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  1. Art from the Fair

    Also, if someone stumbles upon this thread looking for more information about art displayed at the 64-65 World's Fair, I found this essay useful. It mentions the re-commissioned Argentina exhibit, but nothing about the Hall of Education. http://digitalcommons.tacoma.uw.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1018&context=ias_pub
  2. Art from the Fair

    That makes quite a bit of sense. There are inconsistencies with this being a Hans Arp painting. I will have to search this forum to see if there are any posts about art from the nascent Argentina and Hall of Education exhibits. I really appreciate your help and your knowledge of the art shows going on at this Fair, Master Builder. I have looked at a fair amount of Fair documentation, but would never have been able to find this kind of detail if it wasn't for this forum!
  3. Art from the Fair

    Thanks, I certainly don't know for sure that it is from IBM's exhibit. Considering the moon theme, there seem to be many places it could have been displayed. I'm not sure this picture will help place it, but it is interesting for curiosity's sake! Oh, and Arp is a Dadaist, so this is appropriately abstract... Here's the totally convincing hasty scrawl about its Fair origins.
  4. Art from the Fair

    I recently purchased an expressionist abstract painting at auction signed Arp. Written in large print along the edging on the back of the canvas was the declaration that the painting is by the artist H. Arp, entitled 'Moonscape', and displayed at the '64-'65 NYC World's Fair. I'd like to track down the story of this painting and see if I can verify the statements on it. The former IBM Art Collection included art by Jean (Hans) Arp, and much of their collection came from an art hall featured in their '39 NYC exhibition. Does anyone know whether their '64-'65 exhibition included art? Another possibility are the various moon-related exhibits. Does anyone know about artwork that may have been displayed in those exhibits? I appreciate your help. If there's any interest in seeing the art piece, I can probably post a picture of it!