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  1. excellent news report about its arrivial:
  2. @ bill cotter: yes it was November of 1984, but no exact date is given on this gov link: http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/shuttle/resources/orbiters/enterprise.html
  3. there is a small pic of the shuttle on a barge going to the fair: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/space-center/2012/apr/15/star-trek-real-life-shuttle-enterprise/
  4. Yes, I have seen the book at my local bookstore, gonna get it along with those photo CDs one day. everytime i see photos of '84 WF I'm 14 again.
  5. I took a trip to Orleans back in 2010 lookin' for World Fair remnants, I think I found the general area, but that's all, LOL! We returned to the area in 1987 for an expo, there was a boardwalk mall like place we stopped by ... then again for a 1992 Guns and Roses concert but by then I didn't think much of the 80s at all. Your pics remind me of a line from a song by Bryan Adams, 'And now the times are changin' Look at everything that's come and gone'
  6. I'm huge fan of the early 80s ... 1984 Fair is a huge part of my growing up experience.
  7. I'm a fan of '84 World's Fair Expo, went in mid-June with my parents and myself put-up a Native American day display at the Mississippi Pavillian, had video about the tribe along with some arts and crafts, It was Philadelphia, Mississippi Day. The followin' photo my dad took is me standing in front of the Swiss exihibit.