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  1. A happy surprise tonight!

    Haha! You should've said hi! It had to be 2008 or 2009-- I haven't been to Vegas in years. At any rate, I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to meet another WFC member, which is ALWAYS a pleasure for me.
  2. One of the performers outside the Africa pavilion

    Drummer Jeff Porcaro reminisces about how the iconic drum track was created for “Africa,” Toto’s most recognizable hit song, which went to Number 1 on the Billboard Charts in February, 1983: “I was about 11 when the New York’s World Fair took place, and I went to the African pavilion with my family. I saw the real thing; I don't know what tribe, but there were these drummers playing, and my mind was blown. The thing that blew my mind was everybody was playing one part... So when we were doing "Africa", I set up a bass drum, snare drum and a hi-hat, and Lenny Castro set up right in front of me with a conga. We looked at each other and just started playing the basic groove.... We played for five minutes on tape, no click, no nothing. We just played... I was trying to get the sounds I heard at the New York World's Fair." Modern Drummer" (November 1988)
  3. Elsie the Cow

    Looks like poor Elsie’s about to be put out to pasture. Borden Declares Bankruptcy
  4. More roadside America fun

    Nothing Hot about this Dog.
  5. An interesting article about a Harlem preacher whose tombstone is a model of the Trylon and Perisphere; theme center of the 1939-40 New York World‘s Fair. Trylon & Perisphere Headstone
  6. Happy 80th Folks!

    My father-in-law is 91 and still remembers it vividly.
  7. Excellent 1939 Link!

    Thanks for the AMAZING link, Eric-- and I'd love to read your thesis, Jim!!!
  8. When Ya Gotta Go...

    Another amazing photo, Eric!
  9. So sorry to hear about your hardships, Eric. Please try to stay focused on the "World of Tomorrow." There is always hope for a better day, my friend. And thanks for sharing this photo. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA there was wire work in the walls of the Helicline. Have never seen any indication of that before now-- and as you well know-- I've spent many hours staring at many photos of the Trylon & Perisphere!
  10. Great work, Gary! Please post some shots of the night lighting, as well!
  11. Undeveloped film from 1964

    Every time I go to the Fairfax Flea Market here in Los Angeles, there is a vendor who only sells people's old photographs and slides by the thousands. I always enjoy going through the large collection of plastic bins filled with strangers snapshots. But when I leave, I also feel a bit melancholy-- like, what happened to all of these people-- and why didn't their loved ones want to keep any of their photos? Nothing lasts forever, I guess.
  12. Facebook Madness

    I'm proud to be a long time Administrator and member of this site-- and even after all these years, it probably gives me even more pleasure now-- if only because the various World's Fair related Facebook pages are filled with so much misinformation it drives me mad. That's all. Just needed to get it off my chest, thanks!