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  1. Last week of the fair.

    Well. Lets go back 50 years to this day. This is the last week of the fair. This next Sunday it will be over. October 17. And then the sad demo will start..
  2. To all the fair lovers. Thinking that at this time 50 years ago. the fair was in its second season. IT is now late Summer and the fair is about over for good. After the closing the demo is going to start. Also how I wish I could take a backhoe and start digging were the GM building was to see what may be underground . I never could understand how they build something that nice and then tear it down...
  3. Because the building had a boiler room. The prints show one. I would think they had a water chiller for the building A/C . That must be a cooling tower for the chiller. Also the other items may have been for the kitchen and or dining room needs..
  4. Love getting to see inside that bulding Glad to get to see inside that building when it was new..
  5. Well it's mid October now . The weather starting to get cold in New York now. And the gates for the first season are about to close. Just thinking back now 50 years..
  6. Fair at mid season now

    Just thinking the fair is now in mid summer. The General foods arches had a counter that showed how many day the fair was into.. Day 96 would be showing..
  7. 80% Of the people now dead.

    I have bought some of the picture CD sets from Bill Cotter. And after viewing them got me thinking how most of the people you see at the fair walking around are now dead...
  8. 80% Of the people now dead.

    Bill Your CD sets are very nice... For us who never got to go. To get to see it in some way.. Hope to get the all of them soon..
  9. Just to let you all know The lamps at the Oklahoma state fair grounds were all taken out and replace with LED type lighting. Part of the fair grounds remodel the city did ..What sad is I bet the fair ground workers <<<ALL YOUNG WORKERS>>> That removed them had no thinking of the history of them. And they were just sent to the city dump.... Sure wish I could of got one...
  10. Ballad for the Fair

    Nice to watch.....Makes you fell your there..
  11. Were are the pictures ?? nothing shows.....Any help...
  12. Building the luminaires

    I wish I could have one of them lights.......They had them at the OKC fair grounds...But I think they are gone now cause they remodel the fair grounds.....And something like this is dated and old to the younger generation living now....
  13. Construction images

    Hello Help....Were are all the pictures you guys are talking about.....?
  14. I like to know. Who was the one that said tear it down ? Was it the city / state / or the US government ? What person?
  15. Hello world fair fans......Look at the two items I have in my home...And they are not reprints. A poster that went on a bus or train... And a bumper sticker... all been stored form the fair....
  16. Fair bumper stickes

    Another fair item
  17. New to the site

    Hello my name is Blais I have been doing a lot of study About the 64/65 New York World Fair this year..... I was only 8 years old at that time< 1964> ....Also I lived in Reno Nevada back then ,,,, so any way of getting to go would not have happen.. I did get to buy a lot of stuff on e bay this summer and learned about Robert Moses.....And the building of the fair........I did buy some picture CD,s off Bill Cotter.....Made me fell like I was there...nice pictures....
  18. Does any one know who was the one who said demo the building? Its is sad that it was tore down. It was a nice buiding...