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  1. Would truly love to have been at the 1893 WCE. But I did at least make it to Expo 2010 in Shanghai. And bused in or no, I can absolutely say I've never been any place more teeming with people in my entire life.
  2. On October 16, 2010, Shanghai Expo 2010 claimed a single-day attendance record of 1.03 million visitors, with a grand total of 73 million visitors. Sources: ChinaSmack - Expo 2010 Single Day Attendance Record ExpoMuseum - Expo 2010 By The Numbers New York Times - Expo 2010 Total Attendance Figures
  3. This episode of the late, great Huell Howser's PBS program "California's Gold" features all kinds of cool film, photos, and facts about the Pan Am China Clippers and their regular landings at the GGIE. Highly recommended for both classic aviation and Treasure Island fans. California's Gold - China Clipper
  4. Found a cool article about Victor Lundy, the architect who designed those iconic inflatables which topped the Brass Rail food stands at the 64 New York World's Fair. Victor Lundy's Space Flowers
  5. Based on Ken's great post-- here's a few modern day shots of what remains.
  6. Coventry Charred Cross

    Great pix, Bill. Because Coventry Cathedral just turned 100 this month (after a few centuries as St. Michael's), I thought it might be interesting to add this link to your thread. Coventry Cathedral - Then and Now
  7. Kodak Pavilion Model

    Nice model, Bill! I tried to do a little digging around on Display Masters, and only came across this query on an online Humanities and Social Science database-- looks like an author was trying to track the same company down 17 years ago-- Humanities & Social Sciences Online - Search for Display Masters
  8. I had no idea that brownies were another particularly sweet thing brought to us by the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Birthplace of The Brownie Article
  9. Harvey Middleman, Fireman

    Apparently, HARVEY MIDDLEMAN, FIREMAN was the big screen debut of the late, great actor Charles Durning. "Harvey Middleman, Fireman" - Cast & Synopsis
  10. A favorite shot from the Fair

    Is that a coin-operated scales next to the ice cream stand? If so, terrible placement! LOL.
  11. Don't forget where we parked!

    And not only are most of the cars black-- but I've never seen any indication of parking lot markers or signs in photos like these. Would be a potential nightmare after dark (and a few rounds at the Schaefer Beer Pavilion)!
  12. Brand New Member

    Welcome to the World's Fair Community, sunguar. A lot of us have been getting lost in the pages of this site for many years now-- it's nice to have fresh eyes and new stories from a fair visitor like you. Enjoy!
  13. OK, fellow NYWF fans - where was this taken?

    Here's the trailer for BOOM! BOOM! The Trailer And here, for the truly brave of heart and sound of stomach... is the whole ridiculous masterpiece... BOOM! The Entire Film
  14. Love these shots, Ken. The interior pavilion shots remind of the once great Philadelphia Centennial Exposition remnants that used to be on display in the Arts & Industries Building at the Smithsonian. Smithsonian Exhibit of the Philadelphia 1876 Centennial Exposition Also-- one of the shots showed a big indoor display for a business called S. Hernsheim & Brothers - and I found myself wondering what they sold-- so a little googling revealed this interesting (and ultimately tragic) story of what was once the nation's largest cigar company. The Story of S. Hernsheim & Sons