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  1. Electro the Robot

    You can get a glimpse of Elektro (AKA Thinko) here in the original trailer... SEX KITTENS GO TO COLLEGE - TRAILER
  2. Disney and the World's Fairs

    So glad you posted this, Bill-- was unable to make the live Zoom call at the last minute. Will now look forward to watching it here!
  3. Sad news - a member has passed away

    Oh no. His knowledge of the 39/40 NYWF was most impressive. My heart goes out to his family.
  4. Belgem Waffles with Insect Butter?

    Haha. Well, as long as you've created a Belgian Waffle Abomination post-- I might as well contribute to it! The Hot Dog Waffle
  5. Will COVID-19 Impact Expo 2020?

    I can't disagree, Jim. After taking my family to Expo 2010 in Shanghai-- we all looked forward to visiting Dubai in 2020. But between disease and dictatorship-- it's hard to justify the risk and expense.
  6. Found myself wondering how the current global fears surrounding COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus) might affect Dubai's upcoming EXPO 2020, which opens in October. And here's a recent article about that very thing. https://gulfnews.com/uae/expo-2020-dubai-following-coronavirus-situation-closely-1.70072338
  7. Can't wait to add it to my collection in the Bill Cotter Library!
  8. As a long-time lover of the 1915 Pan Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco-- I know all about that great World's Fair-- and its competing fair in San Diego of the same year. But what I'd never heard about until hearing this recent public radio story on 89.3 KPCC's "Take Two," was how one enterprising LA businessman repurposed some of the items from both of those fairs to try and sell Los Angeles to the world in 1915 as well. Attached below as an MP3. 1915 Los Angeles Fair.mp3

    I hope the entire World's Fair Community will join me today in wishing our own resident author, historian, Fair, Expo, and Disney expert, fellow site administrator, and all-around good guy Bill Cotter an extremely Happy Birthday!
  10. And Mary Jane Halsted not only won some Canadian figure skating championships, but was also clearly a paid spokesperson for the virtues of drinking a cup of hot tea.
  11. Looks like almost ten years after the Fair, Bill and Betty Wade went on to open and run an ice rink at Xavier University.
  12. A happy surprise tonight!

    Haha! You should've said hi! It had to be 2008 or 2009-- I haven't been to Vegas in years. At any rate, I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to meet another WFC member, which is ALWAYS a pleasure for me.
  13. One of the performers outside the Africa pavilion

    Drummer Jeff Porcaro reminisces about how the iconic drum track was created for “Africa,” Toto’s most recognizable hit song, which went to Number 1 on the Billboard Charts in February, 1983: “I was about 11 when the New York’s World Fair took place, and I went to the African pavilion with my family. I saw the real thing; I don't know what tribe, but there were these drummers playing, and my mind was blown. The thing that blew my mind was everybody was playing one part... So when we were doing "Africa", I set up a bass drum, snare drum and a hi-hat, and Lenny Castro set up right in front of me with a conga. We looked at each other and just started playing the basic groove.... We played for five minutes on tape, no click, no nothing. We just played... I was trying to get the sounds I heard at the New York World's Fair." Modern Drummer" (November 1988)
  14. Elsie the Cow

    Looks like poor Elsie’s about to be put out to pasture. Borden Declares Bankruptcy
  15. More roadside America fun

    Nothing Hot about this Dog.