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  1. Unisphere - New Book on the Theme Center

    My book is finally available this month: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/unisphere It ballooned to just over 250 pages and is full of exacting facts about the construction of your favorite World's Fair icon. Next month in Pittsburgh is the opening of the museum exhibit: Silver to Steel: The Modern Designs of Peter Muller-Munk.The exhibit opens November 21st and runs through March of 2016. More details are here: http://www.cmoa.org/ExhibitionDetail.aspx?id=25161 If you'd like to read more about PMMA's contribution to the Unisphere project I have updated the WIkipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unisphere But for the full unedited story you will have to get hold of the book.
  2. I am looking to find an image from the NASA exhibit at the NY Coliseum from October 1960. At this exhibit NASA had two Earths on display with orbiting satellites. When designing Unisphere Clarke sent his designers to the Coliseum for research. I have been in contact with NASA archives and they don't have anything from 1960, only from 1961 when there was a large Rocket exhibit. http://arc.aiaa.org/doi/abs/10.2514/8.5620?journalCode=arsj The WFC has been very good at finding things so I thought I would give this one a shot. Dan
  3. You're right. Thanks for help with ID'ing this one. Here is abetter scan of first page. Unisphere drawn to specifications of February 14th 1961 announcement.
  4. I'm almost finished with my book on Unisphere that I have been working on for the past 2 years. The book was written using reference material from the World's Fair Corporation Archive at the New York Public Library, the Donald Oenslager Archve at the Museum of the City of New York, the Clarke Papers at Columbia University and the Clarke & Rapuano Archive at Cornell. It was written with the assistance of two surviving members of Peter Muller-Munk Associates. I am in the middle of final editing and indexing. A number of forum members have assisted me with this project. I want to publicly thank them for their help here, but also use this post to put the word out formally that if any one reading this has information on Unisphere that is not publicly accessible, could you please contact me via PM. The title of the book is 'Unisphere - The Untold Story of the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair Theme Center', and will be released in the new year. Thanks, Dan
  5. This came from the Gil Clarke archive at Columbia. I'm trying to cite it but don't know the source. The title is 'Fair and Square'. I believe there is a drawing of Unisphere on the left side page. This is page 39, the Unisphere drawing is missing. The next page has a photo of the 1939 Fair, then a map with the different areas. The format is very distinct, white text on black background. Does any one know what publication this is from?
  6. Five Cent Stamp

    Cool, and thanks.
  7. Five Cent Stamp

    Hi I'm looking for general information about this stamp. Was it part of a series? How much was it to send a letter in 1964? Was it generally available at the post office? http://www.mysticstamp.com/viewProducts.asp?sku=1244 http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/119258-1964-1965-new-york-worlds-fair-5-stam Dan
  8. This was a left over piece from Kopple's administration of the WFC. Kopple wanted to run a competition for the design ofthe theme center, the competition ran just before Moses took over. Here are the winners. http://archive.vanalen.org/archive/index.php/Browse/addCriteria/facet/programs_facet/id/155
  9. Its in the 5th paragraph of the January 13th Newsweek article, p43. '...has been described as the world's biggest birdcage.' No author given for either the Newsweek article or the quote. It does reference a magazine 'Progressive Architecture' above that paragraph so it may be from there.
  10. I'm trying to find a source for this quote about Unisphere. Its from the January 13th 1964 issue of Newsweek magazine but they don't give a citation. Has anyone ever heard this said about the theme center?
  11. Mr Levitan's poster

    His research was pre-internet. It's also a nice looking poster.
  12. Unisphere Lights

    Did anyone here purchase this lamp? I would like to see a photo of it if possible.
  13. Building the Unsiphere

    It may have something to do with the wind shear on the structure.
  14. The Unisphere

    I would like to see the American Bridge blueprints. There were two held by Cornell in the Clarke Rapuano archive, but they were just a side view and base drawing. The Carnegie Museum is doing a retrospective show on Muller-Monk Associates next year and are looking for Unisphere Blueprints.
  15. The Unisphere

    http://rmc.library.cornell.edu/EAD/htmldocs/RMM03047.html I have yet to see an American Bridge blueprint. They claim to have no archive of materials which seems bizarre for a huge American company but I have been told that they were bought out several times over. The Clarke Rapuano blueprints show their early design with the bands around the equator and tropics. For a 3D model the best I have seen is Chronoleap's. I believe it was done from photos.