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  1. The RCM's book Striking Impressions says that 5,000 Expo '70 medals were minted in Ottawa. It doesn't say which medals, but I suspect that they were the Ontario pavilion medals, whose fabric is unlike most Expo 70 medals. I have also seen special coin sets of the 1970 British Columbia dollar designed for sale in Japan. So it sounds like there was at least a sales counter for the RCM there. I have a copy of the Expo 70 official guide that my father bought when we visited there. It's good for general information but gives very little data on collectibles.
  2. I have the exact same medal set, but I bought it on eBay in 2008. I have also acquired a number of other medals which are not the same as the ones in the set. For example, the official US pavilion medal has a completely different design and was made in both bronze and silver. I have 2 identical Soviet pavilion medals where the coat of arms is on the back instead of Lenin.