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  1. Ireland: The Emerald Isle

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  2. You probably know this, but...(flickr.com)

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. more pics of painting of crown

    I passed by there last week. Looks better than it has in years !
  4. A surviving light"

    Great close up shot of the car. Thanks for sharing it.
  5. A nice view of the New York State towers

    If only they would renovate them today
  6. Sprichen zie deutsch?

    Very cool !
  7. The Fair in black-and-white

    Amazing! The "up-shot" of the NYSP is stellar ! Thanks for sharing them !
  8. Sprichen zie deutsch?

    Interesting! I have never seen the South America badge. Have to keep an eye out for it.
  9. Sprichen zie deutsch?

    I got mine! Another favorite !
  10. Space Park Patch

    Guys, Did they also wear this one?
  11. For the Shea Stadium fans

    Added bonus in the picture ... #7 Bluebird pulling into the station.
  12. Hello all, By any chance does anyone have a close up picture of a Pinkerton Officer in uniform? I am looking for a couple of color pictures showing their badges and wearing their jackets. Now, what I would really love ...a picture(s) of: 1) Pinkerton sergeants and lieutenants 2) Captain would be a amazing. 3) Any detail of the front of their uniforms would be most helpful. Thanks to all in advance, Mike
  13. Pinkerton Police Badges & Hat Devices

    Found a Pinkerton Hat from 1970. It appears to be close enough to the 1964/1965 era uniform so it was only makes sense to add a cap device to it.