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  1. read this from the bottom up.

  2. I am wondering if your muralist was a musican with artistic talent?? I don't know if this is he, but it's an interesting thought. Karen a3riverschick@verizon.net Yes, I watched the Treasure dDetectives episode.

  3. Morel Yoryi cibaeño Farmer Oil / canvas 84 x 74.5 cms. 1941 Col. deArteModerno Museum

  4. Concerts, musical premieres laden folk themes, frequency-pectáculos is mounted by foreign companies, in the evenings, the local introduction lacinematografía, the location of painters and photographers dwellers and permanent output of newspapers, in addition to the activism cultural and recreational societies, constitute the appropriate context for Tavares Morel brothers, that since tempranaedad counted with an orientation answered formativa.La same social status

  5. but insisted, as authors, to consolidate the measures native of Dominican music.

  6. piano, harp and violín.Santiagoconcentró a large number of musicians in the country and recorded the remarkable appearance Juanfrancisco Garcia and Julio Alberto Hernández, who not only followed the work of musical diffusion initiated by José Ovidio Garcia,

  7. go other two painters: Arturo Grullon, really dedicated to medicine, and they were added Báez.A Tuto other brush santiaguense barely remember because it des-known works or because they transcended as the guys Tavares.La painters location Santiago coincided with an eloquent record of mu-sic, which achieved more desarrollo.Para including the 1920s, the classic authors eranampliamente disseminated within the national elite which developed a desire Porla education in handling instruments lik...

  8. Here's the English translation via Google translate:

  9. compases autóctonos de la música dominicana.

  10. seno de la élite nacional donde se desarrolló un afán porla educación en el manejo de instrumentos como el piano,el arpa y el violín.Santiagoconcentró un gran número de músicos del país y registraba la aparición notable de JuanFrancisco García y Julio Alberto Hernández,quienes no sólo siguieron la labor de di-fusión musical iniciada por José Ovidio García,sino que se empeñaron,como autores,en consolidar los c...

  11. Look here: go otros dos pintores:Arturo Grullón,realmente dedicado a la medicina,y Tuto Báez.A ellos se sumaban otros santiaguense del pincel que apenas se recuerdan porque se des-conocen sus obras o porque no trascendieron como los tíos Tavares.La localización de pintores en Santiago coincidió con un elocuente registro de la mú-sica,que inclusive logró más desarrollo.Para los años de 1920,los autores clásicos eranampliamente difundidos en el...

  12. Maybe your muralist isn't an artist. Maybe he was a Mussican?? From a Spanish online book:

  13. Hi, I'm trying to find out if a mural was on display somewhere at the '39 WF. Some people think it might have been in one of the Latin American country pavilions, like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, or Cuba. I think it is more likely to have come from being used as a temporary mural/banner for one of the many "special event" days or weeks the fair had. Perhaps from Mardi Gras week? This mural is over 40 feet long, so it definitely took up a lot of space and was visible. It's also painted on canvas. The artist signs his name "Ovidio 1939." Haven't been able to find the name "Ovidio," but it's probably the artist's first name. I feel like I've hit the end of the road trying to find any image that even has this hanging in the background. Has anyone seen this mural before? I have a few more pix if anyone's interested. Thanks.