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  1. There's a "Cuisine of Mexico Pavilion" joke in there somewhere.
  2. Great pictures. Thank you!
  3. I think I've also heard of one of the DB5's being stolen.
  4. Is that a Chet Atkins signature under the orange Gretsch at far right? Looks like Peter, Paul and Mary on the other side. I'd love to see the rest of this display!
  5. If it's a longitude, then what is the J for? I work for a civil/survey company and have never seen anything like that. Of course, that was a long time ago. I wonder if it marked the location of an underground utility or was the mark for some kind of portable display or concession stand. If it was a survey marker, there would be some kind of exact, identifiable point upon which to set the instrument. A marked, brass disk in the ground perhaps. You can see those all over Disney World. It IS possible that there is a nail set in the pavement and that's it's identification number. We still use magnetic survey nails to mark corners, points, etc. But if that's true, that picture must be right around the time the survey was done because nobody would expect the paint to last in a heavy traffic area.
  6. Awesome pic, Bill!
  7. I can never remember - is that "Hue" or "Tint?"
  8. Unfortunately, nothing was broadcast in color in 1954, so you could only use it for DVD's...
  9. Go to Jay Leno's house and ask him for a ride in it!
  10. I'm sure this link will go dead way before this thread goes away, but since found it (March 2017) here it is. Can we have a link to the blog?
  11. If there's one thing NYC is good at, it's monetizing everything.
  12. That looks like some kind of telescoping arm that might have levers to aim that fire nozzle from the ground.
  13. Remember when heliports were going to be a thing? lol Sometimes, when I play GTA4, Liberty City, I'll land a copter on top of their version of the old Pan Am tower just for the hell of it. Their tiny version of the fair doesn't have the 64 heliport building, but the NY Pavilion is represented and you can climb the towers!
  14. Happy Birthday!
  15. Heck, people used to wear sport coats and nice dresses to baseball games. I couldn't imagine that now.