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  1. A better than average night shot of the Unisphere

    That is a beautiful view, Bill! Happy New Year!
  2. Congratulations, Bill! This Expo has always been one of my favorites! I wished I had know you were working on this book! I have several fascinating interior photos of exhibits in the USSR pavilion I would like to share with the world! After WW2, this was the only time the USSR had an Expo pavilion in the US! They were expected to have a pavilion at Knoxville, but I suppose you know the backstory? Anyway, when the Soviet Union was the USSR they displayed something called by the press as "Armenian Folk Artifacts" or "Armenian Archeological Artifact"! By researching myself I found that they were discovered in Armenia in 1967 by accident! But, I had no idea exactly what "they" were! Finally, after years of inquiries, correspondence and persistence I saw just what these mysterious artifacts looked like! A PBS special covering Expo 85 showed them****I have attached a screenshot from a VHS tape****! As far as I know they were only exhibited at Expo 74 & Expo 85?
  3. usa-pavilion-map.pdf Thank you, Randy!