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  1. Hey Chicago friends (or those who may just be visiting)... I just came across what looks like a fun scavenger hunt event happening next month in the Windy City (former home of two World's Fairs). Here's all the details... Atlas Obscura Chicago 1893 Event
  2. Italia '61

    I’ve got a ticket to Expo 61 in my collection. But I have never heard much about the fair, either. Here’s a nice online museum site dedicated to the Expo – although it appears to be all in Italian. Italia 61 Website
  3. Well, I'm not sure this event can quite live up to the promise of the article's headline-- but who doesn't want to see a six foot Lego model of the Unisphere? https://www.timeout.com/newyork/news/a-re-creation-of-the-worlds-fair-is-coming-to-queens-this-spring-020718

    Here's wishing the very Happiest of Birthdays to one of the World's Fair Community's most important members, our very own resident expert, author, photo collector, and WFC Administrator... BILL COTTER!
  5. For fans of the forgotten *Candela Structures at the World’s Fair Marina – here’s an interesting article about the unorthodox architect’s work, including a famous restaurant he designed that remained standing after a recent Mexico City earthquake. Félix Candela Story *Note: According to other posts on this board, there apparently remains some question about whether or not the fiberglass Candela Structures in Queens were actually designed by Candela himself. But they do at least seem to have withstood the test of time.
  6. Sad news - we lost a long-time member

    Heartfelt sympathy to all of Randy's family and friends.
  7. Hi Bob, and welcome to the World's Fair Community. If you'd like to contact me through the private message (envelope icon) above-- I'd be interested in hearing more about your collection.
  8. 1939 WF Matchbooks

    Very nice.
  9. Expo 67 - Boy Was It Ever Crowded

    Not to quibble, but... " Expo still holds the all time one day international exposition attendance record of 570 thousand (April 30, 1967)." From ExpoMuseum.com: "China's first world's fair and the largest in history by size, attendance, and international participants, Expo 2010 even saw the largest world's fair attendance in a single day: over one million on 16 October 2010. Expo 2010 broke the record for area previously held by the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition and the record for attendance previously held by Expo 70." Also, I know that one of the days I was at Expo 2010 had an attendance of 630,000.
  10. I Would Not Have Thought of This

    Nor should you have.
  11. If you haven't seen it, the motion picture WONDERSTRUCK from Amazon Studios was just released at the end of October. Tonight I watched it on an awards screener-- and in addition to being hauntingly imaginative and deeply emotional, with stunning production design and music-- it's a MUST-SEE for 64 NYWF buffs. Not only are there cameos by the Unisphere, and New York State Pavilion-- but the film beautifully features the New York City Panorama in the Queens Museum. The crew was clearly given unprecedented access – and you will see the Panorama as you have never seen it before. Here's a trailer if you're interested. I really can't recommend this movie highly enough. WONDERSTRUCK 2017 Trailer