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  1. Hi, We all know that the outside casing for the the U. S. Rubber Ferris wheel went to Detroit where it sits today in a modified fashion alongside Interstate 94 in Allen Park, MI. According to the 'Official' story from Uniroyal, http://www.uniroyal.com/knowus_giant.htm the entire ferris wheel was packed up in 188 crates and moved to Detroit for re-display. However one of the newspaper articles on the NYWF64.com website feature, "Farewell To The Fair" indicates the ride itself was sent to Great Escape Amusement Park in Lake George, NY, in care of Mr. Charles Wood, proprietor. With that information I searched for and found a website for the Great Adventure Amusement Park, now part of the Six Flags family. I wandered around their website and finally found and downloaded a map of their park: http://www.sixflags.com/parks/greatescape/...lies/index.html From the looks of it, their "Giant Wheel" is a close match for the U.S. Rubber Ferris Wheel, minus the "Tire" cowling. Has anyone ever seen this ride in person? Ridden it? Gotten a picture of it? If this is true, the whole attraction survived in two different locations. Another one to check off on the list! Randy.
  2. A story on the rescue and restoration of this 1964 NYWF legacy. http://www.pressherald.com/news/york/04010...monastery.shtml
  3. Luminaire Speaker Detail...

    Last night I removed the grill from the speaker cone area in order to see what lurked inside the beast. As you see, there won't be sound emanating from this luminaire anytime soon. Here is what I discovered. The structure contains 16 tweeter, or high-range, speakers set into a metal casting. The largest row at the top has 7 distributed around the rim, the next row 5, the bottom row 3, and then there is one at the bottom end, facing down. All in all a total of 16 tweeters. A the top, recessed into the central core cube, is a woofer, or low range frequency speaker. All the paper comprising the vibrating sound cones is almost completely disintegrated. It will be more practical to measure the speaker frames and find suitable replacements. I wonder if these were Bose? Looking at the work that went into the design, I ask if any of our resident experts could theorize that the metal casting and central core cube areas would be part of a sound boost chamber which would enhance the sound? Gary or Doug, have you seen speaker arrays in any of the ones you have discovered? Doug I looked at your pictures, and the lights I can see do not seem to have the speakers in them. Gary, in relation to the last one you accumulated; from your photo of the lamp standing it looks as if there may be something inside the cone area? That could have contributed to the extra weight of the unit. Those tweeters look like they will be a challenge to replace. I just have to find the key to getting them out. One last item. I have an old friend who commented on seeing these luminaires: This bring back any memories with fellow PTUers? Ray, do you have any recordings of the luminaire background music? Randy.
  4. Two Luminaires Liberated

    Hi Mike, Kevin did the isometric drawings. I have the the 14 official colors used on the luminaires. Some of the color names are a stretch for the actual color, like the purpilish-red RED (G) and blue-green GREEN ©. The chart cross-references the NYWF color-code against the Plexiglas color number, the Pantone reference number, and the HTML color hexidecimal codes. NYWF Luminaire Color Chart Cross-reference The clear diffusers are also a standard Plexiglas item and P4 is the code for a miniature prism pattern used on one side of the panel. Have fun, Randy.
  5. Smoke Ring

    In 1964-65 the General Cigar "Hall of Magic" Pavilion offered free "Meet Me at the the Smoke Ring" buttons. I have a few of these I picked up in person. It was round and black with yellow lettering. Does it look like this one? Then 1964-65, no question. Regards, Randy.
  6. A Pavilion With An Identity Crisis

    That spot became part of the huge rowing lagoon for the Olympics. Maybe they were planning ahead for when the grounds were eventually to be removed and reconfigured? The location is underwater today.

    While the NY World's Fair 39-40 and 64-65 plates are OK, check this one out from Expo 86. Drew's Personal Favorite License Plates Don't forget these others: San Francisco 39-40 New Orleans '84 San Antonio '68 Montreal '67 Any more? Did Tennessee issue one for Knoxville; Washington State for Spokane; Illinois for Chicago?
  8. Poll: Favorite Expo Mascot

    Hey Urso, How come the Twins didn't make the cut? Weren't Peter and Wendy official? Is it because the fair was not "recognized" by the BIE? Trey, who is the blue "Gumby?" Can we put names and expos/dates to the "official" mascots? The yellow one looks like "Colonel Bleep." Thanks, Randy.
  9. Mail car at the 1939-40 NYWF

    Bill, You should check out Hollywood. Those CSI, Law & Order, FBI, NSA and other 3 letter agencies on TV can always take a severely pixilated image, make it crystal clear, zoom in and remove all blurs without blinking an eye! Whenever I see the show plot line start working with images I always think of the term GIGO, (Garbage in, Garbage Out). Too bad there isn't a magic restorer for the rest of us. Randy.
  10. Last Days of Shea

    Anyone wondering where Home Plate is from Shea Stadium? Well it is soon to be orbiting Earth on the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Hubble crew in training: Astronauts Mike Massimino ® and Mike Good with home plate from New York City's Shea Stadium. The plate will fly with the STS-125 crew aboard Atlantis.
  11. Mail car at the 1939-40 NYWF

    Got a before shot Bill? Or how about a series of then versus now shots showing the progress? That would be really neat Thanks for sharing this unique view, Randy.
  12. Trivia Question - ID This Item

    Could it be a piece of the Lusitania, hit at 2:10 PM, sunk in 18 minutes on May 7th, 1915? How did you get the piece Eric?
  13. Has anyone seen this boat?

    I found this series of photos at Flickr that were taken of the Mary Murray in March of 2009. One comment says it was sent to the scrappers in late March 2009. Former Staten Island Ferry "Mary Murray" Photos
  14. Pics for Virtual Reconstruction

    It is now. Beautiful Eric! Thanks, Randy.
  15. To endure for 5000 years

    Jeez, today one large iPhone could contain all this text, speech, programmed, video data and more. What would you put in a capsule if you could? Or conversely, what items would reflect society today?
  16. New York Public Library Pictures

    Eric, I agree the search engine leaves a lot to be desired. The "Advanced" search lets you limit the date to 100 year blocks (1600-1699 or 1900-1999), crazy and real helpful, eh? Try entering "Flushing Meadow Park" or "1964-65" instead. I get a lot more hits from 1964-65 that way. Here is one example, of a never-built Texas-NASA pavilion concept art. Have fun, Randy.
  17. Ssangyong Pavilion Concept Art

    It looks as if the whole Expo grounds were preserved. Amazing. This picture was taken in October 2006. The yellow circle plots the Ssangyong pavilion mentioned above.
  18. Hello All, I am researching the NYWF AMF Monorail for a eventual book. To that end I have interviewed quite a few former AMF employees (engineering, marketing, operations, demolition.) I have also collected many souvenirs from this exhibit: (flicker rings, postcards, pioneer patches, the pavilion handout booklet, smashed coins, drinking glasses, ashtrays, trade magazines, tickets, coupons, the Flintstones NYWF comic book, AMF press packets, AMF company photos, a seat/tote box, sheet music, a 45 record of the AMF song, the Wen-Mac toys, and one of the actual cars! [really]) I am still seeking the "AMF Lucky Buck" a silver dollar coin in a 4"x4" cardboard holder, that was given to disgruntled passengers who disliked the ride, or when the ride broke down. Has anyone ever seen this? What I require most are snapshots, and not the standard NYWF issue shots, which I have accumlated over the years, but more private photos, slides or film. The request list is (hopefully in color): The monorail (cars being serviced, loaded, interior shots, close ups, night time shots.) The monorail station (inside, underneath, around the back between the station and the circus, and the James Bond 007 car exhibition area.) The AMF office building in front of the station. It is the two story wood faced triangle building between the white monorail station and the street. This was the admin/accounting office of the monorail, there was a VIP lounge inside, and locker rooms for the attendants to change, (close-ups, interior shots, overhead views, floorplans.) The maintenance building which was behind the flume ride, where the overhead maintenance crane is at the top of the track, (inside shots, close-ups, crane in operation, moving equipment around, repairs.) Track, (scenes from around the loop, looking up, looking down, from car to car, from inside to out.) I'd really love to find blueprints or models of the station, cars, out-buildings, or entire project. Also, there was a 7 or 8 minute narration that kept the passengers occupied as the ride progressed around the Lake Area. Does anyone have a copy of that? I asked Ray and that's one of the few audio memories he didn't get! Thank you in advance for your help, Randy. -- AMF Monorail Research Project <a href="http://www.geocities.com/AMFMonorail/" target="_blank">http://www.geocities.com/AMFMonorail/</a> mailto:AMFMonorail@yahoo.com
  19. Seeking AMF Monorail Photos...

    Some recommendations Mary Ellen, just to name a few. I don't count the "elevated 2-rail guideways" in some US cities. See The Monorail Society for a full list worldwide. USA (these are true single beam monorails) ------ - Las Vegas, NV (recycled former Disney monorails traversing the famous strip) - Seattle, WA (be sure and sit in Elvis' seat made famous in "It Happened at the World's Fair." A couple of great tie-ins here. The 1962 fairgrounds are the northern terminus, and the renowned Albert Fischer from PTU and the 1964 NYWF took part in the production of the film. - Walt Disney World (THE monorail capitol of the USA. The portion from the Magic Kingdom to EPCoT is the best) Japan (monorail capitol of the world, lots more than the three listed below, though these are the ones not to miss) --------- - Shonan (south of Toyko, a beautiful 20 kilometer suspended monorail single-track ride with dual-track stations that glides through two tunnels on the way to the Pacific ocean. A licensee of SAFEGE, the French company which licensed AMF the rights in the USA for the 1964 NYWF monorail.) Here the train emerges from one of the tunnels. - Tokyo (to the old Haneda airport, a ride that drops down under the bay into tunnels twice to allow ships to pass overhead. This monorail is based on the ALWEG/Disney/Seattle above-beam method) - Chiba City (north of Tokyo, 40 kilometers of dual-beam track, another SAFEGE suspended monorail. As you are below the track, you can experience a flying sensation as you glide over streets and houses) Germany ------------ Wueppertal (the original suspended monorail in operation since the beginning of the 1900's. A fantastic ride down the Wuppertal valley with most of the trackage suspended over the river winding through the city) If you can't manage to travel outside the USA at present, Kim Pedersen has some nice videos he made which are available at the Monorail Society web site. Have fun!
  20. Seeking AMF Monorail Photos...

    If you want to check out Cash handling systems, drop by this web page "The Cash Railway". There were wire baskets pneumatic tubes balls and lifts.
  21. Seeking AMF Monorail Photos...

    Bill, according to several articles, the City of Rochester has the trainset in storage. I hope someone keeps tabs on it as these oddball items tend to disappear over time.
  22. Seeking AMF Monorail Photos...

    Was that Leonard's Randy? I have yet to find a photo of that Texas one. There was another at Grand Rapids, MI in Herpolsheimer's Department Store and it has been rescued. The Grand Rapids Public Museum hopes to operate again. The train in 1979 The train now at the Grand Rapids Public Museum The train in 1995 with a new frontpiece The train on the way to the Grand Rapids Public Museum in 2000 The Grand Rapids Public Museum is looking for anyone who has photos of the monorail taken during the '50's, '60's, or '70's.
  23. Seeking AMF Monorail Photos...

    The Rochester (NY) Midtown Plaza Mall actually had two monorail trainsets. The last monorail rides ended on December 24, 2007. The current disposition of the trainsets is unknown. Please see this link (Rochester Midway Monorail) for more information and photos. Another pair of surviving Loudon partial-trainsets are in Atlanta, the Pink Pigs used at the Rich's downtown department store. Though no longer in use (replaced by a conventional two-rail kiddie train ride) the two lead cars, Priscilla and Pervival, are displayed proudly during certain times of the year. The usual home of both Pink Pigs is the Atlanta History Center. Here is Percival taken when in operation: NPR did an audio slide show report in December 2008 and it may be seen here along with amazing photos: Pink Pig Story The original downtown Philadelphia Wanamaker's trainset is now on display at the "Please Touch Museum" in Philadelphia. The Portland, Oregon "Meier and Frank" kiddie monorail was last operated in December 2005 when Macy's purchased the store. In 2007, after an extensive refurbishment, a Monorail Memories room was opened in Macy's basement Santaland to display two of the cars. Macy's Re-opens Meier and Frank Store Enjoy, Randy.
  24. Seeking AMF Monorail Photos...

    Hi Mary Ellen, Thanks for this neat photo. From my research I found that quite a few of these "Loudon Supertrack Monorails" (a Fairfield, Iowa firm who specialized in farm equipment), twenty-six at least, were made for stores all across America in the late 1940's , early 1950's. I don't recall if any are left, but famous stores (like Wanamakers, Gimbels, Harveys, Kresge and others) used these to attract parents with children into the stores. Jean Sheperd relates his ride in his collection of short stories "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash." Rochester, NY (at Midtown Plaza Mall) Portland, OR (at Meier and Frank) Syracuse, NY (E. W. Edwards {not sure if this one is related to Loudon}) Regards, Randy.
  25. the collection or landfill room

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but when watching recent episodes of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" I see that Capt. Danny Ross' office is decorated with New York World's Fair memorabilia. Some of the items on the wall are small, but the new HD episodes on the UniversalHD channel bring these into clearer focus. The question I have: was the decor a reflection or the Capt. Ross character (I have not see references to the fair from him in any episode yet, however the official NBC web site has this: Eric Bogosian plays Captain Ross who was rewarded with the Major Case Squad after heading a successful three-year Joint Task Force on International Money Laundering that has just been dissolved. He brings Wheeler with him to Major Case – he is her mentor. Captain Ross is divorced and a New York history buff. ), or from the actor (Eric Bogosian), the series creator, producer, director, or the set designer? The world's fair items were not in there when Jamey Sheridan's character, Capt. James Deakins was in charge. I have seen other nods to the NYWF in L&O:CI such as the young girl found dead under the Unisphere (titled "World's Fair") and the episode with the killer lady astronaut ("Rocket Man") filmed at the Science Museum. The new season starts on Sunday, April 19.