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  1. I am looking for a very specific NY State Pavilion brochure that mentions Andy Warhol's mural "The Thirteen Most Wanted Men" was, as I'm sure many of you are familiar, a mural depicting enlargements of NYPD “mug shots” that was commissioned for the exterior of Philip Johnson’s New York State Pavilion for the 1964 World’s Fair. In an article found in the Journal-American dated, April 15, 1964, titled "Mural is Something Yegg-stra," the authors mention a brochure for the NY State Pavilion. The article reads as follows: "The Pavilion's brochure explains more specifically that "the repeated images forma field a rectangle nearly coextensive with that of the canvas. It adds hopefully: 'Many artists have been against commerce and industry and society in general. This attitude seems too simple now, even naive. Warhol and many contemporary artists are interested in society as it is.' Frederic B. Vogel, director of special events of the New York State Commission on the World's Fair and the man who supposedly had final say on the mural was not immediately available for comment." I have been unable to locate a copy of this brochure, has anyone ever seen one or have one their collection?