1. Expo 2015 Concepts

    Thanks for all the great photos. Please more if you have them.
  2. Did you go to Expo 2012?

    I have only found this book. ly to the Ocean-A Preview of Yeosu EXPO http://www.amazon.ca/Ocean-A-Preview-Yeosu-EXPO-ebook/dp/B00809G26O Does anyone have any more pictures of the event that they would like to share?
  3. Participating countries

    Yep, Canada missed 2012 and I am wondering why no Milan 2015 as well.
  4. Some of you all might enjoy this doc on the Us involvement in the World Expos http://www.wheresthefair.com/ .
  5. Hello from Canada, I am very interested in attending the World Expo 2015, but have tried in vain to get information about any tours, bookings and/or tickets to any events. Can someone help me on attending this wonderful event!