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  1. Once around the Goodyear Ferris Wheel

    in the meantime....here's a recent and interesting article from the new york times... http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/26/nyregion/how-a-worlds-fair-pavilion-became-a-familys-cabin.html?n=Top/Reference/Times%20Topics/Subjects/A/Architecture?ref=architecture
  2. Once around the Goodyear Ferris Wheel

    thanx bill i appreciate that! my plate has been full lately but i promise i will post lots up as soon as
  3. Once around the Goodyear Ferris Wheel

    thank for that info i will pass on to my dad!
  4. Once around the Goodyear Ferris Wheel

    hi everyone! as a new member i can only post once a day (hahaha?)....so i'll say thank you ALL for the warm welcome. i remember the fair as if it was yesterday, even though i was very young, as my mom and dad would take myself and my brothers there quite often. i have my favorite memories and still do walks in the park. i have lots of memorabilia from the fair... drawings, books, artifacts, pix etc. when i find time i will post some pix a little at a time. my dad and i still attend the NYWF events, and people love to talk to my dad about his designs and experiences. if you have any questions i can pass them on to him. also there is a webpage nywf64.com you will find an article i submitted to them with my dad going over his plans for the SKF pavilion with my grandfather that was published in a GM trade magazine as my grandfather was part of the GM "family" for 50 years. BTW my father is still actively working on projects around the world and is still based in new york. i'm looking forward to exploring this website and sharing what i can
  5. Once around the Goodyear Ferris Wheel

    hi bill just FYI.... barry howard was responsible for the CONCEPT of the exhibit, HOWEVER, my father, architect francIs pisani is the ARCHITECT responsible for the DESIGN of the SKF pavillion and collaborated on numerous projects for the 64/65 new york world's fair with barry howard including the austrian pavillion, coca-cola pavillion and exhibits in the greyhound pavillion. later they also collaborated in the pavillion of economic progress at expo 67.