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  1. It's dangerous enough out there without people dropping out of the sky onto our houses left and right! lol
  2. Two NYWF64 survivors

    So as we all know, the tire is now out at the company headquarters in Michigan, without the Ferris wheel and has been since 1966. Did they just build a new frame and shove the two halves together while taking the ride to Jersey?
  3. Let's head upstairs!

    The ashes of the vanquished enemies of General Electric!
  4. Some views of the Chrysler Turbine Car

    Doesn't Jay Leno own this thing now? I know I've seen modern footage of it being driven. Edit: Yup. https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hcc/2012/10/Jay-Leno-s-Turbine-Car/3717421.html
  5. Yes. The Venture Brothers. It's hysterically funny. Especially if you're old enough to get all the pop culture references.
  6. Fortunately, the General Motors Pavilion was saved from demolition and became the home of Venture Industries.
  7. A Look at Festival of Gas

    There's a "Cuisine of Mexico Pavilion" joke in there somewhere.
  8. Unisphere: Back by Popular Demand!

    Great pictures. Thank you!
  9. James Bond's Car?

    I think I've also heard of one of the DB5's being stolen.
  10. Inside the USA Pavilion

    Is that a Chet Atkins signature under the orange Gretsch at far right? Looks like Peter, Paul and Mary on the other side. I'd love to see the rest of this display!
  11. If it's a longitude, then what is the J for? I work for a civil/survey company and have never seen anything like that. Of course, that was a long time ago. I wonder if it marked the location of an underground utility or was the mark for some kind of portable display or concession stand. If it was a survey marker, there would be some kind of exact, identifiable point upon which to set the instrument. A marked, brass disk in the ground perhaps. You can see those all over Disney World. It IS possible that there is a nail set in the pavement and that's it's identification number. We still use magnetic survey nails to mark corners, points, etc. But if that's true, that picture must be right around the time the survey was done because nobody would expect the paint to last in a heavy traffic area.
  12. A pleasant looking day in July 1964

    Awesome pic, Bill!
  13. RCA First Color TV The Merrill

    I can never remember - is that "Hue" or "Tint?"
  14. RCA First Color TV The Merrill

    Unfortunately, nothing was broadcast in color in 1954, so you could only use it for DVD's...
  15. Hmm, I better take a look under the hood

    Go to Jay Leno's house and ask him for a ride in it!