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  1. Which pavilion was this?

    Canadian pavilion, fine arts building. That room is still there and looks a little worse for wear, but otherwise remarkably similar.
  2. International Fine Arts Exhibition

    That building is still there. Until 1992 it was Montreal's Museum of Contemporary Art. Now it's just storage.
  3. Reviewers invited

    Let me know if I can help!
  4. Wow Paul, thank you. Please post anything you might have if you have more.
  5. A peek inside Man and His World in 1970

    Please keep scanning!
  6. Jeunesses Musicales/Man and Music

    This building still exists in Mt Orford - it was moved there
  7. One of the lesser seen parts of Expo 67

    Very cool rare view! That 17 year old may have won it, but it became an abandoned ruin along with the rest of Ile Notre Dame. Maybe they got another actual house copy?
  8. Fair burning down

    Not Taiwan. Actual China.
  9. Art museum for the U.S. Pavilion?

    We can also remember that without his clout, the Bronx would not have had its heart ripped out by a highway, and once beautiful Houston street would not be the ugly gash it is today. He was a shill for selling cars, creating misery everywhere he went.
  10. Moses wreckers no fair?

    It woudl be an amazing resource now and a tourist draw. Instead they have an empty field. Robert Moses was a wicked, evil man.
  11. The U.S. Pavilion

    What a piece of S--- Robert Moses was. Probably a sociopath. Did you know that his highway building was partly funded by taking money away from hospitals that catered to underprivileged sick infants? Did you know that he wanted to run a highway through Greenwich Village? Did you know that he deliberately made highways to Long Island impossible to traverse by trains or busses by making overpasses too low? He represents the worst of a generation who's hideous arrogance and gross wastefulness my generation is still paying for.
  12. I am dismayed. It seems most of the pavilions relate to farming and environmental concerns, and although these topics are important, they are not exactly sexy or entertaining, let alone awe inspiring. I see a lot of preaching, a lot of repetition of the same information, a lot of discussion about seeding techniques and drainage ditches. YAWN…. I mean… Really? why not "Sewage and our Future" while you're at it, or "The World of Dentistry" Technology is sexy, art is sexy, even abstract philosophy is sexy (the real theme of Expo 67) , cities architecture and urbanism are complex, compelling topics (Expo 2010). In contrast, the Expo 2015 theme could not really be more dull, and the starchitecture of the pavilions looks mostly ugly and uninviting (it seems every "genius" starchitect orders from the same catalog) and there is no fun monorail tele-tram or gondolas or other touring thing to help liven thing up. I predict very low attendance - A Hanover level fail (which was also mostly about environmental preaching).
  13. I'm sorry but to younger people, highways are the ugly, environmentally obliterating "legacy" of a generation that sold its sold to car companies. Would you really want to stroll next to any highway? Moses did a lot of harm to Manhattan with his roads, and almost killed the Bronx by tracing a road right through its commercial heart. It was not to help anyone but to help the idea of cars to all Americans, for the people who gave him the most money, and the rest to pay for all this he got by taking funds away from baby hospitals for new immigrants, and from funds to maintain public transit, which in NYC of all places he almost ran into the ground for a while. I'd much rather walk or bike somewhere far from a highway in my leisure time, and young people do not as much as older generations think that driving is "fun". Even for longer distances, many young people much prefer trains and planes. You can relax, you can get reading done, it's statistically way safer and often even cheaper. Walking does not make you obese like sitting in a car all day Sadly, much of North America is a series of automotive sewers cutting through vast parking lots, so my preference for walking and biking, in many places, is impossible. What is ironic is that soon the generation who built this horror show will be too old to drive safely, and thus no longer able to navigate the very mess they built, which for the most part has no viable public transit at all. The so-called "Great Generation" left us a horrible mess, which younger people continue to pay for and suffer from, but at least those responsible get to suffer first. Both New York fairs were beautiful and compelling, but they were also sources of propaganda for cars ("Highway Gardens" is classic propaganda-speak), mindless consumerism and the destruction of viable cities that Expo 67 and many other fairs absolutely were not.
  14. The park in 1970

    Basin did not affect Britain and French Pavillion - French Pavilion is now the Casino